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The POP! Vinyl figures are a line of deformed characters from various pop culture franchises. The line, made by American toy company Funko, features characters from movies, television shows, comic books, anime, and more. POP figures are 3.75 inches in height and are typically sold at $10. They are released under different series, and each series numbers figures in the order of their release. One Piece-themed POP! Vinyl figures have been released under the POP “Animation Series” and are comprised of three series.

POP! Animation: One Piece

Series 1

Released in May 2016, POP! Animation: One Piece, Series 1 includes:

Series 2

Released in January 2018, POP! Animation: One Piece, Series 2 includes:

Roronoa Zoro Funko POP! Animation.png
Roronoa Zoro (#327)
Nami Funko POP! Animation.png
Nami (#328)
Franky Funko POP! Animation.png
Franky (#329)
Boa Hancock Funko POP! Animation.png
Boa Hancock (#330)

Series 3

To be released in October 2018, POP! Animation: One Piece, Series 3 includes:

Sanji Funko POP! Animation.png
Sanji (#398)
Nico Robin Funko POP! Animation.png
Nico Robin (#399)
Donquixote Doflamingo Funko POP! Animation.png
Usopp Funko POP! Animation.png
Usopp (#401)

Pocket POP! Keychain

In March 2017, Funko released a POP! keychain of Tony Tony Chopper as part of its Pocket POP! Keychain series.


Aside from Series 1-3, a special edition Chopper POP! figure was released in 2016 as a convention exclusive at the Funimation booth and afterwards on Funimation’s website. Instead of its normal painted surface, it has a flocked texture. In October 2018, Brook was released as part of the Funko 2018 New York Comic Con line up.

Chopper Flocked Funko POP! Animation.png
Tony Tony Chopper (#99) Funimation Con 2016
Brook NYCC Funko POP! Animation.png
Brook (#358) NYCC 2018

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