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The PX-Z, also known as Shiro Kuma, are special models of Pacifistas, modified by Neo Marines to serve under them.[1] Their number and potential are unknown.


Being special models of Pacifista, the PX-Z resembles Bartholomew Kuma, but with some modifications.[1]

The most noticeable difference is the full white coat open at the bottom instead of the original black jacket. On the front of the coat is Z's Jolly Roger. The head is partially covered by a mechanical plaque. The right eye is bionic. PX-Z also has light green hair, instead of the black hair shared by other Pacifistas and Bartholomew Kuma.[1]


Due to being Pacifista, they do not have any personality.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Their abilities and powers shown are identical to the classic Pacifista models, bearing Kizaru's laser beam that are fired from their mouths and their palms. While they seem to share the same scanner eyes that the prototype Pacifista have, their armor is questionable, as Franky was able to punch them down with his exoskeleton suit, and completely vaporize them with his laser.[1]


PX Z Shoot.png
A PX-Z's laser launcher from its palm.
Pacifista Z.png
PX-Z firing lasers from their mouths.


One Piece Film: Z

The PX-Z destroyed by the Franky Radical Beam.

During the fight between the Neo Marines and Straw Hat Pirates on Piriodo island, Z's army released the PX-Z to fight the pirates. Franky briefly fights them with the General Franky, when he destroys several of them, and later easily defeats the rest of them with his Radical Beam.[1]


Video Games

Playable Appearances


  • Shirokuma (白熊 Shirokuma?) is Japanese for "polar bear", and is a type of frozen dessert.
  • PX-Z's plaque metal resembles Oda's early concept art of Kuma.


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