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Page One[4] is one of the Tobiroppo, the strongest Shinuchi of the Beasts Pirates.[1] He is the younger brother of fellow Tobiroppo Ulti.[5]

Due to his actions and role, he is a supporting antagonist in the Wano Country Arc.


Page One is a young, pale-skinned man of shortish stature (marginally shorter than his elder sister Ulti)[3] with purple hair in a sidecut: shaved down on the left side of his head (where it has a lighter shade) while on the right kept long and swept down,[1] reaching his collarbone. He has sharp and angular, green eyes set under slightly heavy, hairless brow ridges,[6] as well as a pair of small, upward-curving horns on the sides of his head (similar to, but smaller than Ulti's).[7] A tattoo of his name in block capitals (dark-cyan with light-green outlines) frontally occupies his upper body, in a right-to-left tilt upward: the "P" being on his right biceps, "AGE" across his chest, and "1" on his left deltopectoral groove.[8]

Like his sister, Page One dons a mask over his lower face up to the nose, split down the middle into a white (right) and black (left) half, as well as a laterally horned bucket hat (matching the horns beneath) that like the mask is bicolored: white on the right and green on the left. Otherwise, for clothes, the man sports a nearly ankle-length cape held closed by a single yellow cord below its standup collar, colored white on its outside and light-purple on its inside, with a darker-purple hem. Under said cape, he wears a white-colored shirt with long, cuffed sleeves, a point collar, and a gray necktie. His hands are kept in gray (black in the manga), tight-fitting gloves that reach below the elbows, mostly hidden by said sleeves. Above his waistline is a green (dark-blue in the manga) abdominal wrap, frontally held together by brown, double-crisscrossed lacing. Below, connected with green suspenders, Page One takes to wearing baggy, knee-length, green pants (a lighter blue tone in the manga). Tucked into them above is a half-skirt piece colored the same, hanging down over the upper backside of his legs, with a brown belt visible that bears a golden skull buckle. The pants are tucked into a high-shafted boots of a similar tone (a darker green in the anime) as the pants.[8][6][9]


Page One as a Child
Page One as a child.
Page One Manga Color Scheme
Page One's color scheme in the manga.
Page One Anime Concept Art
Page One concept art from the anime.
Page One spinosaurus-human hybrid form Anime Concept Art
Page One's spinosaurus-human hybrid form, shown in his anime concept art.
Page One's Horns
Page One without his hat on.[7]


Around peers and superiors, Page One tends to display a rather serious and reserved, if slightly meek, disposition, driven to follow objectives with a single-minded and no-nonsense approach while not rejoining to insults leveled at him by his fellow Tobiroppo. He is usually the first to be exasperated at his sister Ulti's quirky antics, especially so should they devolve into disrespect toward higher authorities, and is flustered by her childish displays of affection for him.[10][11][12][13][14]

Yet, when in combat, Page One shows himself fully confident in his power, if not disposed to arrogance, and has been seen with a wilder, more thuggish side to him. Believing that anyone rebelling against the administration of Wano should be made an example of, he has no qualms about a powerful pirate like him being sent to deal with such a matter. He was willing to use the hunt for a single defiant food vendor in Sanji as an excuse to destroy and devour the contents of multiple unrelated food stands in the Flower Capital, telling their owners to scream for the offender to show himself if they wanted the destruction to cease. Therewhile, the man exhibited a degree of gluttony, gorging on soba noodles from the shops he wrongly attacked and at one point deciding to attack a fruit shop just because he felt like snacking on fruit. When Sanji prepared the employ of his Raid Suit, Page One wondered if its container was canned food.[1][15][16]



Page One Ulti Relationship

Page One and Ulti's sibling relationship.

Ulti and Page One are siblings.[5] Page One, being two years younger than Ulti,[3] refers to her as "elder sister" (姉貴, aneki?, VIZ: "sis"), while Ulti endearingly calls him "Pay-tan" (ペーたん, Pē-tan?, VIZ: "Pay-Pay"), "-tan" being a more diminutive or "cute" version of the name suffix "-chan", with a childish connotation (usually used by and to address children)—much to Page One's chagrin.[10]

While Page One and Ulti seem very close, the former is often exasperated by Ulti's fickle, childishly aggressive demeanor towards their crewmates, especially if constituting disrespect toward superiors, like Kaidou himself.[11] Page One is also not exempt from said belligerence on Ulti's part, like when he attempts to rein in her behavior, which makes Ulti snap at him for telling her what to do. Further, due to Ulti being seemingly more attached to Page One than the other way around, he finds his sister's clingy and overly protective behavior towards him irritating, constantly rejecting her demands for affection. As a result, the siblings' relationship is rather volatile, as Ulti's mood towards her brother can range from supportive and affectionate to demanding and abrasive to outright violent, usually escalating the more Page One tries to rebuff her.[10][11][12][13][14]

In their search for Yamato, for instance, Ulti chased after her brother, even latching onto and forcing him to give her a piggyback ride while ignoring his protests to leave him alone.[12] Often, Ulti demands attention from her brother or his assistance amidst a battle even if she does not really need it, Page One usually ignoring her attention-seeking or simply telling her to help herself.[13][17][18] Still, in spite his vexation towards Ulti's behavior, Page One does care about his sister, showing concern whenever she does seem to get seriously hurt,[19][20] even asking medics to tend to her after she had been struck down by Yamato.[13]

It was thanks to Ulti that Page One originally received his Devil Fruit, as his sister stole both her own and Page One's fruit from Kaidou to make the two stronger and allow them to survive among the Beasts Pirates.[5]



The Tobiroppo bickering amongst themselves.

Unlike Sasaki and Who's-Who, Page One does not seem to extend any particular hostility to the All-Stars, nor the impertinence to ignore orders from them,[1] though he did partake somewhat dedicatedly in the challenge raised by Kaidou to gain the right to fight an All-Star for his post.[12][13] Even so, Page One's relationship with some of the aforesaid people seems strained by virtue of them looking down on him (at least in part because of his young age), with Sasaki denigrating his abilities at one point while mockingly using Ulti's nickname for him, and Who's-Who and King calling both siblings brats.[10][14]


After the death of their father, Kaidou took both Page One and Ulti in under his care.[5] Page One seems loyal and respectful to Kaidou, being heavily dismayed by his sister's brazenly casual, if not, at times, rude attitude toward him.[10][11]

Abilities and Powers[]

As one of the Tobiroppo, Page One holds great authority in the Beast Pirates, ranking just below the All-Stars and Kaidou himself.[1][11] As one of the strongest six Shinuchi, Page One is very formidable in terms of combat ability[1] despite his young age,[3] as indicated by his high bounty of Beli290,000,000.[2] He was able to hold his own against a Raid Suit-wearing Sanji for some time[16] and, alongside Ulti, effortlessly defeated Nami and Usopp.[21] However, he was utterly no match for someone as strong as Big Mom, who defeated him with a single Haoshoku Haki-infused punch.[22]

Devil Fruit[]

Further information: Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Spinosaurus
Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model Spinosaurus Beast Form

Page One in his full spinosaurus form.

Page One ate the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Spinosaurus, an Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a full spinosaurus and a human-spinosaurus hybrid at will.[1]

As an Ancient Zoan, he gains a tremendous boost to his physical abilities. He possesses incredible strength in his full Beast Form, particularly in his sharp-fanged jaws and tail, able to effortlessly wreck buildings using either.[15] His hybrid form is also quite powerful; in it, Page One overpowered a kick from a Raid Suit-wearing Sanji and sent the Straw Hat cook crashing through several houses with a swipe of his arm.[23]

Gaining tremendous durability, Page One was able to recover quickly from strong attacks dealt to him by Sanji in his Raid Suit[15][16] and Monkey D. Luffy using his Haki-imbued Gear 3.[24][13] He could completely shrug off several of Usopp's highly explosive Pop Greens, and Usopp's and Nami's attempts to hurt him by striking his vitals failed to even move him.[25][26]


Main article: Haki

Kenbunshoku Haki[]

Page One possesses the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki, he was able to sense that Luffy was still conscious after a headbutting clash with his sister.[27]

Busoshoku Haki[]

Page One possesses the ability to use Busoshoku Haki.[2]



Page One was born on the Grand Line 20 years ago,[2] two years after his sister Ulti, to a certain male pirate, who eventually passed away. Kaidou, who knew the siblings' father, took the two in, having them join the Beasts Pirates. Ulti eventually stole two Devil Fruits (Ryu Ryu no Mi, Models: Pachycephalosaurus and Spinosaurus) from Kaidou to give to herself and Page One, allowing them to persevere in Kaidou's crew wherein only the strong can survive and the weak get devoured. Eventually, both siblings became Tobiroppo.[5]

Wano Country Saga[]

Wano Country Arc[]

Sanji vs

Page One fighting against a Raid Suit wearing Sanji.

Queen sent Page One and fellow Tobiroppo X Drake to the Flower Capital to kill a soba stand owner named "Sangoro" (Sanji of the Straw Hat Pirates).[1] Going on a rampage in his full spinosaurus form, Page One wrecked several soba stands in search of his target. This eventually coerced Sanji to come and attack him, causing Page One to call his comrades to their location.[15] Sanji then donned his Raid Suit and introduced himself as "Osoba-mask". When Page One attempted to chomp down on Sanji, the cook turned invisible and then kicked Page One in the stomach, knocking over into a building. Page One shifted into his hybrid form and assailed Sanji with a powerful arm swipe, overpowering the latter's opposing kick and sending him crashing through several buildings. Thinking his foe was dead, Page One prepared to bring him to Kyoshiro, only for Sanji to unexpectedly drop down from above, assaulting him yet again in what caused a large explosion.[16] Ultimately, Sanji was able to evade capture and escape the Flower Capital.[28]

On the day of the latest Fire Festival, Page One arrived on Onigashima with the rest of the Tobiroppo.[29] They sat down at Kaidou's castle awaiting their meeting with the Governor-General, bickering amongst themselves.[10] When Kaidou then welcomed the six in his castle, he gave them the mission of finding his son Yamato, saying he would let them battle one of the All-Stars for their post should they succeed.[11]

Page One Gets Hit by Luffy's Elephant Gun

Page One gets hit by Luffy's Elephant Gun.

While subsequently searching for Yamato inside the castle, Ulti tagged along with Page One and forced him to carry her when she grew tired. After tumbling down some stairs, they encountered Monkey D. Luffy.[30][12] During the ensuing clash Page One transformed into his spinosaurus form before being struck in the lower maw by Luffy's Elephant Gun, while Ulti was knocked unconscious by the suddenly-appearing Yamato.[31] After recovering from the said scuffle, Page One tried to shake Ulti awake, asking for medics to tend to her. When she awoke and showed she was fine, Page One left her behind to chase after Yamato and Luffy. However, they disappeared before he could catch up to them.[32]

Once the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance had fully begun waging war inside the Skull Dome, Page One and Ulti received a call from King informing the Tobiroppo that the challenge for an opportunity to fight the All-Stars was canceled and that they were to stop the enemy alliance from getting to the dome's roof where Kaidou was fighting.[14] Thereafter, Page One and Ulti reached the Live Floor of the Golden Kagura, with Page One befuddled as to why Drake had taken down a Number there. The siblings then attacked samurai who attempted to stop the pair from reaching Luffy, whom Page One exclaimed would not reach Kaidou like he had before.

Hihimaru Fights Page One

Page One fights Hihimaru.

When Usopp, hidden behind Nami, hit Page One with a Dokuro Bakuhatsu So, he and Ulti began chasing after the two Straw Hats.[33] Eventually, a fight ensued, and both Page One (yet again transformed) and Ulti had an easy time dealing with Usopp's Pop Green attacks. Both Usopp and Nami were subdued by the opposing siblings, but Ulti was suddenly stopped from dealing the finishing blow to Nami by the komainu Komachiyo, ridden by the girl Tama, of which Page One took heed.[21] As Nami and Usopp were helped to escape on the komainu, the baboon Hihimaru began assaulting Page One and Ulti, with Page One biting onto the katana the beast was wielding.[34] Soon after, the siblings had defeated the baboon and, both as fully transformed dinosaurs, broke through a castle wall, seeking to find the two escaped Straw Hats.[35]

They eventually did find them and, in resuming the chase, reached the Right-Brain Tower where Sasaki was fighting Franky. Page One loudly informed Sasaki of how the Straw Hats were using Tama's ability to brainwash Gifters en masse into becoming their allies and betraying the Beasts Pirates. He then reacted with concern when Ulti was hit by one of Nami's lightning bolt attacks.[36]

Big Mom Punches Page One With Haoshoku Haki

Page One is punched down by Big Mom.

Page One kept pursuing Tama's group to the second floor of Kaidou's castle, where he was able to close the gap to Komachiyo and hang onto its tail in his Human-Beast Form. Usopp and Nami desperately attempted to dislodge Page One off by attacking various parts of his body, but to no avail. Usopp then decided to use some explosive Pop Greens, which proved effective at forcing Page One off Komachiyo, but the Tobiroppo still got up relatively unfazed, simply cursing Usopp while resuming the chase. Further ahead, Page One noticed Big Mom was with Tama's group and requested the Emperor to block their way, as he readied a biting attack in his full Beast Form. However, Big Mom, who was angry about Okobore Town having been burned down by the Beasts Pirates, delivered a Haoshoku-infused punch to Page One's neck, knocking him into the ground[37] and leaving him unconscious.[38] Page One's defeat, alongside Ulti's, was later confirmed and accidentally announced across the island by Bao Huang.[39]

Major Battles[]

Anime and Manga Differences[]

In the manga, the end result of Page One's fight with Sanji in the Flower Capital is left unclear. However, the anime depicts Sanji successfully fleeing the scene after delivering a final powerful kick from above, without leaving Page One incapacitated.[40]


Video Games[]

Playable Appearances[]


Page One Concept Art

Concept art of Page One.

  • Page One's Vivre Card entry revealed design concepts for him, including taller designs and a design with sunglasses.[2]
  • Like X Drake, Page One has a numeral both in his name and tattooed on his chest area.
  • Page One is the youngest member of the Tobiroppo (aged 20)[3] and has the lowest bounty among them (discounting Drake's pre-timeskip bounty).[2]
  • Page One is the only member of the Tobiroppo who has not been seen employing a weapon for combat or using named techniques.

SBS-Based Trivia[]

  • Page One is named after the real-life card game of the same name. This fits with the card game-themed names of the Beasts Pirates' Shinuchi.[41]
  • Page One's favorite food is nachos.[3][2]
  • Page One's hobby is fishing alone.[42]


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