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Pandawoman is the female version of Pandaman. She first appeared in the Amazon Lily Arc where Pandaman would not be allowed (as men are forbidden on Amazon Lily).[2]


She has Sailor Moon-style "dumpling" hair. She appears on Volume 52's cover under the dust jacket beating up Tomato Gang and another person. In order to keep her appearances less obvious, like Pandaman, her features are often vague. She wears a black bikini style top and her body appears more human than Pandaman's, giving her the resemblance of a young woman.


Pandaman is said to be in love with her, but it is unknown if the relationship is mutual.[3]

Examples of Pandawoman's cameosEdit

Pandawoman Ch. 517a
Pandawoman in Chapter 517...
Pandawoman Ch. 517b
...and again in Chapter 517.
Pandawoman Ch. 518
Pandawoman in Chapter 518.
Pandawoman Ch. 519
Pandawoman in Chapter 519.
Pandawoman Ch. 520a
Pandawoman in Chapter 520...
Pandawoman Ch. 520b
...and again in Chapter 520.
Pandawoman Ch. 522
Pandawoman in Chapter 522.
Pandawoman Ep. 409
Pandawoman in Episode 409.




  • In Episode 409, she is seen in the background of two other Kuja after it Kikyo announces to the village that Luffy has freed himself from the cage.


Video GamesEdit

Non-Playable AppearancesEdit


  • When the Heart Pirates were allowed to stay on the island, Bepo kept wondering if there were any female bears. His crew would react by berating him since it was the "island of women", not "island of bears".


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