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Before we left the restaurant, Zeff told me there are people who named the Grand Line as 'Paradise'! Shishishi!
— Monkey D. Luffy[1]

Paradise is the name of the first half of the Grand Line given by pirates fleeing the New World. It is located between East and South Blue, and Twin Cape and the Red Line. The name was coined by the men who ventured in the New World, compared to which "the first half is a paradise".[1][3]

Islands within the ParadiseEdit

Canon IslandsEdit

Non Canon IslandsEdit

Unnamed LocationsEdit

First Appearance Descriptions Events Image
Chapter 236; Episode 778 An inhabitated island. Wapol fell here after being defeated and thrown away by Luffy. Wapol's Island
Chapter 439; Episode 324 An inhabitated island. Smoker was here when discovered new bounties of Straw Hat Pirates. Smoker's Island
Chapter 518; Episode 0 An island with ancient ruins, used by World Government to train the future agents of CP9.
  • Rob Lucci and the other former CP9 agents trained here to become assassins.
  • After left St. Poplar, the former CP9 agents got here. Searching for them, Very Good's division got here too, but got defeated.
CP9 Island
Chapter 593; Episode 512 An island with ancient ruins almost fully covered by grass and trees. After the Battle of Marineford, Buggy and Galdino met the Alvida and the Buggy Pirates here. Buggy's Island
Chapter 593; Episode 512 An inhabitated island. After the Battle of Marineford, Crocodile and Daz Bonez rested and healed their wounds. Crocodile's Island



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