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The Paradise Farm is a farm located in the Kuri region of Wano Country. It was originally built and owned by Kozuki Oden, the damiyo of Kuri, and after the Beasts Pirates took over Wano, the farm became the property of the shogun Kurozumi Orochi.[2]


After Kozuki Oden restored order to the lawless region of Kuri, he ordered the construction of the Paradise Farm in Bakura Town in order to provide food for the reformed outlaws of Kuri who had labored to rebuild towns and construct his personal castle in Kuri. After Oden's death and Kurozumi Orochi rose to power, the farm became personalized for the exclusive usage of the Beasts Pirates, the shogun Orochi, and the rich citizens of the Flower Capital with only the leftovers being given to the poor citizens who lived outside of the Flower Capital.

Design and Layout

The Paradise Farm's products.

Heavily resembling a mixture of a plantation and a traditional Japanese garden, the Paradise Farm is a large farm that rears a wide and rich variety of high quality crops such as rice, fruits, and vegetables as well as various high quality livestocks, poultry, and seafood such as chicken, eggs, beef, mutton, tuna, and salmon. It consists of a wide pasture where cattles and sheeps grazed and several cherry blossom trees. It also has a waterfall and river for supplying clean water as well as rearing fishes.



Kozuki Oden ordered the construction of the Paradise Farm to provide delicious food as a reward for the efforts of his citizens for their efforts and labor in the reconstruction of the Kuri region. After Oden was executed, the Paradise Farm became one of the personalized farms of Orochi and Kaidou and the only source of clean supplies in the Kuri region. The Beasts Pirates became in charge of the Paradise Farm. While the poor citizens were recruited to work in the farm for a small salary, they are strictly forbidden from touching any of its provisions as it is reserved only for the rich citizens of the Flower Capital and the members of the Beasts Pirates.

Wano Country Arc

After the latest harvest, Speed escorted a wheeled ship carrying freshly harvested food supplies from the Paradise Farm to Bakura Town.[1][3] The ship was later stolen by Luffytarou and Zorojurou who brought it to Okobore Town to feed its impoverished citizens.


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