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The Pasa Pasa no Mi[1] is a non-canon Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into pieces of paper.[2] It was eaten by Simon, the main antagonist of the video game One Piece: Great Hidden Treasure of the Nanatsu Islands.[1]


  • "Pasa pasa" is an onomatopoeia for rustling in Japanese, as of paper.


The Pasa Pasa no Mi is a small round fruit resembling an apple. Its surface is covered in swirls and the stem is helix-shaped like a corkscrew.[2]

Strengths and Weaknesses

Simon transforming into paper.

The major strength of the ability is that it allows the user to transform into sheets of paper to strike or evade attacks like other Logia-class Devil Fruits. The thin sheets of paper can be used to inflict cutting damage on enemies and launched as projectiles. Transforming into paper also enables the user to fly freely. In addition, by using strange symbols written on the pages of an ancient book, the user is able to produce various elemental and physiological effects.[2]

The fire-suppressing symbol is sealed by paint.

Although paper would normally be weak against fire, the user can counter this weakness by using a symbol with the power to suppress fire. This was demonstrated when Simon was able to counter the flames of Usopp's Kaen Boshi. However, if the pages are splashed with paint, the symbols lose their power and fire becomes a substantial risk.[2] Aside from this, it is also subject to the the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Simon used his ability to fly by transforming into paper, which allowed him to travel between islands without a ship. In combat, he launched sheets of paper as projectiles and used the strange symbols on the pages to inflict various effects on his opponents. He also used his ability to heal his injuries and avoid attacks.[2]


  • Sefer Ha-Bahir (灯明の書セフェル・ハ・バヒル Seferu Ha-Bahiru?, literally meaning "Book of Brightness"): An offensive technique that strikes a single target with an explosion, inflicting fire damage.[2] This technique is named after Sefer HaBahir, an early work of esoteric Jewish mysticism.
  • Sefer Ha-Zohar (光輝の書セフェル・ハ・ゾヒル Seferu Ha-Zoharu?, literally meaning "Book of Splendor"): A offensive technique that creates multiple explosions at different locations, capable of inflicting electrocution.[2] This technique is named after the Zohar, a foundational work of Kabbalah.
  • Sefer Atziluth (流出の書セフェル・アツィルト Seferu Atsiruto?, literally meaning "Book of Emanation"): An offensive technique that strikes multiple targets, capable of inflicting poisoning.[2] This technique is named after Atziluth, the first of the Four Worlds of the Kabbalah.
  • Sefer Briah (創造の書セフェル・ブリアー Seferu Buriā?, literally meaning "Book of Creation"): A technique that restores Simon's health. This is possibly what cured his injuries upon first consuming the Devil Fruit.[2] This technique is named after Briah, the second of the Four Worlds of the Kabbalah.
  • Sefer Yetzirah (形成の書セフェル・イェツィラー Seferu Yetsirā?, literally meaning "Book of Formation"): A defensive technique that allows Simon dodge incoming attacks.[2] This technique is named after Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation), the earliest extant book on Jewish mysticism. Yetzirah is also the third of the Four Worlds of the Kabbalah.
  • Sefer Assiah (活力の書セフェル・アッシャー Seferu Asshā?, literally meaning "Book of Action"): An offensive technique that strikes multiple targets, capable of inflicting paralysis.[2] This technique is named after Assiah, the last of the Four Worlds of the Kabbalah.


Simon's Introduction.png
Simon's introduction by entering as paper.
Simon's Sefer Yetzirah Attack.png
Sefer Yetzirah.
Sefer Ha-Bahir.png
Sefer Ha-Bahir.
Simon Launching Paper.png
Simon launching paper as projectile.


Ko feeds Simon the Pasa Pasa no Mi.

Decades ago, Ko discovered the fruit among the treasure he had obtained. When he was still a rookie mountain bandit, Ko made a mistake and seriously injured a young boy, Simon. In an attempt to save Simon's life, Ko impulsively fed him the Pasa Pasa no Mi, not fully comprehending why he did so. However, Ko was successful as Simon transformed into multiple pieces of paper, and when he reassembled, his injuries were gone.[2]

However, Simon was unaware of this because he had lost consciousness. As he had no recollection of eating a Devil Fruit, he started to believe that he had been born with his ability and that he was a special being who surpasses ordinary humans. After Simon was eaten by Shushibaruba, the fruit likely returned to circulation.[2]


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