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The Peachbeard Pirates is a pirate crew under captain Peachbeard that affiliated themselves with the Blackbeard Pirates.[1]

Jolly Roger

The crew's Jolly Roger appears to be a profile image of a large bird reminiscent of a rooster.[1]

Crew Strength

They are strong enough to be part of the Blackbeard Pirates, who are known for recruiting extremely strong individuals. They easily took out the Marines stationed at Lulusia Kingdom,[2] but after they were disarmed by the Revolutionary Army's executives, they were easily defeated by the citizens, who were empowered by Belo Betty's Devil Fruit ability.[1]


The Peachbeard Pirates' ship.

The crew has an unnamed ship. It is large and has many peach shaped decorations on its stern and masts. It was first seen docking at Lulusia Kingdom's port town, where the crew attacked. After their defeat, the Peachbeard Pirates left Lulusia on their ship.[3]



Sometime in the past, the Peachbeard Pirates were formed. During the two year timeskip, they affiliated themselves with Blackbeard, who became one of the Four Emperors, and began sailing under his flag.[1]

Levely Arc

Taking advantage of the absence of the king, the royal guards, and the Marines while they traveled to participate in the Levely, the Peachbeard Pirates attacked the Lulusia Kingdom and the port town. Despite the citizens claiming the town was poor and begging for the pirates to leave, the Peachbeard Pirates were enticed by the mention of Celestial Dragons' gold and continued destroying the town. Unknown to them, however, some commanders of the Revolutionary Army noticed their actions and arrived at the town to help the citizens. Initially, the pirates were worried about their appearance, but they soon became arrogant as the Belo Betty rallied the citizens to fight for themselves. After the revolutionaries disarmed the pirates, the citizens attacked the invaders. After their defeat, the crew left their captain behind on Lulusia and fled, while Peachbeard was tied up by the revolutionaries, who suggested the citizens should claim his Beli.png52,000,000 bounty.[1]


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