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The Peacock Slashers are the main weapons of choice of Nefertari Vivi.


They are small, sharp jewels on wires that resemble the dot on a peacock's tail feathers.


Peacock Slasher.png
A Peacock Slasher.
Peacock String Slasher.png
A Peacock String Slasher.


  • Kujakki Slasher (孔雀クジャッキースラッシャー Kujakkī Surasshā?, literally meaning "Peacock Slasher"): Vivi loops one end of the wire around one of her pinky fingers then swings the peacock jewel to create a slicing, spinning disk with which she can attack. She kept these weapons in her shirt as Miss Wednesday, inside the circles that surround her breasts.[1]
  • Kujakki String Slasher (孔雀一連クジャッキーストリングスラッシャー Kujakkī Sutoringu Surasshā?, literally meaning "Peacock String Slasher"): Vivi attacks in the same method as she does with her normal Kujakki Slasher attack, but this time she uses two long chains made from her sharp peacock jewels which are apparently stronger than her standard slasher, while also having a longer range. She can use the String Slasher to whip and stab opponents as well as swinging it into a razor disk like her standard slashers. They can cleanly take off a man's head along with the back of the chair he was sitting on.[2] She can often be seen wearing her String Slasher as a belt when not in use.[citation needed]
  • Kujakki String Slasher Runback (孔雀一連クジャッキーストリングスラッシャー逆流ランバック Kujakkī Sutoringu Surasshā Ranbakku?, literally meaning "Peacock String Slasher Runback"): First Vivi whips both slashers at different opponents as if she was trying to stab them, however she intentionally misses with both and when the enemy drops their guard she swings them around to hit her opponents in the back and knock them out.[3]

Supporting Weapons

Depending on the media, Vivi also uses either the patterns on her outfit or perfume to support her Peacock Slasher moves.

  • Miwaku no Memai Dance (魅惑のメマーイダンス Miwaku no Memāi Dansu?, literally meaning "Captivating Dizziness Dance"): Vivi dances, causing her opponent to become dizzy from the movement of the circles on her dress.[4] This leaves them open for more attacks. This is a manga only technique, since the circles on her dress were replaced with stripes in the anime. In the Viz Manga, this is called Enchanting Vertigo Dance.
  • Miwaku no Kosui Dance (魅惑の香水ダンス Miwaku no Kōsui Dansu?, literally meaning "Captivating Perfume Dance"): A non-canon technique where Vivi sprays special perfume in the air and dances to help spread the perfume. Anyone who breathes the perfume is unable to move temporarily and is helpless to defend from an attack of Vivi's Peacock Slashers. Used in the episode 65 of the anime instead of Miwaku no Memai Dance, as Vivi's clothes were changed in the anime. In the FUNimation dub, this is called Perfume Dance.
Miwaku no Memai Dance.png
Miwaku no Memai Dance.
Miwaku no Kosui Dance.png
Miwaku no Kosui Dance.


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