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Template:Char box Pecoms (ペコムズ Pekomuzu?) is a fighter from the crew of Big Mom.


Pecoms is a big lion who is able to stand on two legs and talk. He wears sunglasses, has an earring on his left ear, has a sword on his right hip, and wears black boots and a black suit. People seem to think he looks cute when he is threatening someone.


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When he was first shown, Pecoms is in a fit of rage. He removes his sunglasses and reveals his small, circular eyes, which the citizens of Fishman Island call cute. Like many other members of the crew, he seems terrified by Big Mom.

Abilities and Powers

He is responsible for collecting candy payments, like many other members of the crew and can destroy islands if they do not keep up their payments. He is seen carrying a sword, which he is presumably competent in using.

Given the fact he looks like a lion, he may have the strength of one. Whether this comes from a Zoan-class Devil's Fruit or not is unknown.


Pecoms first appears on Fishman Island to threaten the citizens about their candy tribute. After hearing about Luffy eating the candy, he calls Bobbin and tells him about the situation. However, he is too scared to answer Big Mom when she calls Fishman Island.

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