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The Pero Pero no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create and manipulate candy at will, making the user a Candy Human (キャンディ人間 Kyandi Ningen?). It was eaten by Charlotte Perospero.[1]


  • Peropero (ぺろぺろ?) is the Japanese onomatopoeia for licking.
  • In the English sub, it is called the Lick-Lick Fruit, coming from the action one would use to eat candy.

Strengths and Weaknesses

This fruit allows the user to create and control seemingly limitless amounts of candy, even being able to make it move as if it were a mechanical construct, like escalators and prostheses. The candy created by the user is edible.[2]

Perospero using his candy to immobilize modified humans.

When hardened, the candy becomes incredibly strong and resilient, able to hold down the superhuman children of the Vinsmoke Family[3] and even an entire moving castle,[4] as well as block cannon fire[5] and a Gear 3 punch from Luffy.[6] Water also does not seem to affect the candy, as Perospero can comfortably travel across the ocean by riding a mobile mass of it around.[7]

The candy conjured by the fruit's powers will melt after a certain time.[8] Similarly, intense heat being applied with force can cause the candy to shatter or melt away.[9][10] If the user dies or is severely injured enough, all the candy conjured will vanish.[11][12][13] Other than that, the fruit is susceptible to the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Perospero using a candy bow and arrow crafted from his powers.

Perospero first demonstrated the fruit's powers by crafting an escalator out of candy during the opening of one of Big Mom's tea party.[2] An artisan by nature, Perospero is very proud of his candy crafting skills. Having access to the Third Research Institute's blueprints, he was able to perfectly replicate it through iron-reinforced candy.[1] For combat, Perospero's craftsmanship manifests itself though a myriad of weapons and traps made from hardened candy that he then unleashes down on his foes.

Perospero may utilize his fruit for possible torture or intimidations. He threatened to turn Caesar Clown into candy should the scientist fail to complete his gigantification research, later showcasing this method proper while facing Tony Tony Chopper and Brook aboard the Thousand Sunny.[1][14] He has been seen using hardened candy as a binding mechanism, including to restrain the Vinsmoke Family[3] and to hold down Bege's Big Father.[4]

Perospero's candy arm.

After losing his arm due to an explosion caused by Pedro, Perospero used his ability to replace his lost limb with a prosthetic made of candy. This candy arm seemingly does not distract Perospero from his normal pirate duties, although he did mention the concern of it melting while drinking hot tea.[15]


Perospero turning Chopper and Brook into candy men.

  • Candy Man (キャンディマン Kyandi Man?): Perospero coats an opponent with candy, which will then slowly seep into their body. After three minutes, the candy will completely fill their insides and stop their breathing, killing them. It was first mentioned to threaten Caesar Clown in case he did not finish his Gigantification project.[1] It was first used against Brook and Chopper as they tried to take back the Thousand Sunny, where it managed to stop Chopper from shifting forms.[14]
  • Candy Escalator (キャンディエスカレーター Kyandi Esukarētā?): Perospero waves his candy cane and conjures a massive spiraling candy escalator that works like a regular one. It was first used to carry the Underworld emperors to the rooftop of the Whole Cake Chateau.[2]
  • Candy Wave (キャンディウェイブ Kyandi Weibu?): Perospero binds a target with candy, immobilizing them. It was first used on the Vinsmoke Family[3] and later on Bege's Big Father form,[4] but was only named when used on the Thousand Sunny to prevent the Sanji Retrieval Team from setting sail.[16]
  • Candy Wall (キャンディウォール Kyandi Wōru?): Perospero creates a large wall of candy to block attacks. The wall is sturdy enough to block cannon fire from Capone Bege's Big Father, as well as a Gear 3rd-enhanced punch from Luffy. It was first used to protect Big Mom from Bege's attack.[5]

Perospero uses a Candy Maiden against the Sanji Retrieval Team.

  • Candy Maiden (キャンディメイデン Kyandi Meiden?): Perospero creates a giant iron maiden out of candy and attempts to trap his opponents inside it. It was first used in an attempt to prevent the Sanji Retrieval Team from reaching the Thousand Sunny. However, it was melted by the flames of Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk before it could trap any of the Straw Hats.[17]
  • Candy Armor (キャンディアーマー Kyandi Āmā?): Perospero protects himself from harm with candy, presumably by covering himself with it like an armor, considering the technique's name. This technique has not been shown in the manga, only being mentioned by Perospero after he survived Pedro's suicidal explosion, with him being surprised that it was not strong enough to protect him from the attack, as he still suffered grievous injuries.[13] It was eventually shown in the anime during his fight with Carrot. Here it takes on a shape similar to a closed iron maiden to protect him, though it was melted by Carrot's Electro attack.[18]

The Candy Sea Slug before being brought to life.

  • Ame Umiushi (アメウミウシ Ame Umiushi?, literally meaning "Candy Seaslug"): Perospero creates a large blob of candy with two tentacles on the front (resembling a sea slug, hence the name) and uses it as a means of maritime transportation, moving it across the water and allowing people to simply walk on top of it. It was first used to carry Big Mom across the sea to chase the Thousand Sunny and it was later brought to life with Big Mom's power in order to use it to attack the Thousand Sunny.[19] When Perospero used it to charge at Luffy on land, he called the technique Ame Namekuji (アメナメクジ Candy Slug?).[20] In the anime, after it was animated by Big Mom's Soru Soru no Mi, it was voiced by Atsushi Imaruoka.
  • Candy Shower (終末の雨キャンディーシャワー Kyandi Shawā?, literally meaning "Ending Rain"): After forming a bow and producing dozens of arrows made of candy, Perospero shoots several of the latter skywards at once. The arrows eventually peak in the air and start making the trajectory down, descending fast akin to literal rain and piercing anything on Perospero's surroundings. He first used this move while on the Live Floor, hitting several samurai, Waiters, and Chopper in the process.[21] The technique was only named later when he readied another round of raining arrows, but this time, his attempt was foiled by Sanji, who kicked Queen with enough force to make the latter's brachiosaur neck rapidly spin around the Live Floor, forcing the All-Star to accidentally take the brunt of the attack while shielding the samurai and Waiters from it at the same time.[22] In the official English Viz release, this technique is called Apocalyptic Candy Shower.

Non-Canon Techniques

  • Candy Maiden Decoration (キャンディメイデンデコレーション Kyandi Meiden Dekorēshon?): An anime-only technique, in the event that his Candy Maiden is destroyed, Perospero gathers its remains and reshapes them into an even larger construct in the form of a giant mouth lined with dozens of spike-like teeth that he can fire at his foes, which regrow almost immediately. In the anime it was used after Candy Maiden was destroyed by Luffy, Jinbe, and Pedro, but it was melted by Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk.[23]
  • Candy Wheel (キャンディホイール Kyandi Hoīru?): Perospero creates a large, green candy wheel that spins beneath him, binding and damaging his opponents. He then molds his candy staff into a large hammer and jumps in the air, smashing it into his opponents and destroying the wheel. It is used in One Piece Thousand Storm.[24]
  • Candy Sting (キャンディスティング Kyandi Sutingu?): Perospero creates a puddle of candy underneath his opponents' feet, which then protrudes large, sharp candy spikes to stab his opponents. It is used in One Piece Thousand Storm.[25]


  • Although it is non-canon, this fruit is very similar to Gasparde's Ame Ame no Mi, both can manipulate and somewhat produce candy.
  • The fruit bears similarities to Galdino's Doru Doru no Mi, as both fruits allow the user to produce and manipulate a substance that can be hardened, act mechanically, and are both very resilient but still cannot withstand great amounts of damage.
    • Both Devil Fruits are weak to fire and heat.
    • Both Devil Fruit users are high-ranking members of a huge organization antagonistic to the Straw Hat Pirates.
    • Both Devil Fruit users utilize their substances to create artistic techniques, binding the targets, and even create a wall.
    • Both users also have a deadly attack that can turn the victim into a living statue of their own element.
  • Perospero being able to replace a lost limb with a prosthesis made from his ability is similar to how Kuzan has replaced a destroyed leg with a replica made of ice thanks to his own Devil Fruit power.
  • In the anime, Perospero is able to turn his candy into many different colors.

External links

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