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A pet is a domesticated animal that often accompanies a master.

Role and Abilities

Chouchou interacting with his master, Hocker.

A pet's primary purpose is to provide companionship to their master, taking the role of a friend, sidekick or someone to take care after. Pets that started in the wilderness might require prior taming before starting to be loyal and obedient, although forceful masters may cause the pet to develop an aggressive, fearful or indifferent attitude towards them (for example, Arlong coercing Momoo into fighting for him through threats).[2] They might be intelligent enough to assist their owners with everyday tasks such as guarding property,[3] giving rides if big enough to act as a steed[4] or just serving as emotional support.[5] A couple pets have also displayed enough sentience to imitate human mannerisms or even human speech, as in the case of Pappag, who's simultaneously Camie's pet and mentor.[6]

Vivi fighting alongside her pet, Karoo.

Certain pets are adapted to combat and may be a powerful asset for those who employ them in battle, intimidating or directly attacking their opponents or supplying support as a mount or bodyguard.[7] Surume, for example, is an enormous kraken who can easily destroy any ship or enemy group in its vicinity.[8] Some pets were once normal objects that were granted sentiency through a Zoan Devil Fruit, allowing them to be wielded by their owners and act as living weapons.[9]

Pets in pirate crews are often considered low-priority targets for the World Government, thus in the rare case a pet is issued a bounty, it's usually of an extremely low amount. This approach is highly flawed though, as capable, sentient fighters such as Tony Tony Chopper of the Straw Hat Pirates and Bepo of the Heart Pirates may be mistaken as pets due to their animal-like appearance, meaning their bounties might not reflect their true threat level.[10]

Known Pets

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Chouchou Banchi Lassoo Pappag Su
Holy Fuza Shelly Yokozuna Gonbe
Tyrannosaurus Sodom Gomorrah Motobaro Taroimo
Smiley  Kumae ? Camel Wany Tama
Komachiyo Hihimaru Bunbuku Saikoro ? Home
Monster Richie Momoo Stronger Chuchun
Monda Salome Bacura Boa Marigold's Hawk Kotatsu
Nora Gitsune Coribou's Lizard Surume Ankoro Farul
Royal Pets
Karoo Robson Pierre Hakowan Megalo
Hoe Nyasha Onimaru 
Soro  Sengoku's Goat Hattori Funkfreed Saru
Punch Wadatsumi Popo Rittonto's Mole Aobire 
Nukky Pochi Bolt Elizabeth Chavez
Stefan Rosario Brief's Goat Buzz Pochi
Alpacacino Bolt

Unnamed Pets

  • Crocodile owned a pack of Bananawani, which lived at the bottom of Rainbase Lake.
  • Sengoku owns a pet goat that's almost always at his side.
  • Charlos is mentioned to have an aquarium filled with piranhas.
  • Most Kuja carry snakes that can morph into weapon-like shapes.
  • Boa Marigold was introduced with a pet hawk at her side, which was unnamed in contrast to Salome and Bacura.
  • Saldeath used to own a dog larger than him in his childhood. Sadi also owned a hamster that passed away at some point in her childhood.
  • Doma, a subordinate Pirate Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, fights alongside a pet monkey that is armed with a pistol.
  • Blondie has a small lion over his tricorne.
  • Coribou has a lizard along with him always over his head.
  • Sora, the Warrior of the Sea, is mentioned to have a seagull as a sidekick.



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