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"Two-Pistol" Pete[2] was a criminal of little known status. In the Loguetown fillers, Daddy Masterson takes an unconscious Pete to Smoker to receive his reward.[1]


Pete appears to be an average sized, slim man with grey hair. His face was never shown so it's unknown how he looks like. When he was captured by Daddy, he was seen wearing blue and pink clothes. Nothing else is known about his appearance.[1]


Nothing is known about his personality as he appeared only once, defeated and unable to speak.[1]

Abilities and Powers

It can be assumed that Pete had some fighting abilities due to the fact that he had a bounty.[1]


It can be assumed that he possessed two pistols; giving him the epithet "Two-Pistol" Pete.[1]


East Blue Saga

Loguetown Arc

Pete had a run in with Daddy Masterson and was easily defeated by him. After his defeat, Pete was turned into the Marines with the Riley Brothers by Masterson to collect their bounties.[1]

Major Battles


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