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The Piece of Spadille was the ship used by the Spade Pirates before they were integrated into the Whitebeard Pirates.

Ship Design and Appearance

The figurehead of the ship is similar to the design of their Jolly Roger; a flaming skull, with this one being a horse's. There are also chains linked to the skull and the sides of the ship. The foremost sail bears the crew's Jolly Roger. The back sail on the top contains the word "SPADE", and has the crew's flag on top of it. As only the front of the ship is shown, it is unknown what the rest of it looks like.[1]


One Piece novel A

Volume 1

Sometime after Ace and Masked Deuce left Sixis, and as the Spade Pirates slowly started to grow, they acquired a ship and named it "Piece of Spadille". During their travels, with the increased infamy of the crew and its captain, they were attacked by many bounty hunters and Marines. At some point, Isuka even managed to board the ship in her attempt to capture Ace. When the crew eventually reached Sabaody Archipelago, the ship was coated in preparation for the voyage to Fish-Man Island.[2]

Volume 2

As the crew continued their journey and traveled into the New World, they sailed on the ship until they met the Whitebeard Pirates. During the time the crew traveled with the Emperor's crew they seemingly had their ship with them, as when Ace decided the crew would join the Whitebeard Pirates, he informed the Spade Pirates of the news on board, before burning the ship and flag.[3]


  • "Spadille" is a term for the ace of spades, matching the name of the crew and its captain.


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