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For the character that goes by the alias of "Joker", see Donquixote Doflamingo.

Pin Joker is a member of the Trump Siblings, who appeared in the second One Piece movie as one of the major antagonists.[1]


Pin Joker has long black hair tied up in a ponytail and a stitched scar across his face, extending from the right forehead to the left cheek. He has a red marking on the right side of his face, and a tear-like design on the left. He wears a strapped vest over purple clothes with a diamond design and a yellow furred collar. Overall, he resembles a court jester.[1]


Pin Joker's Movie 2 Wanted Poster.png
Pin Joker's wanted poster from Movie 2.
Pin Joker Bounty Poster.png
Pin Joker's wanted poster from Movie 9.


Pin Joker is a swordsman of little honor, as he attacks Roronoa Zoro while the latter is trapped holding a descending ceiling, as well as puts poison gas into his weapons to give him an advantage. He seems angry when Zoro forgets him.[1]

A running gag to his character is that he is often trying to quote Chinese proverbs, but always says them incorrectly (making them puns in Japanese) and is then corrected by the other characters, which annoys Pin Joker to no end.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Pin Joker is the Trump Siblings' primary swordsman, and uses a rapier. The feathers on his costume also have Skunk One's gas in them, which Pin Joker uses to paralyze his enemies before he strikes them down.[1]


  • Hari Hari Ken (ハリハリ剣 Hari Hari Ken?, literally meaning "Needle Needle Sting"): Pin Joker sends out a barrage of feathers containing Skunk One's Devil Gas.[1]



In the past, Pin Joker once fought Roronoa Zoro and incurred the scar across his face during that battle. Zoro, on the other hand, has no recollection of this encounter.

Clockwork Island Adventure

He first appeared listening to Bear King discuss the King Cannon with two of the scientists. Later, when Honey Queen and Boo Jack returned with Nami and Bear King asked who Luffy was after Nami mentioned him, Pin Joker asked Honey Queen if they were talking about "Straw Hat" Luffy. When Honey Queen confirmed his suspicions, Pin Joker suspected that Roronoa Zoro was with him and told them to be careful.

While waiting for Luffy to arrive, the Trump Siblings played cards with Nami, losing every game to her. After Luffy busted through the front gate, Pin Joker looked out the window and noticed that Roronoa Zoro had arrived. He then watched as the Hyena Three brought in the newly completed King Cannon.

Later, he located Luffy and Zoro when the two were trapped between the rising floor. To his surprise, Zoro did not have the faintest recollection of who he was. He attacked the two with his Hari Hari Ken after Zoro told him that he did not remember weaklings. Pin Joker then stabbed Zoro and took him back to Bear King.

Pin Joker defeated by Zoro.

Afterwards, Pin Joker watched as Bear King prepared to fire the King Cannon at the captured Sanji, Usopp, and Zoro. However, this was interrupted by Borodo, who was quickly defeated by Bear King. Pin Joker then prepared to beat Borodo when Akisu hit him. He then threw Borodo and knocked out Akisu. After Luffy entered the room and recklessly freed his comrades by blowing them up with dynamite, Pin Joker leapt into action by charging at Zoro. He then attacked Nami while she was distracted, only to be blocked by Zoro once he got hold of his swords. Pin Joker then told Zoro that he admired his endurance, considering that he should have been paralyzed by the needles from his previous Hari Hari Ken attack. The two continued fighting until they reached the edge of the balcony. Pin Joker then launched another Hari Hari Ken attack in anger at Zoro correcting his speech, but this backfired when Zoro spun the needles back at him using a gust created by his swords. Zoro explained to Pin Joker that he would not be defeated and charged at him using his Onigiri attack. At the same time, Pin Joker charged at Zoro; however, he was not a match for him and was easily cut down.

Afterwards, Bear King was defeated and the impact from Luffy's attack using the King Cannon's bullet caused the island to collapse. Pin Joker's fate remains unknown, as he was unconscious when the island collapsed and was most likely caught in the destruction.[1]

Major Battles

  • Pin Joker vs. Roronoa Zoro (Past)
  • Pin Joker vs. Roronoa Zoro (Trump Castle)


Video Games

Enemy Appearances


  • Like all the other Trump Siblings, Pin Joker is based on an animal and a card, a kiwi and the card Joker. Pin Joker's feather attire around his neck and arms refers to the plumage of the kiwi bird and the long thin fencing sword mimics the shape of the kiwi's beak.
  • Both he and Donquixote Doflamingo are voiced by the same voice actor. Oddly, both have the name "Joker" and use a bird as an animal theme.


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