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Pineapple Island is a non-canon island in the New World that Nekomamushi visited while searching for Marco.[1]


The island is shaped like a giant pineapple with a rocky base and forests underneath. Pineapples are grown on the island.[1]


Pineapple Island is populated, but the only citizen shown has been a small farmer.[1]


One Piece Party

After leaving Zou, Nekomamushi came to Pineapple Island, expecting Marco to be there. He asked a local if he had seen the pirate, but the man had never heard of Marco. Nekomamushi left the island irritated.[1]


  • Nekomamushi assuming that Marco would be hiding on Pineapple Island is a play on the running gag in the main manga of Marco's pineapple-like haircut and of him being compared to a pineapple.


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