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A Pirate Apprentice is an individual who resides on a pirate ship in order to learn the ways of piracy from more experienced pirates.

Role and Duties

Pirate apprentices are younger members of a pirate crew that possess the least authority on a ship, since their main purpose is to learn how to become a proper pirate from the rest of the crew. Their training usually involves partaking in habitual pirate activities such as raiding other ships.[1]

Once apprentices are fully educated, either they become full-fledged members and maybe even officers of their respective crews,[2] or leave to become captains of their own crews.[1]


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Pirate Apprentices 
Shanks Buggy Kaidou
Marco Inuarashi Nekomamushi

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List of Former Apprentices


  • All of the crews that once had apprentices were ones that existed during Gol D. Roger's time and are all now disbanded.


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