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The Pirates Expo is a non-canon event said to occur at various points over the years, where pirates come together and interact.[2] A special Pirates Expo was held in the film One Piece: Stampede as part of Douglas Bullet's plot to become Pirate King.[1]


According to Boa Hancock, Pirates Expos happen every few years, with no real established interval between them. Due to the massive number of pirates in close proximity to each other, the Expo is said to be a lawless and dangerous event.[2]

A special Pirates Expo was planned by Douglas Bullet and Buena Festa. They invited the world's most notable pirates to Delta Island to engage in a hunt for Gol D. Roger's treasure, which is an Eternal Pose pointing to Laugh Tale. However, the event was a trap designed for Bullet to kill all the pirates in attendance as part of his quest to become Pirate King. Bullet and Festa also arranged for the Marines to unleash a Buster Call on Delta Island during the Expo in order for Bullet to kill the Marine Admirals as well.[1]


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Pirates Expo
SP Guest
Douglas Bullet Buena Festa Donald Moderate Ann
Straw Hat Pirates Heart Pirates Kid Pirates On Air Pirates Hawkins Pirates
Fire Tank Pirates Drake Pirates Bonney Pirates Fallen Monk Pirates
Kuja Pirates Buggy's Delivery Dracule Mihawk
Other Pirates
Beautiful Pirates Barto Club Foxy Pirates Bliking Pirates Macro Pirates
Schneider Pirates Tearoom Pirates Crocodile Daz Bonez Risky Brothers
Risky Brothers Perona Brief
Sakazuki Borsalino Issho Momonga Bastille
Smoker Maynard Doberman Onigumo Dalmatian
Shu Hina Brannew Tashigi Koby
Helmeppo Sentomaru Pacifista All-Hunt Grount
Sabo Koala Hack Karasu Belo Betty
Morley Lindbergh
Rob Lucci Hattori Kaku Stussy
Black Drum Kingdom Takoyaki 8 Rosy Life Riders Carina Miss Monday
Mr. 9 ?????? Aisa Conis Acilia
Mikita Gem Chimney Gonbe Kokoro
Paulie Peepley Lulu Tilestone Zambai Kiev
Schollzo Kop Apis Xiao Tibany
Pandaman Carmen Rice Rice Ratchet Gedatsu
Goro Baccarat Minokoala


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