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The Pirates Festival is a non-canon event said to occur at various points over the years, where pirates come together and interact.[2] A special Pirates Festival was held in the film One Piece: Stampede as part of Douglas Bullet's plot to become Pirate King.[1]

Overview[edit | edit source]

According to Boa Hancock, Pirates Festivals happen every few years, with no real established interval between them. Before the one in Stampede, no Festivals had been held in 20 years. Due to the massive number of pirates in close proximity to each other, the Festival is said to be a lawless and dangerous event. Actions like fighting, stealing, and even kidnapping are permitted without issue. The only rule of the event is that the attendees must keep it a secret, ensuring that the Marines do not find out about it.[2][1]

Pirates come to the Festival by invitation, with most of the attendees typically being the Grand Line's most infamous pirates including Super Rookies and the Seven Warlords of the Sea. A small amount of the invitees are not pirates, as shown when the bounty hunter Cidre was invited, likely for the purpose of starting conflict. Civilians may also be invited to sell food and wares, such as Takoyaki 8. Invitees receive an Eternal Pose that allows them to navigate to the island where it is held.[1]

Buena Festa's Festival[edit | edit source]

A special Pirates Festival was planned by Douglas Bullet and Buena Festa. They invited the world's most notable pirates to Delta Island to engage in a hunt for Gol D. Roger's treasure.

Events[edit | edit source]

Several events were being held during the Festival, for everyone to enjoy.

Miss Pirate Competition[edit | edit source]

A beauty contest with a cash prize. Nami participated and won it.

Groggy Ring[edit | edit source]

A game in the Davy Back Fight, it was used as entertainment in the Festival. The Foxy Pirates competed in this.

Main Event: The Treasure Race[edit | edit source]

The main event was a treasure race to obtain which was an Eternal Pose pointing to Laugh Tale. However, the event was a trap designed for Bullet to kill all the pirates in attendance as part of his quest to become Pirate King. Bullet and Festa also arranged for the Marines to unleash a Buster Call on Delta Island during the Festival in order for Bullet to kill the Marine Admirals as well.[1]

Participants[edit | edit source]

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Pirates Festival
SP Guest
Douglas Bullet Buena Festa Donald Moderate Ann Buggy
Straw Hat Pirates Heart Pirates Kid Pirates On Air Pirates Hawkins Pirates
Fire Tank Pirates Drake Pirates Bonney Pirates Fallen Monk Pirates
Kuja Pirates Buggy's Delivery Dracule Mihawk
Other Pirates
Beautiful Pirates Barto Club Foxy Pirates Bliking Pirates Macro Pirates
Schneider Pirates Tearoom Pirates Crocodile Daz Bonez Risky Brothers
Risky Brothers Perona Brief Nora Gitsune Vander Decken IX
Bill Goo Koze Packy Captain Seven
Desan and Croquis Fischer's Pirates Announcers Pirates Ippon Oubo Pirates
Borsalino Issho Momonga Bastille Smoker
Maynard Doberman Onigumo Dalmatian Shu
Hina Tashigi Koby Helmeppo Sentomaru
Pacifista All-Hunt Grount Ant De Bonham Shimoi Zappa Jango
Fullbody Marron Horo
Sabo Koala Hack Karasu Belo Betty
Morley Lindbergh
Rob Lucci Hattori Kaku Stussy
Black Drum Kingdom Takoyaki 8 Rosy Life Riders Carina Miss Monday
Mr. 9 ?????? Mr. Beans Aisa Conis
Acilia Mikita Gem Marianne Koza
Farafra Chimney Gonbe Kokoro Paulie
Peepley Lulu Tilestone Zambai Kiev Schollzo
Kop Mozu Kiwi Michael Hoichael
Apis Minoruba Xiao Billy Tibany
Pandaman Carmen Rice Rice Ratchet Spoil
Doran Gedatsu Goro Baccarat Minokoala
Minozebra Attach Pascia Moodie

Original Crews[edit | edit source]

Three additional crews participated in the Pirates Festival: the Fischer's Pirates (フィッシャーズ海賊団 Fisshāzu kaizoku-dan?), the Announcers Pirates (アナウンサーズ海賊団 Anaunsāzu kaizoku-dan?), and the Ippon Oubo Pirates (イッパン・オウボ海賊団 Ippan oubo kaizoku-dan?). The Fischer's Pirates are the main protagonists of Fischer's X One Piece, a spinoff manga starring the Japanese YouTubers Fischer's. The Announcers Pirates are voiced by guest voice actors, and the Ippon Oubo Pirates are voiced by winners of a general application. However, the latter two crews' members were not identified in the film, and they were only listed in its credits.

References[edit | edit source]

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