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Pochi[2] is an anime-only dog that lives with the Dadan Family.[1]


Pochi is a white dog with a curled tail and fox-like ears. He seems to have medium hair and has his tongue sticking out most of the time. His eyes are slanted down and are white with a black dot as the pupil. His appearance can be compared to that of a cream-colored shiba dog.


Pochi is quite intelligent and mischievous, since he took food from Luffy on the child’s first night in the Dadan house.[1] He, like the rest of the Dadan Family, is a bad liar.[3]


Pochi first appeared during Luffy’s first night in the Dadan house when he took food that Luffy was trying to get during the usual dinner struggle.[1] When Sabo arrives at the house, Pochi, Magra, Dogra, and Dadan are all confused about who he is and demand to learn his identity.[4] Later, after the three boys, Luffy, Ace, and Sabo, tell the Dadan Family to watch out for Bluejam, Pochi and the rest of the family practice lying to use on the pirate if necessary, but they all turn out to be terrible at it.[3] He is also later seen with Dadan when she falls in a trap set by the boys[2] and with Luffy when Ace and Dadan return home.[5]


  • "Pochi" is a very common name for dogs in Japan.


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