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Pon-chan and Mofu are a pair of okama who accompanied Bentham to Tongari Island. They appear in Bon Kurei Dance Performance Show.[1]


Both Pon and Mofu are heavy-set, fair-skinned okama with facial hair. They each wear sleeveless black leather coats with silver studs on them, black police-style hats with pink teddy bears attach to the front, black stockings that come up past the knee, and aviator sunglasses. One wears a black crop top and has a short goatee and blue eyeshadow. The other wears a longer black tank top and has a chinstrap beard. They both wears blush and red lipstick.[1]


Pon and Mofu act effeminate and flashy like their leader. They are loyal to Bentham.[1]


Bon Kurei Dance Performance Show

Pon and Mofu accompanied Bentham to Tongari Island, where he wanted to find the "strongest friend" with whom to establish the Newkama Land Tongari Branch. They perform a song and dance with him, and they played a flag-matching gaming.[1]


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