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Pontanitaire is the Marine Captain officer in change of the Marines' Tongari Island branch. He appears in the TOKYO PIRATES FESTIVAL 2018 "Marines Patrol" show.[1]


Pontanitaire is a short man with tan skin and medium-length brown hair. He wears a standard Marine uniform of a sleeveless white shirt, a blue neckerchief, blue pants tucked into black boots, and a white cap that says "MARINE" on the front. As an officer, he also wears a Marine coat.


Pontanitaire Without His Coat.png
Pontanitaire without his coat.
Pontanitaire Without His Hat.png
Pontanitaire without his hat.


Pontantaire is cheery and playful, turning around to point a finger gun at Tongari Island's visitors upon his introduction to them by his subordinate.[3]


Tokyo Pirates Festival 2018

Pontanitaire and his subordinates tried to recruit Tongari Island's visitors to the Marines while the Tongari Pirates held a competing recruitment effort.[1]


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