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Popora is a creature created by Sealed using the orb to serve as the protector of the island in One Piece: Unlimited Adventure. Initially antagonistic, he becomes an ally to the Straw Hat Pirates in defeating the Evil Guardian.[1]


Popora is a small creature, about the size of Chopper in Brain Point form, with features similar to a rabbit and a wolf. He has bluish-gray fur and ears that resemble wings in appearance, with white feathers extending from the gray stalks. At one point, he shows that he can use these appendages to fly, or at least hover. He has a tuft of white fur on his head and a canine muzzle, and his eyes are a very dark blue. He has a white underbelly, thin arms with white paws, short canine legs, and a thin tail like that of a mouse.

He wears golden cufflinks with yellow borders, and the central sections are imbued with ancient characters. He wears a jacket and a bell around his neck with similar designs, though the central section of the bell is orange rather than golden.[1]


Popora Portrait.png
A close-up of Popora's face.
Popora Made of Clay.png
Popora when Sealed first molded him out of clay.
Popora Render.png
A render of Popora.


Popora aggressively guards one of the seals.

When the Straw Hat Pirates meet him, Popora was guarded and aggressive, focused wholly on stopping and driving away any intruders. He often threw himself at opponents, even if they were stronger them him. In reality, he did so to protect the island and to stop the Evil Guardian from being released.

After Sealed first created him, Popora was a kind, innocent creature who revered his master and shared his dream of making the island a paradise. He was gentle and childlike, and once Sealed sacrificed himself to imprison the Evil Guardian, Popora was consumed with loneliness and anguish. These feelings turned to anger, and he developed a hardened personality while trying to defend against invading pirates.

Popora stubbornly fought to keep the Evil Guardian locked away, but after softening his stance and accepting help from the Straw Hat Pirates, he became calmer and more playful. He even frolicked around the camp with Luffy and Usopp. He maintained his determination to protect the island, but it was now directed toward releasing and defeating the Evil Guardian. In their final confrontation, Popora attacked the Evil Guardian, acting out of bravery instead of fear. He was finally at peace when he was given friend in Sealed's passing.[1]



Sealed uses the orb to bring Popora to life.

Sealed created Popora with love using the orb. He served as the creature's father figure and gave him his name. Popora admired and looked up to Sealed. The old man shared his dream with Popora of making their island a paradise, and he protected his creation from the island's other residents, saying that Popora was not created for the purpose of being a weapon. After the Evil Guardian wiped out the rest of the islanders, Sealed vowed to imprisoned the hatred-filled monster. He apologized for failing to make the island a paradise and felt guilty for putting the duty of protecting the island on Popora's shoulders. Sealed hoped that one day, someone would come along who could free Popora from his burden. The creature was deeply affected by his creator's passing.

The last of Sealed's essence, from within the orb, guided Luffy and his friends to the island in hopes of helping Popora and rescuing the creature from his century of anguish. Popora was overjoyed to see his creator one last time after the orb broke but was sad that he could not stay. Sealed used his final act to give Popora the greatest gift he could—friends—so that he would never be along again.[1]

Island's Residents

The island's residents did not understand why Sealed created Popora and wanted to use the creature to protect the island. They looked down on Popora as weak and incapable, demanding that Sealed turn him into a weapon for the creature to be worth anything. Despite their hatred toward Popora, after they were killed, Popora and Sealed visited their grave.[1]

Evil Guardian

The Evil Guardian cost Popora everything dear to him, and recognizing the fearsome power of the monster, Popora vowed to keep him locked away by warding off any visitors to the island. Popora did this out of fear, but after meeting and putting his trust in the Straw Hat Pirates, Popora redirected his energy to anger at the Evil Guardian. Despite knowing his weakness, Popora attacked at the monster when they finally met, and while he was no match, Popora proudly worked with the pirate crew to defeat the Evil Guardian once and for all.[1]

Straw Hat Pirates

A memory of Popora and the Straw Hat Pirates' adventure together.

When the Straw Hat Pirates first arrived at the island, Popora treated them like all other visitors, lashing out at them in hopes that they would leave. Luffy was stubborn and became annoyed with Popora, questioning why the creature put himself through so much pain just to be alone. After enough interactions, Luffy recognized Popora's behavior as self-fulfilling isolation and offered to help him. Popora realized that Luffy and his friends were a lot like him and genuinely wanted to help, and he accepted their help. He opened himself up to them after spending some time together, and they inspired new confidence in the creature to face his mortal enemy. When the crew left, Popora was deeply appreciative of their help.

Despite the creature's weakness, Zoro respected Popora's strong will. Nami was equally annoyed as Luffy at Popora's self-harm, as she acted the same way under Arlong. Usopp recognized the creature's bravery, and Sanji related to Popora's relationship to Sealed through his past with Zeff. Chopper felt the same about his relationship with Hiriluk, and while he could not understand Popora's language, he empathized with the creature's struggle. Robin understood Popora's pain and years of isolation better than anyone else, and she affirmed to the creature that her crew would genuinely do everything in their power to help him. Franky often cried after witnessing Popora's tragic memories, and he admired the creature's strength.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Popora was not created with the purpose of fighting or protecting the island. He lacks the strength to do so adequately, as seen when he was hurt by invading pirates. His attempts to drive away the Straw Hat Pirates were unsuccessful, and his attacks were too weak to harm the crew. He primarily fights with hammer swings and headbutts, the latter of which had enough force to knock a Sword Soldier into a cave wall. However, he was overwhelmed and captured by the same Sword Soldier prior.

Popora's strength lies in his perseverance and resolve. He endured over 1,000 years of protecting the island by himself, and while his physical abilities did not improve, he developed a fighting spirit and learned to attack stronger opponents in surprise from behind.[1]


Popora wields a decorated hammer, similar in design to a croquet mallet. This hammer consists of a base with two blue jewels separated by a thin yellow band, a long orange rod for the center section, and a golden, double-sided head of the same design of his clothes and bell. The hammer originally belonged to Sealed, but Popora began using it after his creator's passing.[1]


  • Hammer Strike (叩きつけハンマー Tatakitsuke hanmā?): Popora quickly slams his hammer down on his opponents.
  • Giant Hammer Slalom (ハンマー大回転 Hanmā daikaiten?): Popora spins around six times while holding out his hammer. Popora can hit an opponent consecutively but falls over onto his back from getting dizzy.
  • Charge! Popora Cheering Squad (突撃!ポポラ応援隊 Totsugeki! Popora ōen-tai?): Popora summons his companions to fly at an opponent, hitting them multiple times in the air.



Sealed created Popora out of clay and brought him to life with the orb. He also gave the creature his name. Later, the island's other residents confronted Sealed about wanting protection from invaders and demanded that he turn Popora into something that can fight. When he refused, they stole the orb and brought life to the Evil Guardian. Sealed ordered Popora to flee to the hills of the island, promising that the next time they meet, the island will be a paradise. Popora returned to Sealed's side as the monster wreaked havoc on the island, and together, they visited a grave for those killed in the catastrophe. Sealed decided to seal the Evil Guardian away and apologized to Popora for failing to make the island a paradise.

Popora visits a grave he made for Sealed.

Popora stood at Sealed's side while he attempted to seal the Evil Guardian, but the old man was unable to do so without sacrificing himself. Popora cried out in heartbreak as he was left alone with only the orb and a handful of his creator's possessions.

Popora took over the role of protecting the island, and he fought against pirates who tried invading it. He created a grave for Sealed and visited it often, crying out in pain for his loss.[1]

Unlimited Adventure

Chapter 1: Finding lost friends, memories of the past.

Popora hits Luffy over the head.

One thousand years later, Monkey D. Luffy fished up Sealed’s orb. After shooting himself into the air and childishly telling any islands to come out, the orb responded to his wish and raised the island from beneath the waves. This scattered the crew and their ship to different parts of the island; Luffy alone landed in the Plains, where Popora was. He scurried behind Luffy after he landed, observing him from behind. After seeing Luffy use the orb to unseal the passage to the Seaside Zone, Popora ran up to him from the cliff above, whacking him with his maul. In response to Luffy asking what he did that for, he projected a memory of Sealed wearing the orb and his affection toward Popora, followed by Luffy’s memory of Shanks leaving him his straw hat. The experience left Luffy confused, but Popora ran off toward the Beach Zone without giving any more answers, knowing that the seals were in danger.

When Luffy and some of his crew came upon the first seal in the Seaside Zone, Popora jumped in their way and growled at them, attempting to keep them back. The orb projected a memory of Sealed’s face, which bore bruises, a trail of blood on the side of his mouth, and a sad smile. Then it showed the memory of Luffy surviving Buggy’s execution attempt in Loguetown, including Smoker’s incredulity of him laughing in the face of death, followed by Smoker standing in Luffy’s way at the edge of Loguetown, and vowing that he’d never reach the ocean. The seal then produced an apparition of Smoker. Popora retreated while the crew fought and defeated the apparition.

Popora warns the Straw Hat Pirates not to break the seals.

Later, after all of the Straw Hats had reunited and were about to break the second seal in the Beach Zone, Popora charged on the Sea King skeleton path toward them. He screamed, getting Roronoa Zoro's attention, but was too late. TThe orb projected a memory of Popora standing against the silhouetted Evil Guardian, followed by his heavily bruised and defeated form, unable to harm the Guardian at all. Then it showed the memory of Zoro’s defeated form after clashing with Dracule Mihawk, followed by Mihawk’s speech encouraging Zoro to grow and surpass him, and that he would be waiting at the top. The orb then summoned an apparition of Mihawk that the crew defeated, and, having failed to slow Luffy and his friends down, Popora ran off to protect the remaining ten seals.[1]

Chapter 2: A dangerous enemy! A dangerous treasure hunt!

Popora headbutts Chopper.

After the crew entered the Jungle Zone, Popora ran out of some bushes, standing before Luffy like a guard dog. He jumped toward Luffy, attempting to tackle him, but Luffy dodged, leaving Popora to headbutt Chopper instead. He conveyed a memory to the reindeer of Sealed showing him affection, followed by Chopper’s memory of Hiriluk giving him his name. Chopper was left stunned as Popora ran off again, wondering if the strange creature was like him.

Popora stood before the third seal, baring his fangs at the Straw Hats. Nami asked why he couldn’t just leave them be, and asked Chopper to try to convey their feelings. Chopper tried, but was unable to understand Popora’s language. Irritated, Sanji told Nami that they did not need to be nice to Popora and threatened to cook him. The orb broke the seal, showing them memories of Popora and Sealed confronting the Evil Guardian together, and of Krieg telling Luffy that power is about killing others. The crew fought an apparition of Krieg produced by the seal, and after they defeated him, Robin made the connection that the seals were manifesting guardians from their memories based on the memories that Popora showed them. The creature himself was nowhere to be seen.

He appeared before them again as they reached the fourth seal, and Usopp questioned why he was so desperate for the orb, wondering if it was really a key to treasure. Nami responded that he probably just didn’t want to lose his treasure, which didn’t matter to pirates like them. Popora charged at Luffy, attempting to hit him again with his hammer, but Luffy easily stepped back, and broke the seal. The crew came upon the region's second seal, and Popora ran up behind them and growled. He jumped and swung his hammer at Luffy, who dodged, and the orb showed them memories of Sealed's orb being stolen by the island's residents and of Then it showed a memory of CP9 revealing themselves in Iceburg’s room, Kaku saying that what was happening was their fault; just when the Government was willing to play nice, he had to be difficult. Once again, Popora retreated while the crew fought an apparition of the CP9 agent. Usopp understood from the memory they saw that someone stole the jewel from Popora’s master, and that was why he was trying to get it back. Luffy, on a hunch, doubted this and thought that he didn’t want the seals opened, though he was unsure as to why.[1]

Chapter 3: The Shining Orb, and the Island’s Secret!

Popora clashes with Zoro after jumping at him from above.

Popora charged ahead of the crew to the Ruins Zone on a more dangerous route than they took, intercepting them on the first bridge. Despite being exhausted, Popora jumped off the bridge to attack them. Zoro blocked him with his sword, and Popora showed a memory of Sealed holding his paw, smiling in encouragement to him while tears ran down his face, followed by Zoro’s memory of the vow he made with Kuina to one day become the greatest swordsman in the world. When the memories faded, Zoro’s counterstrike knocked Popora back. Understanding a bit more, Zoro leads the rest of the crew onward, saying that things were getting interesting. Popora, exhausted and defeated, is left to watch them as they proceed.

As Luffy is about to break the fifth seal, Popora charges at Nami from the other side of the arena. The navigator barely manages to duck in time, and Sanji moves between them, angry at Popora for attacking a woman. Franky remarks on him from nearby as he stands strong. The orb projected a memory of Popora standing against a group of thugs or pirates armed with the orb, continuing to stand against them even as he was beaten and bruised. Then it showed Franky’s memories, standing against the Puffing Tom in a vain attempt to stop it from taking Tom away, followed by Spandam speaking about how it was inevitable, regardless of their opinions of CP9, that anyone who opposed Justice would be completely destroyed. As the seal produced an apparition of Spandam along with an endless army of Marines and Government Agents, Franky asked Popora exactly what he was so intent on protecting. He angrily turned his attention to Spandam, and Popora disappeared while they were battling. Franky wondered if Popora lost what he wanted to protect so much.

Popora appears at the sixth seal, striking Usopp from behind and knocking him flat on his face right after Robin deciphered the ancient markings telling of the Evil Guardian, explaining why Popora was guarding them. The orb projected a memory of the bruised Popora watching powerlessly as the Evil Guardian wreaked havoc on the island’s civilization, destroying buildings and sending citizens running. Then it showed scenes that were not part of any of the Straw Hats’ memories: the White Berets hurrying to save the Skypieans from Deathpiea, and Enel gloating on how he would change everything back to how it was meant to be, deeming it his duty as a god.

After defeating the apparition of Enel, Robin acknowledged Popora’s motivation. In response, Nami sheepishly told Luffy to give the jewel back and Franky to get the ship ready. Luffy, ignoring this, asked Robin how long Popora had been guarding the seals alone. The crew absorbed as she answered that it had been a thousand years.

A Sword Soldier kidnaps Popora.

Suddenly, a monster appeared out of a black vortex and charged Usopp, but Popora jumped in the way to attack it. He swung at the monster again, but the Sword Soldier countered with a sword slash and grabbed Popora by his head, pulling him back into the vortex below them. The crew decided to save Popora.[1]

Chapter 4: A Secret Wish!

Popora defeats the Sword Soldier.

In the Cave Zone, the Straw Hats find an exhausted Popora and the Saber Soldier beside the seventh seal. Franky charges the soldier with a Strong Hammer, which it dodges, and Popora uses the last of his strength to tackle the soldier into a wall, where rocks collapse on top of it, crushing it. Popora passes out from the effort and Chopper begins treating him. When he wakes up, ignoring Chopper’s complaint about not being finished treating him, Popora begins stumbling away, still clearly exhausted. Nami berates him for staying alone on the island and guarding it for a thousand years, calling it ridiculous.

The orb projected a memory of the bruised Popora standing against a group of faceless thugs or pirates, followed by him kneeling at a small relic to his master and howling at the full moon above. Then it showed a scene from Cocoyasi Village, Nami stabbing her tattooed shoulder with the dagger, Luffy stopping her, and Nami trying to tell him to leave before begging for his help. Finally, it showed Arlong speaking, saying he wouldn’t kill Nami and she wouldn’t run away; she would be his mapmaker forever. As the seal takes the form of Arlong, Name explains that there are idiots like him in the world and you can’t just leave them alone.

Upon Arlong’s defeat, the orb calls up the memory of Luffy announcing his intention to destroy Nami’s map room, followed by the collapse of Arlong Park. Nami tells Popora that if he wants to be saved, he should say so, adding that the Straw Hats would never abandon him. Giving no acknowledgement to her words or the subsequent banter, Popora struggles away.

Luffy grabs Popora and confronts him about protecting nothing.

When the Straw Hats reached the eighth seal, Popora approached behind them, reinvigorated. Luffy heard his bell signal his approach and expressed his exasperation as he prepared to attack. Fending the creature’s attacks off effortlessly, Luffy asked what his deal was; with nobody else on the island, what he wanted to protect was no longer there. Grabbing Popora and holding him at arm’s length, Luffy demanded to know what he was afraid of, then asked if it was that the Straw Hats would be killed…just like the others that Popora couldn’t protect. This strikes a nerve, and Popora flew free of Luffy’s grasp before headbutting him. Luffy told Popora not to worry, breaking through his anger, then Luffy proclaimed that he’s the one who will be the King of the Pirates before headbutting Popora back.

Likely deliberately on Luffy's part, the orb then showed the group a memory of Luffy fighting Crocodile underneath the Alabasta royal palace, where Luffy declared that he would be Pirate King, and Crocodile berated him for his naïveté and arrogance before charging at him and having his hook broken.

After defeating the apparition of Crocodile, Luffy spied Popora sprawled on the ground nearby, and Robin took over trying to persuade Popora, telling of the Straw Hats’ strength and the lengths that they’d go to for one of their friends. As Popora struggled to his feet, clearly tired, she asked him what he really wanted, if he really wanted to be there alone forever. Luffy demanded an answer… and Popora projected the memory of Robin screaming on the Tower of Justice, saying that she wanted to live. Robin knelt by Popora, who was grimacing with his eyes scrunched shut, and remarked on his answer before leading the crew in asking Luffy what to do. Popora’s eyes opened, alight with shock, hope, and gratefulness as Luffy declared that they’d free the demon and then defeat him. With that, the crew, now accompanied by Popora, left the Cave Zone to return to camp.[1]

Chapter 5: Visions! Resolve Renewed!

After the group entered the Mountain Zone, Chopper asked Popora if he had a name, and the orb showed them his memory of being created from clay and brought to life by Sealed, as well as being named. Chopper complimented his name before Sanji complimented his master. Popora responded with a memory of inhabitants of the island standing before Sealed. They say how Sealed made the island bountiful and they could harvest crops all year, but many came seeking the island’s secrets, and they needed to defend themselves. One asked him to turn ‘that creature’ into something that could fight for them, and Sealed refused, saying that that was not why he created Popora. The creature wept for his master in the present, and Sanji remarked on how Popora must feel after 1000 years, but drew a parallel to Zeff, saying parents always look forward to the day their kids leave home. Resting his hand on Popora's head, he shared a memory of his departure from the Baratie and the heartfelt moment with Zeff before they move on.

Finding the first seal, Robin asked if it was okay to break the seal, and Popora and Franky affirmed. The orb showed them memories of the island's residents stealing Sealed's orb to bring the island's deity to life, Sealed warning Popora to hide from danger, and Ace promising to meet up with Luffy after leaving Arabasta. After defeating an apparition of Ace, they continued to search for the next seal.

They came upon an area with dense ice, and after Luffy activated the orb, they found a now freed group of Majin Soldiers. They found the second seal and released it, the orb showed them memories of the Evil Guardian wreaking havoc on the island after being brought to life, Sealed swearing to seal the evil monster away, and Shanks giving Luffy his straw hat. After defeating an apparition of Shanks, the group returned to camp.[1]

Chapter 6: Decisive Battle! To the Final Seal!

The group entered the Dimension Zone, they were confused by the warped space, and Popora became worried. Usopp encouraged Popora to declare if he did not want to follow his master's orders, and the orb showed them memories of Usopp disbanding his crew and ordering them to follow their dreams. Reaffirmed in his own resolve, Usopp urges them forward.

Deeper in the zone, the group came upon the first seal and activated it. The orb showed them memories of the Evil Guardian wreaking havoc on the island and Lucci telling the crew in Iceberg's room that the affairs with Robin did not concern them. As an apparition of Lucci appears, Robin recalls the memory that they had just seen and realizes that the seals had been giving them warnings. They defeat Lucci and proceed to the final seal.

As they stood before it, Luffy asked if everyone was ready, but broke it before they finished answering. The orb showed them a memory of Aokiji telling the crew about Robin's past, and the seal produced an apparition of the Marine admiral. Interpreting and ignoring the advice that they should leave Popora and save themselves, the crew fought and defeated the Admiral, breaking the last seal on the Abyss Zone as the orb absorbed the seal's energy. Popora and the crew were overcome with an eerie feeling that the Evil Guardian was now freed, and they returned to their camp to prepare for the final battle.[1]

Chapter 7: The Beast is Revived! End the Thousand-Year Curse!

Popora musters up the courage to attack the Evil Guardian.

When the Straw Hat Piraetes and Popora came upon the Abyss Zone to fight their final battle, the orb showed them a memory of Sealed sealing away the Evil Guardian and leaving Popora behind. They walked to the central platform, and above them, the Guardian broke free from his chains and dropped down below to face them. The monster shouted, and Popora jumped to attack him, hitting him on the head with his hammer. Unfazed, the Evil Guardian knocked him away, but Luffy caught Popora. The crew promised to vanquish the evil force after Popora spent so long protecting his island.

The group defeated the Evil Guardian, and after it transformed into the Evil Master Beast, they defeated it again. The Evil Master Beast collapsed in on itself before shattering. The orb showed a memory of Sealed hoping that someone would someday free Popora. The crew stood on a now lightless platform and Popora cried out in victory. The cave began to collapse, and they all escaped to the Cave Zone. The group ran through the area, which was also collapsing, but when they were unable to leave safely, Luffy used Gomu Gomu no Gigant Pistol to break through the Cave Zone's ceiling and freely escape to the Plain Zone above.

Sealed gives Popora the gift of friends as his final parting act.

They all got to safety, and when Nami asked Luffy if she could now have to orb to sell, it shattered in front of them. From it rose the ghost of Sealed, who only Luffy and Popora could see. The island's former protector thanked Luffy, and the crew left to sail off from the island. Before Sealed ascended to the afterlife, he left Popora with other creatures just like him to keep him company. The island completely transformed and became a paradise for him and his new friends.[1]

Major Battles


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