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Pork is a turtle car racer appearing in One Piece Film: Gold. He races along with his partner Kent Beef Jr.[1]


Pork is a humanoid bull with gray fur and large black horns. He wears a yellow shirt with his name "PORK" written on it with a fork and a knife on its sides, as well as the number 1 on each shoulder. He wears blue shorts, a red and gray hat with goggles and straps, and a tattoo of an arrow through the heart on his left arm.[1]


Pork has no qualms with throwing projectiles at other racers in order to send them off the track.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit


While racing, Pork throws bales of hay at opponents in order to obscure their vision.[2]


One Piece Film: GoldEdit

Pork and his driver Kent Beef Jr. took part in a Turtle Car Race in the Gran Tesoro casino. When the Straw Hat Pirates' car started catching up to them, Pork threw a bale of hay at them, causing them to careen off a cliff. However, the Straw Hats managed to get back on the track and barely beat Pork and Beef.[2]



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