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Portgas D. Ace,[11] born as Gol D. Ace[6] and nicknamed "Fire Fist" Ace,[5] was the biological son of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and Portgas D. Rouge,[12] as well as the sworn older brother of Monkey D. Luffy[7] and Sabo.[13] Ace was first adopted by Monkey D. Garp, as had been requested by Roger before his execution.[14] Ace was captain of the Spade Pirates[3] before being recruited into the Whitebeard Pirates and becoming its 2nd division commander.[2] He ate the Mera Mera no Mi, giving him the power to transform into and manipulate flames.

After Blackbeard, a member of his division, committed the unforgivable crime of murdering a crewmate and fleeing, Ace went on a quest to hunt him down. When Ace finally found Blackbeard, though, a heated duel resulted in Ace's defeat, allowing Blackbeard to turn him in to the World Government. Worried about his lineage and wanting to make an example, the Marines sentenced Ace to death, which resulted in the Summit War of Marineford, an all-out clash of powers between Whitebeard's forces and the combined might of the Marines and the Seven Warlords. Ace was freed,[15] but before he could escape Marineford, he sacrificed his life to protect Luffy from Admiral Akainu, dying peacefully in his brother's arms with his last words being "Thank you for loving me."[16]

Ace's death ultimately proved to be the catalyst leading to Luffy training for two years to become strong enough to protect his friends, paving the way for the second half of the series. His reincarnated Devil Fruit would eventually be consumed by his sworn brother, Sabo, ensuring that his will would live on.

Ace was first shown during the Drum Island Arc, but only got formally introduced in the Arabasta Arc, where he acts as a brief ally of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is a central figure during the whole Summit War Saga. He is also the protagonist of Ace's Great Blackbeard Search Cover Page Serial.

Quick Answers

Who are the biological parents of Portgas D. Ace? toggle section
The biological parents of Portgas D. Ace are Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, and Portgas D. Rouge. Rouge, who resided in South Blue, carried Ace in her womb for an extraordinary 20 months and sadly passed away after giving birth. Despite Ace initially claiming Whitebeard as his father, his true lineage was revealed by the World Government.
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What is the significance of Ace's tattoo in One Piece? toggle section
Ace's tattoo in One Piece holds significant meaning. The tattoo on his back is a symbol of his pride and joy, representing his allegiance to Whitebeard, whom he viewed as a father figure. Additionally, Ace has another tattoo on his upper left bicep that spells 'ASCE' vertically. The 'S' crossed out is a tribute to Sabo, indicating his jolly roger. This tattoo is a symbol of the bond between Ace, Luffy, and Sabo.
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Who adopted Portgas D. Ace and why? toggle section
Portgas D. Ace was adopted by Monkey D. Garp, who is also the grandfather of Monkey D. Luffy. Garp decided to adopt Ace because of his unique lineage. Ace is the son of Gol D. Roger, the King of the Pirates. To protect Ace from the government and those who would harm him due to his father's reputation, Garp took him in and raised him as his own.
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What was Ace's role in the Whitebeard Pirates? toggle section
Portgas D. Ace played a significant role in the Whitebeard Pirates. Initially, he was the captain of the Spade Pirates and was even offered a position as a Shichibukai, which he turned down. After a failed attempt to kill Whitebeard, he was offered a place in the Whitebeard Pirates and became a division commander. Ace was highly regarded and had authority over lower-ranking subordinates. He was one of the strongest pirates on board, under Whitebeard himself. However, when Blackbeard betrayed the crew, Ace left on a mission to capture him, showcasing his loyalty and dedication to the crew.
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How does Portgas D. Ace meet his end in the series? toggle section
In the thrilling world of One Piece, Portgas D. Ace meets his end in a heroic and heartbreaking way. He was captured and set to be executed at Marineford, which sparked a massive battle as his allies, including the Whitebeard Pirates, fought to save him. Despite their efforts, Ace was tragically killed, marking a significant and emotional point in the series. His death is covered in detail in Chapter 574 and Episode 483 of the anime, and his memory continues to impact the characters and storyline.
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Ace was a tall muscular young man with jaw-length curly black hair. Although they were not blood related, Ace looked remarkably like his foster brother, Luffy. However, Ace was more serious looking than Luffy's lighthearted design, and was also taller and more muscular. He also sported rather childish freckles (inherited from his mother) and tended to make a skeptical facial expression by raising his left eyebrow. Interestingly, his facial features were almost akin to his biological father Gol D. Roger in his youth without his mustache.

Ace's tattoos were among his most remarkable, trademark features. He had a tattoo on his back of the Whitebeard symbol—purple bones formed in a cross behind a purple skull with a white mustache—that he described as his pride and joy.[17] Ace had another tattoo on his upper left bicep that spells "ASCE" vertically. The "S" crossed out is a tribute to Sabo as that's his jolly roger.[18] On the cover of Chapter 596 indeed, Ace's tattoo is written as "ACE" instead of the original "ASCE" as the cover is a "what if" image of Ace, Luffy, and Sabo together as adults with the former being known to be alive.

Ace wore an open-front shirt until he received Whitebeard's tattoo - afterwards, he stopped wearing anything over his upper body except when on winter or desert islands due to the weather requirements. He wore black boots, black knee-length shorts with an eyelet-studded orange belt, and a blue pouch belted around his left leg. He also wore a short second belt with a large red "A" on the silver buckle over his right hip, but left it unfastened and threaded the free end along the back of his shorts. A dagger in a green sheath hung at his left hip. On Ace's left arm, he wore a Log Pose and a red and white striped bracelet around his wrist, an orange elbow guard, and his "ASCE" tattoo. He wore a red beaded necklace and an orange hat with two blue smileys, one frowning and one smiling, and a string of red beads sitting above the rim. Two long orange side straps hung down sides of his hat and met at a large medallion of a bull's skull with orange tassels.

Unfortunately, Ace lost his trademark hat, which he already had when he began his journey as a pirate, on Banaro Island as a result of his duel with Blackbeard. His knife and log pose was also apparently confiscated, as he no longer had it in his next appearance as a prisoner at Impel Down. The tattoo upon his back that he took so much pride in was later destroyed by the same blow that eventually led to his death. However, at his grave, Ace's hat and knife were placed at his tombstone—either they were retrieved, or they were duplicates in Ace's possession.[19]

During the ending credits in the second movie, Clockwork Island Adventure, previews of upcoming characters from the Baroque Works Saga were featured. Ace was also included amongst the many characters, but while his clothes were almost identical, he boasted a very different color scheme to the one he was given in his official appearance in the anime.

As a child, Ace is shown to have often worn t-shirts with two-kanji phrases on the front (such as "innocence" and "violence"). On some occasions they are linked to the scene in which they were worn, like "independence" when the three brothers built their own tree house to live in. He often wore knee-length shorts and a black elbow guard on his left arm. Ace was always seen wearing dark brown, flat, slipper-like shoes, and in the winter, he wore a green cardigan over his normal clothes.

Upon leaving Dawn Island at the age of 17, he wore an outfit identical to the one he wore when he first met Whitebeard; however, he was less muscular than he eventually grew to be and had rounder, more childlike facial features.


Main Series[]

Ace's First Bounty
Ace's former wanted poster.
Portgas D. Ace's Wanted Poster
Ace's final wanted poster.
Ace Common Outfit
Ace as an Infant
Ace as an infant.
Portgas D. Ace at Age 10
Ace at age 10.[20]
Portgas D. Ace at Age 17
Ace at age 17.
Ace's Outfit on Drum Island
Ace while he was at Drum Island.
Ace's colored borrowed outfit in Blackbeard Search
Ace's second outfit during Ace's Great Blackbeard Search in the Digitally Colored Manga.
Ace's Marine Disguise
Ace's first Marine disguise during Ace's Great Blackbeard Search.
Ace's Marine Captain Disguise
Ace's second Marine disguise during Ace's Great Blackbeard Search.
Ace During The Battle of Marineford
Ace's outfit during the Marineford Arc.
Ace's tattoo
Ace's tattoo


Ace in Movie 2
Ace from the credits of Clockwork Island Adventure.
Ace's Anime Wanted Poster
Ace's non-canon wanted poster.
Ace's Arabasta Arc Outfit
Ace's outfit during the Arabasta Arc filler episodes.

Video Games[]

Ace Gigant Battle
Ace's portrait in One Piece: Gigant Battle.
Ace Unlimited Adventure
Ace Pirate Warriors 2
Portgas D. Ace One Py Berry Match
Portgas D. Ace J-Stars Victory VS
Ace Super Grand Battle X
One Piece Burning Blood Fire Fist Portgas D. Ace (Artwork)
Artwork of Ace from One Piece: Burning Blood.
One Piece Burning Blood Strong World Ace (Artwork)
Artwork of Ace in his Strong World outfit from One Piece: Burning Blood.
Ace Burning Will
Ace Thousand Storm
Ace Pirate Coat Thousand Storm
Ace with Pirate Coat in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Ace New Year Thousand Storm
Ace's New Year outfit in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Ace Child Thousand Storm
Ace as a child in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Ace Will of Fire Thousand Storm
Ace's Will of Fire outfit in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Ace Spade Pirate Thousand Storm
Ace's Spade Pirate outfit in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Ace Visitor Thousand Storm
Ace's Visitor outfit in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Ace Flame Emperor Thousand Storm
Ace (Flame Emperor) in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Ace Fire Fist Bounty Rush
Ace (Fire Fist) in One Piece Bounty Rush.
Ace Jumputi
Ace and Luffy Jumputi
Ace and Luffy in Jumputi Heroes.
Ace Pirate Warriors 4
Monster Strike Ace
Ace Dream Pointer


SBS89 Ace
Ace's possible appearances at ages 40 and 60 in two different timelines.
Portgas D. Ace episode A
Ace in One Piece episode A by Boichi.
One Piece novel A Vol. 1
Ace in the cover of One Piece novel A Chapter 1, drawn by Katsuya Terada.
One Piece novel A Vol. 2
Ace in the cover of One Piece novel A Chapter 2, drawn by Kinu Nishimura.
One Piece novel A Vol. 3
Ace in the cover of One Piece novel A Chapter 3, drawn by Kazuya Takahashi.
Ace Anime Concept Art
Ace's concept art from the anime.
Ace High School Omake
Ace in the Red Hair of Class 3-Sea Time omake.
Ace Wax
Ace's wax figurine built by Diego.
Whitebeard and Ace Reborn
Ace and Whitebeard in the A-ra-shi: Reborn video.
Log Arabasta
Log Ace
Ace's attire from One Piece Log Collection "Ace".
Log Collection Special GRANDLINE
Living Fire
Ace on the cover of the disc One Piece Nippon Judan! 47 Cruise CD.
Save My Heart
Ace on the cover of the disc One Piece Island Song Collection.
Ace Everyday
Lush Ace Bath Bomb Art
Ace using the Mera Mera no Mi Bath Bomb from Lush x One Piece.


Ace was much more intelligent, polite, and generally, more bearable than Luffy, which prompted the Straw Hat Pirates to question whether he was truly related to their captain. While several people who knew Gol D. Roger noted Luffy is quite similar to the late Pirate King, Whitebeard himself claimed that Ace's personality was not at all like his father's. It seems that among the very few things the brothers shared was their recklessness as pirates (and their near-bottomless stomachs). In addition, Ace liked to party as much as his brother does. When he boarded Buggy's ship, he was drawn by the smell of food and decided to enjoy himself while he was there. Ace could be a bit inappropriate though as he once used a woman's skirt to wipe his face while he was dining at Spice Bean in Arabasta.

There were two running gags about Ace. The first was his rather extreme narcolepsy. He tended to randomly fall asleep while eating and conversing, leaving strangers around him wondering if he had died. This was first seen in Arabasta when they thought he died in the middle of eating. The second was that he did a "dine and dash" routine wherever he went. This went back to his younger days with Sabo and Luffy, when they would often dine and dash in the city of Goa, and carried over to adulthood, as shown on three occasions when he was on Drum Island, Arabasta, and Lulusia Kingdom.

Ace was also shown to be quite impulsive, much like his younger brother, as he too would make hasty decisions and, in some cases, neglect listening to reason. This was shown that shortly prior to setting out to hunt Blackbeard for killing Thatch. Whitebeard insisted that Ace should not go after him, yet Ace, despite his immense loyalty and respect for his captain, ignored his warnings and went off to find his former subordinate. Another, albeit more humorous example, was in his mini-story, where during his hunt for Blackbeard, he mistook a man named Dr. Blackbeard for his target, due to coincidentally having a similar name and appearance to Teach. Rather than check to see if he found the man he was looking for, Ace jumped to conclusions too soon and attacked the doctor on sight. It was by then Ace realized too late that he had the wrong man, which got him into a lot of trouble with the villagers.

His "politeness" is due to Makino's teaching after Ace asked her how to introduce himself to Shanks (being his brother's savior).[21] Before that, Ace was rather cold and rude to anyone he was not familiar with.[22]

As the son of Roger, he lived in his shadow and is to date the first D. depicted to truly question his own right to exist, while displaying the fewest commonly seen D. related traits. Ace seemed to have lifelong problems dealing with his parentage, even after denouncing Gol D. Roger and accepting Whitebeard as his only father. This was in direct contrast to Luffy, who accepted his father's identity immediately upon learning it and did not seem to care when he was told how dangerous of a man he was. However, Luffy did not grow up with knowledge of the identity (or even the existence) of his father. Ace believed that it was natural if he were to really die as nobody in the world wanted the son of the devil (Roger) to live. This caused him to be surprised and shocked that Whitebeard would easily accept him in his crew despite him being the son of Whitebeard's rival and that the entire Whitebeard Pirates' crew and allies and Luffy would risk their lives in order to save him. Ace commented upon his own death that he had never sought fame or fortune - all he had wanted was the answer to his lifelong question of whether or not he should have been born, as this was the only thing preventing him from dying with no regrets as he and Luffy had vowed to do so and the fact he had a younger brother to look out for. Ace's only regret was that he would not live to see Luffy achieve his dream, which he believed Luffy undoubtedly would accomplish as he was his little brother.

Benn Beckman of the Red Hair Pirates described Ace's personality to be naiver than his appearance would suggest. He compared Ace's characteristics to be more aligned with the Revolutionary Army's, considering his personal vendetta against the world denying his existence. Ace is described to be more of a fighter than a Pirate, making Beckman think Ace is unfit to be captain of a fleet.[23]

Ace had a tendency to never back down from a fight, saying that he would never run once facing an enemy. Also like his father and brother, Ace was confident and fearless when confronting his opponents even when they were extremely powerful people such as Whitebeard or admirals like Aokiji or Akainu, though like Luffy, he could also underestimate his opponents. When Blackbeard demonstrated the power of the Yami Yami no Mi, Ace was unfazed, not viewing it as a threat to himself and only showed shock and fear when Teach used his power to grab him and cancel his Devil Fruit powers. He also tried to kill Whitebeard at least a hundred times despite the massive difference in strength between them and each of his attempts failing miserably. Because of this, some people believed that Ace had a death wish, but in truth, he wanted to prevent the people he cared for from getting hurt. Dadan stated that he inherited this tendency from his father despite loathing him. While Ace emerged victorious over enemies he refused to run from, such as Porchemy and Bluejam, his stubbornness hurt him on a number of occasions, particularly when he refused to back down against Blackbeard or Admiral Akainu.

Ace was also easily provoked by and became violent towards anyone who insulted or harmed people close to him. In one of Garp's conversations with Curly Dadan, this was revealed to be a trait of Roger as well. During his childhood, Ace had a tendency to severely injure anyone who insulted Roger, though he himself disliked his biological father. After hearing about Sabo's presumed death at the hands of a World Noble, Ace quickly became bent on killing the Noble and Dadan had to pin Ace down and tie him to a tree to stop him.

Ace's temper got the better of him, especially in cases when Whitebeard, proclaimed by Ace to be his only father, was insulted. Believing that this was the case when Blackbeard broke the iron rule of the Whitebeard Pirates and fled after murdering a crewmate, Ace pursued his traitorous subordinate despite his crewmates' efforts and even Whitebeard's orders to stop him. Ace later came to see that his stubbornness had gotten him into the ordeal of being scheduled for execution. Even though he managed to escape death on the scaffold thanks to the pirates' and Luffy's efforts at Marineford and was well on his way to freedom, Admiral Akainu got to him by insulting Whitebeard. Ace quickly turned back to face him, ignoring his crewmates' warnings to not become angered over Akainu's provocations. Unwilling to let him get away of speaking ill of Whitebeard, Ace attacked him out of fury only to have his arm burned by Akainu's Devil Fruit powers. Akainu then took the opportunity to attack Luffy on the sideline, leading Ace to jump in, sacrificing his life to shield Luffy from the attack. While saying his last words, Ace sadly admitted to Luffy that he (Ace) wasted away all of his efforts to rescue him.

Although Ace follows the creed of loyalty towards those close to him, such as taking the excessive effort to rescue Luffy from Bluejam or hunting down Teach to avenge Thatch, he was not above using underhanded methods to win a fight at times. Noted examples included trying to stab Whitebeard in his sleep or chopping him down with an axe from behind.

Alongside his loyalty is Ace does not judge people by their appearance and race, but by their character, as he took in both Ganryu (a Longarm) and Wallace (a Fish-Man) into his crew while society had shunned both of them.



Whitebeard Pirates[]

Ace Bows to Whitebeard

Ace bows to Whitebeard in their final moments together.

Ace initially intended to take Whitebeard's head but was defeated. Whitebeard invited him to be one of his sons, which Ace vehemently refused; despite this, Whitebeard abducted the entire Spade Pirates onto his crew.

After trying to assassinate Whitebeard many times, Ace was eventually drawn in by Marco's description of the love the Whitebeard Pirates bore for their father. He decided to give up on his struggles and take up Whitebeard's symbol on his back; this tattoo became his greatest pride and joy.[24]

Ace held great respect for his captain. As far as Ace was concerned, Whitebeard was the greatest pirate alive, and even went so far as to describe Whitebeard as a type of father figure.

Ace was a loyal crewman and commanded the 2nd division of the Whitebeard Pirates. It is revealed that Thatch was one of the first of Whitebeard's crew to interact with him and they appear to have been good friends. Ace and Marco also seemed to have a close friendship due to Marco explaining the bond between Whitebeard and his crew. Marshall D. Teach, who later became Blackbeard, once served as a member of the 2nd division under Ace and they are shown eating together in flashback with Blackbeard encouraging Ace to become 2nd commander. The Whitebeard Pirates were revealed to be very fond of Ace and unhesitatingly vowed to rescue him from his execution, as seen when they shouted out that they would not forgive anyone who hurt him.

Whitebeard seemed unconcerned about Ace's hunt for Blackbeard and remained grounded that it was Ace's duty to execute the traitor, regardless of the heavy warnings he received from Shanks. It was revealed however that Whitebeard himself was troubled about Ace hunting Blackbeard and gave him no such orders, but Ace stubbornly set out anyways to hunt down his traitorous former subordinate. Even so, Whitebeard took responsibility for Ace's decision and claimed that it was under his orders that Ace went after Blackbeard.

Whitebeard immediately mobilized his crew and his subordinate crews after hearing about Ace's imminent execution. The Whitebeard Pirates reached Marineford, along with many allied powerful pirate crews, and were at war with the Marines and World Government.

Spade Pirates[]

Ace was extremely loyal to the Spade Pirates, the crew that he formed himself. When he knew that they stood no chance against Whitebeard, he formed a firewall to allow them to escape, leaving himself behind to hold Whitebeard back alone. The Spade Pirates also share this loyalty and looked up to their captain fondly as Ace gave each of them a place on his ship regardless of their races or appearances. When Ace was fighting Isuka, his crew members rushed in to help, even though they were unable to hit her.[25] Despite their earlier thrashing at the hands of Whitebeard, they challenged the Whitebeard Pirates in the hopes of retrieving their captain but were soundly beaten and abducted along with him.[24]

In the novel about Ace, Ace seemed to share a particular bond with Masked Deuce, who he met while stranded on an island with no apparent means of escape. The two initially started on cold terms when Deuce continued to turn down Ace's approaches to be friends, which was further strained when he learned that Ace was the son of the Pirate King. However, he later came to accept Ace and helped form the Spade Pirates together with him, and remarked that he, like the other crew members, viewed Ace like the sun.[23]

When Ace was recruiting his crew members, he recognized Skull's experience and knowledge of pirates, finding value in his subordinate's pirate fascination. Ace also supported Mihar's passion for helping children. When Ace found Kotatsu injured from a poacher's trap, he saved the lynx. Because of this, Kotatsu's cowardly personality became courageous. He also loved to sit next to Ace, as his captain's Devil Fruit abilities kept him warm.[26]

The Spade Pirates, who are now a part of Whitebeard's crew, mourned his death.


Monkey D. Garp
Monkey D. Dragon
Gol D. Roger (Deceased)
Portgas D. Rouge (Deceased)
Outlook III
King of Goa (Deceased)
Curly Dadan
Monkey D. Luffy
Portgas D. Ace (Deceased)
Sarie Nantokanette
Prince of Goa (Deceased)

Monkey D. Luffy[]

Ace and Luffy

Ace and Luffy's last battle together.

Ace and his brother, Luffy, were very close as children and remained so as pirates, even after more than three years of separation. Though they were not related by blood, they were still bound by a brotherly bond. Luffy was also aware that Ace was Gol D. Roger's son. As a child, Ace was initially aloof and hostile towards Luffy. Such an example was when Luffy innocently followed Ace onto an old rope bridge and Ace (being greatly annoyed by his presence) knocked Luffy off the bridge and into the ravine. After learning how lonely Luffy was, Ace warmed up to him, but got annoyed whenever Luffy cried. Ace later grew very protective of him, particularly from Garp, even insulting their grandfather in an attempt to stop his abusive behavior towards Luffy. This protective streak continued into the current storyline. Ace first intervened to protect Luffy from Smoker in Nanohana. Later, when he discovered that Blackbeard meant to kill Luffy and hand him over to the World Government, Ace immediately warned him that he would not let him lay a finger on his little brother. Despite their closeness, Luffy often made Ace angry and frequently worried him by doing reckless things.[27] It was because of this that Ace did not doubt Boa Hancock when she informed him that Luffy had infiltrated Impel Down to rescue him. Another instance would be when Ace was being transported to Marineford. He was however, constantly worrying about Luffy's welfare, repeatedly saying his name and thinking about him.

Though frequently worried by Luffy's extravagant recklessness, inwardly Ace seemed quite proud of his brother's past exploits; in the anime, he was shown grinning slightly as he listened to Garp, visiting him in prison, discussing Luffy's ruckus-raising on Enies Lobby and Sabaody.[28] Apparently, Ace had been known to frequently share stories about Luffy with the other ranks of the Whitebeard Pirates and the Warlord of the Sea, Jinbe. He was quite overjoyed when he learned that Luffy had gained his first bounty and wasted no time showing the wanted poster to Whitebeard himself. After Luffy's unceremonious entrance into the fray at Marineford, Marco had no trouble identifying him as the brother Ace was always talking about, even prior to Luffy loudly declaring it for all to hear.[29] Even when he made a new friend in Yamato, he apparently frequently boasted to him about Luffy, to the point where they got tired of it.[30]

Ace tended to portray a typical good-big-brother behavior, such as asking the Straw Hat crew to keep an eye on his little brother. He also ensured Luffy had a way of meeting up with him by giving him a Vivre Card. They respected each other's choices despite their differences and understood that the other was strong enough to look after himself. Luffy believed that if he grew worried about Ace and rushed to his aid, Ace's ego would not allow it, so he initially left him alone even after discovering that Ace was hurt via the Vivre Card. However, when he learned that Ace had been captured and was due for execution and saw that Ace's Vivre Card had burnt down to a tenth of its original size, Luffy decided take a side trip and save Ace instead of sailing directly from Amazon Lily to the Sabaody Archipelago to reunite with his crew.

Ace, Dragon, Garp, and Luffy on Newspaper

Ace appears on the news about Luffy's return.

Ace's protectiveness of his brother was seen again when both the Whitebeard Pirates and Luffy had invaded Marineford in order to save him and he told Luffy to turn back. Luffy refused and pressed on while proclaiming he would save him. Ace was later surprised at Luffy's ability to use Haoshoku Haki and realized his brother had a potential that he was not aware of. After Luffy freed him, the two fought by each other's side and Ace did not even hesitate to throw his life away to save Luffy as he leaped in the way to shield his brother from Akainu as the admiral struck. Ace's only regret was that he would not live to see Luffy achieve his dream, which he believed Luffy undoubtedly would. Ace passed on smiling, while Luffy collapsed into mindless grief over his beloved brother's death. In fact, one of the reasons why the Whitebeard Pirates would defend Luffy is because he is Ace's beloved brother.


Sabo was Ace's good friend and brother from ten years ago. They had planned to become pirates by saving money to buy a pirate ship, a joint attempt that began five years before Luffy followed Ace to the Gray Terminal and to Sabo. Sabo was one of the two people Ace considered a brother along with Luffy. They performed an informal sakazuki ceremony together to seal their bond as brothers. When Sabo sacrificed his happiness to save Ace's and Luffy's lives from his father's wrath, Ace decided to forget Sabo for the moment, thinking that if Sabo were happy, then he and Luffy should be proud. However, after Sabo was presumably killed at the hands of Saint Jalmack, Ace regretted his previous decision, flew into a rage, and attempted to kill the noble in revenge, but was stopped by Dadan, and later wept at the apparent loss of his brother, despite earlier claiming to Luffy that men should not cry. Before dying, Ace mentioned Sabo as one of the reasons that ever made him want to live in the first place.

Ace had a tattoo on his upper left bicep that spells "ASCE" vertically. The "S" crossed out is a tribute to Sabo as that was his jolly roger.

Tragically enough, Sabo survived this event but because he had amnesia, he could not reveal himself to Ace or Luffy. Ace died without ever knowing that Sabo was alive the entire time.

Shortly after Ace's death, Sabo regained his memories and later visited his grave before he went on to inherit his brother's power to carry on his memory.[31][32]

Portgas D. Rouge[]

Rouge was Ace's mother, who carried him in her womb for 20 months in order to protect the innocent child from the clutches of the World Government.[12] Ace was born one year and three months after Roger's death, therefore Rouge was five months pregnant when she resorted to some unknown method (assumed by Marines to be sheer willpower) to postpone birth. Just before passing away, Rouge gave him the name Gol D. Ace.[6] However, Ace, grateful to his mother for her sacrifice, chose to take her name instead.[33]

Gol D. Roger[]

It has been revealed that Ace's father was the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, contrary to the previous belief that his father was Monkey D. Dragon.[12]

Before Ace was born, Roger requested Garp to watch over him on his behalf. However, Ace felt that he did not owe him anything, which is why he preferred the name of his mother, who died protecting him. The reason for this was because Roger had a reputation as a "devil" among the general population, which led them to hate, despise and curse the possibility of the existence of a son of Roger, causing Ace to hate his father for bringing him into a world that wanted him dead for the simple fact of existing. Although Ace resented his father, he brutally beat up anyone who spoke ill of him.

To this date, Ace was the one of the few pirates shown to speak ill of Gol D. Roger, along with Squard, though many unnamed pirates on Level 6 of Impel Down were known to have grudges against the late Pirate King.

Monkey D. Dragon[]

Prior to Sengoku making it public to the world, Ace knew that Dragon is Luffy's father. Other than that, it is unknown what Ace thought about him and vice-versa. During a talk with Garp, Ace brought up the fact that both he and Luffy share the blood of infamous criminals.

It is also unknown if Dragon knew that Ace was the son of Roger (before this fact was made known to the world by Sengoku) or if he was aware of his father adopting Ace, though Dragon's closer subordinate Bartholomew Kuma did at least know that Ace was Luffy's older brother by adoption.[34]

Monkey D. Garp[]

Garp Grieving Over Ace's Condition

Ace and Garp at Marineford.

Vice Admiral Garp adopted Ace as a favor to Roger to give Ace a life free of the prejudice of being born from a family of pirates.

Though he did come to see Garp as family, he did not approve of his violent behavior towards Luffy. At one point he warned him to stop abusing Luffy going as so far to call him an "old piece of crap". Garp, who had promised to make fine Marines out of the two brothers,[35] was furious when he discovered that Ace had gone ahead to become a pirate instead.[24]

Though respectful of his "grandfather", Ace announced that he and Luffy would never have become Marines even if they wanted to. He disagreed with Garp and remains grounded on the idea that becoming Marines would not have been possible since both of their fathers were world class criminals. Garp, in return, showed extreme sadness about Ace's execution, and cried about Ace's choice in a life of piracy and declared Ace as family. Garp was also willing to kill Admiral Akainu for killing Ace. When Ace was dying, he thanked Garp for loving him and the latter broke down when his grandson finally died.

Curly Dadan[]

Curly Dadan, a mountain bandit who was blackmailed by Garp, became the foster mother for Ace and Luffy. Whenever Ace would nearly kill villagers for insulting his heritage, Dadan would get angry at the boy for his actions, to which Ace would snidely remark that he regrets that his victims did not die. Dadan also shows weariness at dealing with Ace, and gives the impression that she would refuse if not for Garp holding her gang's crimes over her head. However, when the Nobles of Goa burned the Grey Terminal, Dadan led her bandits into the inferno to find Ace, Luffy and Sabo and when Ace refused to back down from confronting Bluejam, Dadan had the bandits take Luffy to safety while she stayed behind to stand beside Ace. The two really care for each other as Dadan saved Ace from being burned and Ace was willing to steal medicine from town in order to treat Dadan's wounds. When Ace set out to become a pirate, she was sulking when she heard Ace's message that he was grateful to her. Ace seemed to like Dadan, and prior to his death, asked Luffy to tell her goodbye on his behalf and that he misses her. Although Dadan outwardly viewed and treated Ace as a nuisance that she wanted gone, she actually loved and cared about him a lot. When she discovered Ace's death, she buried her sorrows in drinks and furiously attacked Garp when he returned for not doing anything to save Ace, accusing him of having chosen work above family.



Ace Meets Shanks

Ace meets Shanks.

The Emperor Shanks, was on relatively good terms with Ace, who seemed to greatly respect him primarily for his role in saving his adoptive younger brother, Luffy, from the Lord of the Coast during the incident with Higuma. After setting out to begin his life of piracy, Ace immediately sought out Shanks to meet the man in person and thank him on Luffy's behalf. Shanks was initially hostile until he learned Ace's reasons, and the two even celebrated their meeting. Shanks showed some concern for Ace upon learning that he was in pursuit of Blackbeard. He personally sought out Whitebeard to vocally disapprove and attempted to persuade Whitebeard to recall Ace. After the announcement of Ace's execution, it was revealed that Shanks personally intercepted Kaidou, another of the Four Emperors, as the latter attempted to take advantage of the crisis and attack Whitebeard. It is unknown if Shanks ever discovered that Ace was the son of his late captain Gol D. Roger (before this fact was made public by Sengoku).

Buggy and Alvida Alliance[]

Ace at Buggy Pirates party

Ace convinces Buggy to join his crew's party.

During his pursuit of Blackbeard, Ace happened across the Big Top while Buggy and his crew were partying. Attracted by the "very strong and sweet scent" of food, Ace boarded the ship unnoticed and proceeded to help himself - Buggy did not notice his presence until, upon hearing Buggy and Alvida say that they were in pursuit of Luffy but had no clue where he was, Ace offered to give them some helpful information. Ace, being Ace, fell asleep moments later. Though Buggy's crew wanted to capture him, Buggy forbade it, knowing that Whitebeard would not hesitate to take revenge. After Ace woke up, the entire crew apparently enjoyed the rest of his momentary stay.

Buggy himself seems to like Ace as after meeting Luffy on Level One, he mentions that Ace, unlike Luffy, happened to be a very swell guy and they were apparently drinking buddies for a while. Buggy also told Luffy that he was very upset when he heard the news of Ace's scheduled execution. Like so many at the time, Buggy was shocked to see Ace fall to Admiral Akainu.


Ace and Jinbe were once enemies, as Ace wanted to kill Whitebeard, whom Jinbe regarded as a hero for protecting Fish-Man Island. The two dueled for five days until they both collapsed from exhaustion. Despite this scuffle, the two eventually became friends who deeply respected each other. During their time in Impel Down, they were cellmates and Ace asked Jinbe to take care of Luffy after he died, a wish that Jinbe at first refused despite their friendship as Jinbe did not feel like protecting anyone whom he considered to be a stranger. This changed when he developed respect for Luffy and when Ace truly did die.[36] Jinbe was more than willing to forfeit his status as Warlord to battle for Ace's freedom and shed tears for Ace's demise.

Straw Hat Pirates[]

Ace was on good terms with Luffy's crew after they met in Arabasta. The crew took a liking to Ace and questioned if he and Luffy were related given the former's politeness. Before parting ways, Ace entrusted them to look after Luffy.

At Thriller Bark, Franky was excited to see Ace himself. When Ace's Vivre Card in Luffy's possession began to burn, Nami was concerned about Ace's well-being.

After the battle at Marineford during the Straw Hats' separation, they were gravely alarmed upon learning of his death. This led to them being deeply concerned about Luffy's well-being given how close they were, and he died in front of him before he suffered a mental breakdown.


Roughly a year during his pirating journey, Ace arrived to the Kuri region in Wano Country, where he encountered a young girl named Tama. They shared a strong bond that inspired Tama to become a Kunoichi. After Ace promised to return to visit her, Tama waited for him despite the terrible living conditions caused by the Beasts Pirates. When Luffy informed her of Ace's death, Tama was deeply upset and refused to believe him.[37] She was later surprised to learn that Luffy was his younger brother.


Yamato Drinks WIth Ace

Yamato sharing drinks with Ace.

Ace had met Yamato roughly four years before the current storyline. While the two initially clashed, they quickly got along and drank together.[38] During this time Ace told Yamato about his younger brother Luffy and before they parted ways gifted him a Vivre card.[39] Yamato greatly respects Ace, as he fondly stated that Luffy reminds him of the former and that while he could not leave Onigashima with Ace, he would set sail on Luffy's ship due to them being brothers. Yamato revealed to Luffy he had originally wanted to sail out of Wano with Ace, but his father's handcuffs kept him prisoner on Onigashima.[40]



In the novel, Ace and Isuka's relationship was similar to Luffy and Smoker's relationship, except on more amicable terms. She attacked Ace and his crew, viewing it as her duty to enforce justice. When she almost drowned, Ace threw her a life preserver, causing her to change her view about him. She attacked his crew several times since then, but Ace easily dealt with her with no grudges. Isuka then decided to try to get Ace to give up piracy, seeing him as a good person. After Ace stopped Draw's assault, Ace offered her a spot in his crew but she declined and parted ways with him on good terms.[26]

Marshall D. Teach[]

Ace's main enemy was Marshall D. Teach, also known as "Blackbeard". Prior to his betrayal, Ace and Teach were on good terms, with the latter encouraging him to be commander after he declines the position.

Once Teach betrayed Whitebeard, Ace personally chose to hunt down for killing Thatch. However, as Shanks stated, Ace was strong and young, but the fact that he was appointed as Whitebeard's Second Division commander worried Shanks due to "that trust and reputation" getting in the way. Shanks concluded that Ace was not ready to face Blackbeard, which was confirmed later when Ace confronted him and his crew. At first, Blackbeard wanted him to join and hunt down Luffy, but Ace declined his offer and the two fought against each other. In the end, Ace was defeated and turned in to the Marines, thus granting Blackbeard the status of Warlord.


Smoker Meets Portgas D

Ace meets Smoker in the Spice Bean.

They met in Arabasta when Smoker was hunting for Luffy but found Ace instead. He tried to arrest the Whitebeard Commander though both were conveniently sent flying by Luffy. Smoker soon ignored Ace and went after Luffy, something that caused Ace to intervene on his brother's behalf.

Smoker questioned Ace's reason before he was informed, they were brothers. Ace also fought evenly with Smoker for a few moments, who even Luffy has yet to beat. The elements of their Logia Devil Fruits canceled each other out, and neither of them were able to gain the upper hand even though Ace was just trying to gain some time for the Straw Hats to get away.

World Government[]

The World Government, after discovering that Ace was the son of Gol D. Roger, desired to execute him but was unable to touch him due to Ace joining Whitebeard's crew. When Blackbeard defeated and turned him in, they seized the chance and made Ace's execution their highest priority. It appeared that Ace shared a similar fate with Nico Robin and Luffy - his sole existence was a sin to the World Government, being the child of the "world's greatest evil".


Admiral Akainu earned Ace's scorn for badmouthing Whitebeard as Ace and Luffy were making their retreat, provoking Ace to turn back and let his chance to escape Marineford slip away. He attacked Akainu in fury over the insult but discovered that his fire was inferior to that of Akainu's magma. Akainu was able to burn Ace and eventually kill him.

Abilities and Powers[]

But you had to be stopped. In time your abilities would eventually allow you to lead a new generation of pirates on a reign of terror! For this reason, your execution today is necessary! Even if it means all-out war with Whitebeard!
— Sengoku on Ace's potential and why his execution had to carry out.

As commander of the 2nd division of the Whitebeard Pirates, Ace had authority over the lower-ranking subordinates. In addition, as one of the top commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates, he was one of the strongest and most highly regarded pirates on board under Whitebeard himself.

At one point, while being captain of the Spade Pirates, he was even asked to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea but refused.[41] Even as a rookie, Ace was powerful enough to defeat Hanafuda, a Warlord, resulting in them losing their position and likely contributing to his prior invitation.[42] Ace was strong enough to be acknowledged by the Emperors Shanks and Blackbeard, with the former saying he had earned his spot as Whitebeard's 2nd division commander and the latter wishing Ace had joined his crew and emphasizing how his own formidable crew was nowhere near strong enough to combat Ace at the time, speaking volumes about Ace's strength.[43][44] In One Piece episode A, during the 100th duel between Ace and Whitebeard, Jinbe remarked on how much stronger Ace had become since their own duel.[45]

Luffy commented on how he never defeated Ace in a single fight, despite Luffy already having the power of the Gomu Gomu no Mi (Ace did not consume the Mera Mera no Mi until after he left: Luffy was surprised by Ace's new power when Ace stopped Smoker from capturing him in Nanohana). Ace was trained by Garp, who had hoped to turn him into a fine Marine, and possibly Dadan, the two of whom were responsible for training Luffy to the level of power he held before becoming a pirate.

Ace also held a fearsome reputation. When he was 10 years old, Ace had already made a name for himself in Gray Terminal, being known by the Bluejam Pirates.[46] It was revealed that Ace received an invitation to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea while he was still captain of the Spade Pirates, though he refused the offer, which had subsequently raised his bounty over Beli100,000,000 and attracted even more attention to him across the New World.[41][23] He had defeated Doma, a notorious New World pirate, and his pirate crew all on his own, which is what got him recommended for his current post as the Whitebeard Pirates' 2nd division commander.[47] Due to Ace's prestige and heritage, the World Government not only granted Blackbeard the position of Warlord for successfully defeating and capturing Ace[48] but also imprisoned Ace in Level 6 of Impel Down, a secret level reserved for the world's most dangerous and brutal criminals.[49] His overall reputation and abilities had earned him a bounty of Beli550,000,000 prior to his capture and death.

According to Sengoku, Ace had especially immense potential, described that it was Ace's rapid rise in power and fame that made the World Government realize he was son of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. He went on to say that in time, Ace could potentially become the next Pirate King if he continued on, which was the most important reason why the World Government was willing to start a war with Whitebeard.[50] Chinjao himself said that Ace showed the most potential among the new generation pirates, and that his death was a good thing for the Marines.[51]

He was also a capable navigator, as he was seen wearing a Log Pose on his left wrist, while traveling from island to island in search of Luffy and Blackbeard on a simple raft. This also shows he was a skilled tracker.

Ace's willpower was strong enough to withstand Shanks' outburst of Haoshoku Haki.

Physical Abilities[]

Ace Carries Curly Dadan

Ace's immense strength as a child.

Aside from the powers granted by the Devil Fruit he consumed, Ace possessed immense physical strength and endurance which he attained from the extremely rigorous training in the harsh environment of Mt. Colubo that consisted of him hunting and fighting wild beasts since childhood and traveling in precarious trap-filled locations. His incredible physical prowess was supplemented by his extraordinary fighting skills. Even in his early childhood, he was able to beat some local thugs who spoke ill of his father "half to death" and during his first meeting with Luffy, he was also shown sitting on top of a huge bull he killed with his staff. As a child, he could also easily break a giant tree with a single kick. In his childhood, before he acquired the Mera Mera no Mi, Ace was able to beat Luffy in every single sparring match, despite Luffy's untrained Gomu Gomu no Mi abilities.

Ace demonstrated his strength during his battle with Blackbeard: he was able to take Blackbeard's punches, which were so powerful that the first made Ace cough up blood and the second nearly broke his neck and retaliate quickly afterwards. Van Augur noted that, as expected of the Whitebeard Pirates' 2nd division commander, Ace's basic combat skills were quite formidable even without his Devil Fruit powers.

He had shown to fight equally with both Yamato and Jinbe in the past, both being situations where his adversaries used Haki (and in addition in Jinbe's case, Fish-Man Karate) to nullify Ace's Logia powers. Ace and Jinbe in particular had nearly killed each other in a fight that lasted for five days straight. Ace then survived a battle with Whitebeard that took place immediately after, showing immense stamina and durability. As a testament to his stamina and endurance, he was one of the few people to be able to take a "baptizing" in boiling water in Impel Down without flinching, which is considered an impressive feat.[52]

Devil Fruit[]

Further information: Mera Mera no Mi
Mera Mera no Mi in Use

Ace utilizing the power of the Mera Mera no Mi.

Ace ate the Mera Mera no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allowed him to create, control, and transform his body into fire. He could create and unleash massive amounts of fire for large-scale damage, as well as utilize small precision attacks. Later, after his death, it was revealed that Ace's burning fists also had the power to annihilate entire cities.[53]

Ace primarily used his flames for a wide variety of offenses. He could shoot fire bullets and spears, release powerful fire cannons, unleash massive waves of fire, and create fire balls, both a single large one for large-scale destruction and multiple small ones that could explode. His signature attack was transforming his fist into fire and sending it forward as it greatly increased in size, earning him the name "Fire Fist Ace".[54]

His flames could also be used defensively, he could create a massive wall of flames to block his opponents, and the heat of his flames could deter his opponents from attacking him for fear of getting burned. He was also able to stop powerful ice attacks from Aokiji, a Marine Admiral.

Ace also had practical uses for his Devil Fruit powers; he would heat up any fish he would find in the seas for his crew when they had no food to eat and he was able to traverse the seas in a one-man boat that was specifically designed for him and propelled with flames from his feet.


Main article: Haki

Ace was one of the very few people in the world who could use all three types of Haki. Despite this, he rarely used them in combat, being more reliant on his Devil Fruit abilities. While Ace has never shown usage of Busoshoku Haki or Kenbunshoku Haki within the manga, the novels have stated that Ace's Haki had been described by Shanks and Benn Beckman to be fiery in nature, to the point that Ace’s very presence was able to stop blizzards on an island for as long as he was there.[23] As such, when he turned up on Drum Island, no snow fell at all on the island for an entire day.[1]

Haoshoku Haki[]

Ace Uses Haoshoku Haki

Ace unleashes Haoshoku Haki for the first time.

Ace possessed Haoshoku Haki, which he initially had no conscious control over. He first demonstrated the ability at 10 years of age when he rendered the Bluejam Pirates except for Bluejam unconscious after an outburst of rage.[55] He later gained knowledge of the power, as he recognized it when Luffy used it at the Summit War of Marineford.

He was never seen using this Haki apart from in his childhood, save for in video games (such as during the activation of his Kizuna Rush in Pirate Warriors 3) and One Piece episode A.[56]

Busoshoku Haki[]

It was stated in One Piece novel A that Ace could use Busoshoku Haki, though this was not seen within the manga. Upon awakening it, he was capable of fighting on equal grounds with Vice Admiral Draw with Busoshoku Haki.[57] However, it is not known how proficient he was in using it since then, though the manga adaptation of the novel suggests he was skilled at it, to the point he leaned on it too much and was negligent in training the other forms of his Haki.[58]

Kenbunshoku Haki[]

Ace has never demonstrated Kenbunshoku Haki in the manga or the novel, nor has he been confirmed to have it in the databooks. However, in One Piece episode A, Ace was trained by Thatch in its usage and used it in his duels against Whitebeard.[58]


Ace carries around a knife but is never seen using it. However, in flashbacks of attempts to assassinate Whitebeard, Ace was shown using various weapons, including an axe and a knife. As a child, he used a long bo staff made from pipe as a weapon.

In One Piece: Burning Blood, Ace wields two twin double-barreled firearms (which resemble a cross between a pistol and a sawed-off shotgun) while wearing his Strong World costume which he uses as part of his Twin Guns & Cross Fire special attack.

Major Battles[]

Filler Battles[]

Anime and Manga Differences[]

Arabasta Arc[]

When Ace first meets Luffy's crew, he tosses them a piece of paper and leaves. However, in the anime, his time with the Straw Hats was extended and he journeys with them for a while. During the journey though, Ace's bead necklace kept appearing and disappearing in-between scene changes, most likely due to mistakes from the animators.

Mera Mera no Mi[]

In the manga, it is unknown if Ace can light things on fire from a distance without spouting flames that make direct contact. However, in the anime, he is shown lighting a cigarette for Sanji simply by pointing his finger.[59]


During his meeting with Shanks in the anime, Ace stated that he would become the Pirate King. At no point in the manga did Ace show this ambition, and later he would aim to make Whitebeard the Pirate King. Also in the anime, Ace stated that he wanted to show the world his power by taking Whitebeard's head. Ace's reason for going after Whitebeard's head was never explained in the manga.

Impel Down Arc[]

Ace and Luffy Non-Canon Appearance

Ace - as depicted in Episode 439 as a ten-year-old child. (Note the resemblance to his appearance as an adult)

In Episode 439, Ace is depicted as a child similarly to how he appeared as an adult. While in the manga, Ace is almost always wearing a tank top during his childhood, in this episode he is depicted without a shirt, and is seen wearing a red beaded necklace identical to what he wore as an adult. This can be considered a contradiction to the manga, as Ace didn't start wearing his necklace until he was a teenager, and only stopped wearing shirts when he joined the Whitebeard Pirates in order to showcase his "pride and joy" - Whitebeard's Jolly Roger. It can be presumed that Toei Animation did this because Ace's actual childhood appearance hadn't been revealed yet in the manga.

Marineford Arc[]

In the anime, Ace and Luffy's fight against the Marines (after Luffy unlocked Ace's handcuffs) was expanded and Ace showed more of his attacks.


Throughout the manga, the anime adaptation, and the specials 3D2Y and Episode of Sabo, Ace's death has been somewhat censored and slightly changed.

In the anime, when Ace was struck through by Akainu, his beaded necklace broke apart and fell all over the ground, and one bead ended up rolling to Whitebeard's foot, who picked it up tearfully. In the manga, as well as the specials, the necklace remained intact.

In the anime, Ace also was covered in less blood than in the manga and the specials. The anime and 3D2Y also omitted the smoke coming from his wound. In the Romance Dawn PSP game and its cutscene, Ace only had smoke coming from his wound and the blood was absent.

Other oddities include most of the artwork being largely uninspired by the manga.

Ace's Bloody Chin in the Manga
Ace's chin covered blood in the manga.
Ace's Bloody Chin in the Anime
Ace's chin showing only thin streaks of blood in the anime version.
Ace's Bloody Death in the Manga
Ace's death in the manga, which shows more blood and his wound still smoldering.
Ace's Unbloody Death in Episode 483
Ace's death in the anime that hardly shows any blood at all.
Ace's Bloody Death in the Anime
The following episode, however, increases the amount of blood.
Ace Dies in the Anime
In the anime, Ace's beaded necklace was destroyed moments before his death.
Ace Dies
In the manga and the specials, his necklace is still intact.



Portraits of Pirates Limited Portgas D. Ace.

Ace has been a choice character in many forms of merchandise. He has been featured in the Portrait of Pirates Figuarts Zero, One Piece DX Figure, S.H. Figuarts One Piece, One Piece High Spec Coloring Figure, Master Stars Piece, One Piece Styling Figures, One Piece Digital Grade and One Piece Super Effect Lines.

He is also in the One Piece Full Color R Gashapon, Anichara Heroes, Ichiban Kuji, One Piece Logbox World Collectable, One Piece Attack Motions, Super Modeling Soul One Piece, Half Age Characters One Piece, Chibi-Arts One Piece, One Piece Super Deformed Figures, Deformeister Petit One Piece, One Piece Gashapon Grand Battle, One Piece Super Effect, One Piece Full Color R Gashapon, One Piece Amazing Log Collection, One Piece Full Face Jr. and CharaColleCan series.

Ace has also featured on several keychains/cellphone straps sets, including the One Piece Desert Kingdom Mascot Keychain/Cellphone Strap collection, alongside his brother Luffy. He even appeared in crossover Merchandise like Dragon Ball Capsule Neo - Weekly Shounen Jump 40 Years Limited Edition with One Piece and Co-Starring of Dream!! Dragon Ball Z x One Piece.


Video Games[]

Playable Appearances[]

Enemy Appearances[]

Support Appearances[]

Non-Playable Appearances[]

Early Concepts[]

In One Piece Green: Secret Pieces, it is revealed that Ace was planned to have the name of "Portgas D. Lang" (ポートガス・Dディー・ラング, Pōtogasu Dī Rangu?) in the early concepts. His looks apparently have not changed much from the original, except for his hat design and the fact that he was supposed to wear sunglasses.[60]

Translation and Dub Issues[]

Ace's Original Whitebeard Tattoo
Ace's Whitebeard tattoo as initially drawn in the manga.
Ace's Original Whitebeard Tattoo Colored
Ace's early Whitebeard tattoo fixed in Digitally Colored Manga.
Ace's New Whitebeard Tattoo
Ace's Whitebeard tattoo as drawn later in the manga.

Ace's manji is very similar to a swastika. To avoid the manji being mistaken for the Nazi symbol, the Whitebeard tattoo was changed to have crossbones arranged in a cross in the original Japanese anime and later in the manga. This change was also done in the Shonen Jump serialization of the English manga, but was left unedited in the actual volumes. Because of the increase in the number of anime and manga being adapted for sale outside of Japan, this has become a common occurrence among mangaka and publishers alike to avoid the manji symbol.

Ace's back tattoo is left intact in the English dub, despite 4Kids previous edits to crosses. At the same time, Ace also promotes his tattoo to Luffy, something which is truly considered odd by 4Kids standards. In the 4Kids version of the anime, Ace's shoulder tattoo signifying his name is edited out, as he is referred to as "Portgaz D. Trace" in it. However, in the TV FUNimation dub version it is retained; they reverted his name to the proper "Portgas D. Ace" for the uncut home release. He appears in Grand Adventure, once again without the tattoo on his arm.

In the Digitally Colored Manga, the early appearances of the tattoo were fixed to match the later ones.

Other Appearances[]

Other Media[]

Ace Premier Show
Ace in Premier Show 2019.
Ace Statue Tokyo Tower
Ace's statue in Tokyo One Piece Tower.


Whitebeard and Ace's Graves at Universal Studios Japan

Whitebeard and Ace's graves made by Universal Studios of Japan.

  • Universal Studios of Japan has built a replica of Ace's and Whitebeard's tombs. Ace's epitaph says: "Ace, may your soul be eternal. Your brave soul will always be with us." This epitaph was also shown in Episode 663 of the anime.
  • Ace has had three different pictures in his Wanted Poster throughout the series: the first in a filler episode in the Arabasta Arc; the second in an episode of Marineford Arc (originally as an image of the newspaper in the manga); and the third in the second volume of One Piece Magazine (taken from Chapter 158).
  • Ace being captain of the Spade Pirates is a pun on the "Ace of spades", which is also named the "Death Card", a possible hint at his eventual death.
  • In the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th fan polls of most popular characters, Ace was ranked 8th, 10th, 5th, 6th, 5th again, and 9th, respectively, making him the most popular of the Whitebeard Pirates and also the most popular deceased character in the series.
  • Had Ace been a girl, he would have been named "Ann".[6]
  • Ace's birthday would likely have been in February, and he would have been 21 at death had he been born on time.[6] Instead, he was born in January, and he was 20[7] because his mother held him in her womb for eleven months past his due date in order to protect him from the World Government, meaning he spent a total of twenty months inside her womb instead of the usual nine.
  • The conversation between Ace and Garp in Chapter 525 was likely to misdirect the readers into believing that Ace's biological father was Monkey D. Dragon, due to him being brothers with Luffy, an assumption that was made by the Marines and Ivankov initially. And that meant Garp and Portgas D. Rouge was their shared grandfather and mother respectively. However, in Chapter 550, Ace's father is revealed to be Gol D. Roger, and in Chapter 558, it is elaborated on that he and Luffy were not related by blood, but rather their brotherhood was sworn by sharing drinks.
  • Ace is the first character with a Devil Fruit to die in the series.
  • Ace's bounty, being at Beli550,000,000 before his death, was the highest amount revealed in the series before the timeskip.
  • Ace's favorite foods are Bhut jolokia peperoncino (ghost pepper spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino) and bear meat.[4]
  • He's currently the only logia user with Haoshoku Haki.

SBS-Based Trivia[]

  • Ace's birthday, January 1, comes from his name since Ace is the first card in the deck.[8]
SBS89 Ace

Ace in two separate timelines.

  • In SBS 89, Oda showed Ace's possible appearances at ages 40 and 60 in two separate timelines.


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