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Primula is a town located at the northwestern part of Dressrosa.[2]

Layout and Locations

Primula, before Sugar was knocked unconscious, was similar to other peaceful towns of Dressrosa. Afterwards, the town became ravaged by wild animals and pirates and, like the rest of the country, was quite chaotic.[3]


The only known citizen of Primula is Aremo Ganmi.[2]


Sanji, shortly after arriving in Dressrosa, would eventually find himself at the Lover's Lane, where he would bump into Viola, who was fleeing from the local police.[4]

After Sugar of the Donquixote Pirates fainted, a great number of beasts that were transformed by her into toys returned to their original forms and started a ruckus in the city.[1] After Donquixote Doflamingo used his "Birdcage" ability, the Marines tried to calm the citizens, tame the loose animals, and capture the pirates in the town.[3]



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