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The Prison Escape Team[2] was a temporary alliance formed with the goal of escaping Impel Down and travelling to Marineford to join the Summit War.[1]


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Prison Escape Team
Main Members
Monkey D. Luffy Buggy Emporio Ivankov Crocodile Jinbe
Galdino Inazuma Daz Bonez Bentham
Kinoko Tsunokkov Usakkov Francois Buggy's Admirers
Newkama Six Forces Su Satchin Kei Miki
Chico Reiko Noriko Mi Shimizu
Saori Miho

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Alliance Strength

The team consisted of several extremely formidable fighters, including a Super Rookie, two former Warlords of the Sea, and officers of the Revolutionary Army. In addition to these major figures, the team included hundreds of prisoners, many of whom had bounties worth tens of millions. In total, 241 prisoners belonging to the team managed to escape from Impel Down in the first mass breakout in the history of the prison,[3] and subsequently caused chaos in the Summit War of Marineford.[4]


Summit War Saga

Impel Down Arc

When the intruder Monkey D. Luffy arrived at Level 6 of Impel Down and discovered that his brother Ace was already taken away, he resolved to go to Marineford to rescue him. A team-up was then suggested by Level 6 prisoners Crocodile and Jinbe who wished to take part in the Summit War, and the two joined Luffy, Invankov and Inazuma on the mission to break out of the prison.[1]

Marineford Arc

The team made a grand entrance to the Summit War by falling from the sky, after their ship had been lifted by tidal wave caused by Edward Newgate.[4]


After the temporary alliance ended, the fallout of their escape caused ripples throughout the world. With Impel Down's collapsed infrastructure, the Blackbeard Pirates invaded the prison and recruited five Level 6 prisoners. An unknown number of Level 6 prisoners escaped, as well.[5]

Luffy, Jinbe, and Rayleigh returned to Marineford to ring the Ox Bell and signal the Straw Hat Pirates to train for two years before reconvening at Sabaody Archipelago.[6] Because Luffy freed Jinbe, they formed a strong bond and eventually became crewmates.[7]

Ivankov returned to Momoiro Island with Inazuma and the Level 5.5 Newkama, and he met Sanji, training and traumatizing him.[8]

Crocodile and Daz Bonez traveled to the New World and alluded the Marines.[9]

Buggy gained many strong, notorious subordinates for his crew, including Galdino, and was invited to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea.[9]

Following the alliance's successful escape, Hannyabal replaced Magellan as Impel Down's warden. The latter was demoted to vice warden.[10]

As the only member of the Prison Escape Team who did not escape, Bentham became the new queen of Level 5.5.[11]


Chapter 547 color spread.

  • The Prison Escape Team is one of the few groups besides the Straw Hat Pirates to be featured on a color spread, in this case Chapter 547.


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