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The Prodence Kingdom is a kingdom in the New World, led by Elizabello II.[2]


The royal palace was built with a statue of Elizabello towering over it. The statue is flexing its muscles and is frowning.[1]


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Elizabello II Dagama


In the past, the Prodence Kingdom was saved numerous times by King Riku Doldo III of Dressrosa. With King Doldo's disappearance, the country was subjected to outbreaks of war.[3]

The Prodence Kingdom's army was once involved in a war with another kingdom. King Elizabello II landed a massive punch that created a huge hole in the enemy kingdom's fortress.[4] The reputation of the Prodence Kingdom and its king spread like a wildfire due to this punch.

Later the Prodence Kingdom sent King Elizabello II and his tactician Dagama to compete for the Mera Mera no Mi at the Corrida Colosseum.[2]

Over a week later, Elizabello and Dagama returned to Prodence Kingdom but were summoned to Levely shortly afterward. However, Elizabello refused his escort in order to go there with Riku Doldo III.[1]


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