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Promise Land is a non-canon island in the New World ruled by Marine Vice Admiral Wilder.[1]


Promise Land's geography is similar to the structure of Univeral Studios Japan's WaterWorld stage.[1]


Wilder and Pokke are stationed on Promise Land, and Pokke's unnamed father also resides there.[1]


On Promise Land, keeping a promise is considered more important than life.[1]



At some point, Wilder was stationed on Promise Land and became its ruler.[1]

One Piece Premier Show 2016

Wilder captured Pokke's father and promised to release him if Pokke helped him capture the Straw Hat Pirates. When the crew arrived on the island, Pokke created clones of their previous enemies to attack them. Admiral Fujitora came to the island to assist in their capture, and between Pokke's clones, Wilder's heatwaves, and Fujitora's gravitational sword, they succeeded. However, Wilder refused to honor his promise to Pokke and did not release his father. The Straw Hat Pirates were freed from Fujitora by a group of Okama who followed Sanji. The crew fought their previous enemies, but after battling clones of Magellan and Donquixote Doflamingo, Luffy was weakened. Law and the Straw Hat Grand Fleet came to help him while he waited the time needed to recover his Gear 4 abilities. With Pokke's clones defeated, Wilder was cornered and released his Ikazuchi Neppa, causing Promise Land to begin to collapse. Pokke created a clone of the Going Merry to save the Straw Hat Pirates. It burned up from Wilder's heatwave, but Luffy recovered enough to activate Gear 4 again, using it to defeat Wilder.[1]


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