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Pucci is one of the island cities in Paradise connected to Water 7 by the Sea Train. It is known as "The Gourmet City" (美食の町 Bishoku no Machi?).[1]


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Bimine Marumieta Yamenahare Happa Yamao 


Very little has been revealed about Pucci in the storyline. The only thing known of its history is that it was connected to Water 7 fourteen years ago to help with trade, when the latter's economy was very weak due to pirate attacks on merchant ships.[1] Its known residents are its mayor Bimine, his daughter Marumieta, and their butler Yamenahare.

Translation and Dub Issues

In Episode 229, the name is spelled "Püttie" on a sign at Shift Station. In Episode 251 it was spelled as "Putchi".


  • In the non-canon part of Episode 227, a group of stranded people said that they were on a gourmet tour to the gourmet town, Pucci, before their ship sunk.[2]


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