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Puggy is a bodyguard of Buggy who appeared in the third One Piece Live Attraction: Phantom.[1]


Puggy's live action appearance.

Puggy is a lanky, hunched-over man who has very large hair, which is light blue at the top, yellow at the middle, and pink at the bottom. He also has a prominent pink nose. His chest is fully exposed, but he wears short pink sleeves on his arms that have Buggy's Jolly Roger on them. He wears a yellow sash around his waist, a light blue and black plaid kilt over very puffy pink pants, as well as pink shoes. He also wears a large white bowtie with black polka dots on it and a yellow warrior's helmet that has pink flame designs over the eyes.[1]


Puggy is very allegiant to his captain.[1] Not much is known about his personality otherwise.

Abilities and Powers

Puggy is the strongest martial artist in Buggy's Delivery, and he was capable of clashing with Zoro and Sanji at equal strength. As one of Buggy's security guards, Puggy has enough strength for Buggy to trust him to protect him.[1]


Puggy wields a red nunchaku that lights up and can change colors. He is able to channel fire and electricity through them, but his means for doing this are unknown. Puggy also possesses a kind of illuminated chord that he used to tie up members of the Straw Hat Pirates.[1]


One Piece Live Attraction 3: Phantom

Puggy clashes with Zoro and Sanji.

Puggy was introduced to the Straw Hat Pirates by Buggy, and when Zoro and Sanji tried to attack him, he blocked them with ease. While Buggy forced his hostage Ann to use her Devil Fruit powers to create phantoms of the crew's past allies, Puggy ensnared them one by one as they confusedly dodged the phantom's attacks. After the scuffle, they had captured all but Luffy. The two tried to confuse and capture Luffy with a phantom of Sabo, but Luffy persevered and used Elephant Gun to defeat Puggy and his captain.[1]

Major Battles


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