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The Pumpkin Cafe is a new restaurant that opened in Skypiea during the two year timeskip.[1]


Sometime after the defeat of Enel, the Pumpkin Cafe was opened for business. It is unknown who the founder is, but both Raki and Conis are working here as waitresses and cooks. Known customers include McKinley and Pagaya.[1]

Menu and Chinaware

Pumpkins, being a popular fruit in Skypiea since its introduction,[2] is the main ingredient of the food served in this cafe, hence the establishment's name. It is famous for its pumpkin noodles.

In keeping with the pumpkin theme, the bowls and cups are in the shape of pumpkins. Small tables, enough for two seats, are the standard seating arrangements for the restaurant.

The insignia of the store appears to be a pumpkin with a smile, angel wings, and two antennas sticking on top of the head.[1]


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