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The Punk Hazard Arc is the twenty-sixth story arc in the series, and the third in the New World Saga of the One Piece series, continuing on from the Fishman Island Arc.

Upon finally entering the New World, the Straw Hat Pirates immediately receive a distress call from a group of people on an island called Punk Hazard, stating that they are being attacked by a samurai. Without hesitation, Luffy sets out to the blazing island, with Vice Admiral Smoker hot on his tail. On the supposedly death-ridden and empty island, the Straw Hats soon learn that they are not alone, meeting many new and old foes as they explore the purpose of the island. Punk Hazard is the first island the Straw Hats encounter in the New World, and is made up of a frozen side and a burning side. The isle also contains the abandoned research laboratories of Dr. Vegapunk.


Entering the New World: A Distress Call to a New Adventure

As the Straw Hat Pirates leave from Fishman Island, the crew has some free time. Nami decides to spend hers taking a bath, using a new Shower Tempo as a shower with Chopper (and unknown to her, Sanji and Brook) looking on. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew has decided to go fishing. Luffy knocks out one fish but it just attracts a bigger one, and that fish attracts an even bigger eel. Zoro kills it, but the weight of the fish brings the ship to a stop. To make matters worse, an underwater maelstrom called the White Strom, suddenly appears in front of them. The eel gets sucked into it dragging the Thousand Sunny into it.

After a wild ride, the ship suddenly hits something and the crew realizes it is a pod of Island Whales. Luffy mistakes the whale they hit for Laboon. Brook starts crying and calling out to them, though calmed down by Usopp afterwards. Nami realizes that even through they got out of the maelstrom, the current caused by the pod is still dangerous to them and they need to raise the sails to ride it. As the crew does so, Brook starts to sing Binks' Sake. This attracts the attention of a whale who gives them a ride. After a bit, the Straw Hat reach the surface. Despite the thunderous seas around them, the crew is excited for the new challenges that awaits them.

In the distance, Luffy sees a volcano erupting on an island and decides to head there even though none of the New World Log Pose needles are pointing there. Sanji tells Luffy that he managed to cut off some meat, but the fish that they had caught had been burnt to a crisp by the sea of flames. Usopp is concerned about the Sunny, but Franky assures him that the ship will not lose. Suddenly, Luffy hears the Den Den Mushi ringing, but Robin states that there is a 50% chance that the distress signal is merely an ambush set by the Marines. Luffy decides to answer anyways, and hears a man calling for help, stating that the crew is being killed by a samurai, and that they are on Punk Hazard. However, the man is presumably killed before the conversation can continue. Zoro asks Brook about the samurai, whom answers that samurais are the Swordsmen of Wano Country, who have a closed-door policy to outsiders and are not affiliated with the World Government. Luffy decides to go rescue him, and go for the nearest island, the one with the volcano.

Meanwhile, on a G-5 Marine ship, Vice Admiral Smoker is commenting that while there were three islands the Straw Hats could have gone to, but they have somehow gone to Punk Hazard, which was closed off due to an incident four years ago. Back at the Sunny, the crewmates draw straws to see who will go with Luffy. Zoro, Robin and Usopp get the "winning" straws. Sanji hands Luffy a deep-sea fish lunchbox, and Nami forms a cloud road over the flames and the adventure party sets out on the Mini Merry II. While the others eat, Usopp is frightened to go to the island, stating that he has the "Can't set foot on new islands" disease.

Arriving at Punk Hazard: The Adventure on the Burning Island

File:Punk Hazard.png

The four arrive at the shore, pulling Mini Merry ll onto the beach and find a large metal gate bearing the World Government and Marine logos warning them to stay out. Despite Usopp's fear, the crew enters, finding it blazing-hot with most of the buildings melted. Looking at the structures, Robin deduces the buildings to be a former government base. As they walk along, Usopp comments on how strange it is that the man on the Den Den Mushi remarked on the coldness of the island despite the intense heat. On the Sunny, Nami remarks that the clouds on the opposite side of the island are snow clouds, while Luffy's group stumbles upon a massive skull bigger than a giant's.

File:Strawhats encounter a Dwelling Dragon.jpg

Suddenly, they turn around and see a monster that they thought could only exist in fairy tales: a dragon. The dragon seemingly talks, and asks who they are. Suddenly, the dragon attacks, breathing fire, forcing the Straw Hats to escape the attack. Luffy attacks the dragon but hardly deals any damage because the dragon's scales are so hard. The dragon sends Luffy flying and Zoro starts attacking it, only to discover that not only is the dragon resistant to damage but also strong. It seemingly starts to speak again, asking them if they are allies with "that Shichibukai". Luffy rockets up to the dragon's back and makes it bite its wing, wounding it and noticing some human legs on the dragon's head. Zoro is then shot into the air by Usopp and decapitates the dragon with a single slash.


Meanwhile back at the Thousand Sunny, Sanji prepares a special dish for Nami, only to realize that everybody on the ship was asleep. He realizes the scent of gas on the ship. He decides to contact Luffy's group via a Den Den Mushi, but before reaching it, he also falls asleep. Afterwards, some strange people appear on the ship and decide to take the pirates, except for Brook, to "M", their master.

Back at Punk Hazard, Luffy decides to pull the legs out of the dragon's head in order to save him. Soon, everybody realizes that the "person" is missing half of his body. Luffy thinks that he killed him, but then hears the legs talk, and then the legs try to attack them in vain, Afterwards, the legs runs away. Luffy screams at him to join the crew with Usopp yelling at his captain that he needs to stop doing that.

Luffy then catches up to the samurai, and gets stuck to him, calling himself a centaur. The Straw Hats then see the other side of the island, which is cold looking, and has a mountain made of ice. Usopp realizes this is where the distress call must have come from. Usopp then looks into the sky, and sees a winged woman, he tries to point it out, but she disappears, and he is the only one to see her.

File:Straw Hats encounter Kids on Punk Hazard.jpg

Meanwhile, Sanji, Chopper, Franky, and Nami wake up in a room on the island. They recall what happened on the ship before they fell asleep, and infer that they must have been carried there after they were all asleep. They then notice there are pieces of a head in the room with them. They put the head together (although his top of head and chin reversed), and the head tells them that he was cut up by someone he does not know. After finding out that they are pirates, the head exclaims that he hates pirates so much they make him sick. The head then reveals to them where they are, the frozen half of Punk Hazard. The crew decides to break out, so Franky uses his Radical Beam to blow the door down. Sanji picks up the head and arranges him correctly, revealing to be a samurai. Then the crew emerges into a room filled with giant children.

One Mystery After Another: The Island's Secrets Unfold

The kids asks if the group is part of the frozen people while most of the boys gush over seeing Franky's robotic appearance. Nami notes there are regular-sized kids there as well before the samurai asks the kids if they seen a boy named Momonosuke. However, his appearance frightens the kids. The hazmat attackers soon reach the room, forcing Nami's group to run for it. As they do, one of the kids, a giant boy, begs the group to take them off the island. The other kids joins in, telling the group that they've recovered from whatever sickness they've had and wish to go back home, which immediately concerns the Straw Hats. Nami, though at first reluctant, agrees to their pleas and vows to save them. Sanji and Franky are opposed to the idea, but when Nami declares she cannot turn her back on crying children, the lovestruck Sanji gives in and attacks their pursuers. Franky backs him up with his trademark "super" punch and they both stay behind to hold them off while Nami and Chopper run off with the kids.

File:Sanji and Franky protecting children..jpg

Meanwhile, some of the hazmat crew are looking over the damage to the Straw Hat's cell conversing with their "Master", an odd floating goo-like being. The goo recognizes the melted steel as the aftermath of only one possible weapon: the lasers of Vegapunk's Pacifista, which unbeknownst to him Franky now possesses. One of his men then report one of the G-5's ships on the shore of the island, to which the goo commands that they get rid of it.

Elsewhere, the winged-woman Usopp spotted talks to someone on portable Den Den Mushi about the four intruders as she makes her way over a frozen area. With Luffy's group, Usopp speaks with Brook, who finally awakened after being gassed. He explains what happened and that he took care of his captors, but not before the Thousand Sunny was moved to the snowy section of the island. The connection cuts out before he can explain more. However, the group has bigger concerns as they've run into a centaur with the body of a leopard. He's initially friendly with Luffy believing he too is a centaur after seeing him attached to the disembodied legs. Upon finding out he is not, the centaur attacks Luffy, who easily takes him down. Robin stops another centaur, this one with the body of a giraffe, that was trying to sneak up on Luffy. Usopp checks them over and finds a Den Den Mushi with the name "CC" imprinted on it, surmising it to represent the initials of some unified centaur clan. With another mysterious clue on their hands, the group heads off to find their friends.

Meanwhile Smoker's ship has arrived in the frozen part of the island, but the crew comment they cannot get close with poison gas in the air, confusing the recently deployed sleep gas for the alleged poisonous danger of Punk Hazard. Smoker disagrees, commenting that two years ago the island was nothing more then a poison-free barren wasteland, and correctly guesses the remnants of gas are very recent. However, that all that changed when it became the site for the battle between Aokiji and Akainu, which forever changed the climate in the aftermath of their fight of near-mythical proportions.

The G-5 marines then discuss the gas on the island, and put on gas masks to protect themselves. The warship almost crashes into a wall of ice, but the ship manages to blast there way through.

Meanwhile, Luffy's group notices a blizzard on the frozen side of the island, and Robin explains that it must be due to the temperature difference on the island itself. The crew then realizes that they need a boat to cross the river, and at first it is suggested that they ride on the other crew members' backs who do not have devil fruits, but this is quickly refuted when Usopp uses one of his Pop Green to create a Banana Boat to cross the river. Usopp remarks that he gained plenty of pop greens by going deep into the Boin Archipelago. The crew gets into the boat and be begin to make their way across, but one of the centaur throws a rock at the ship right as they are rowing across the river. Luffy once again asks the centaur to join his crew, which he is scolded for by the other members; excluding Robin. The centaur then asks his boss to finish off the crew, and Usopp recognizes the voice as the same voice from the distress call they received via the Den Den Mushi. The boss of the centaurs then arrives, and is shown to be a giant shadowy figure, and the crew realize that this is who the distress call was meant for. The boss then mistakes Zoro for the samurai who cut down his men.

Back in the Biscuits Room, the crew continues to fight the gas masked men. The gas masked men then prepare to unleash the gas, but are stopped by Sanji when he kicks off their masks. Sanji then notices that the men under the gas masks look like sheep. The samurai suddenly commenting that "this guy" is no easy feat much to Franky's confusion before the samurai reveals his torso is fighting someone.

Meanwhile, on Brook's side, Brook is fighting said Samurai's torso, and mistakes it for a ghost. The torso tries to attack Brook, but Brook deflects the attack and begins to run away, noting that the torso uses a two sword style.

Meanwhile, in the Master's room, he is informed that Smoker has arrived on the island. He commands his men to hide the ships in front of the facility, and to hide themselves. He then turns into a liquid and puts himself inside a beaker.

Shichibukai VS. Marines, Straw Hats VS. Centaurs

File:Trafalgar Law post timeskip.jpg

Elsewhere, Smoker and his men have finally emerged onto the landmass. They arrive at a door, ready to arrest anyone who is there. Out of the door emerges Trafalgar Law, now one of the Shichibukai. Law asks Smoker why he is at his vacation home, and the marines reveal that Law sent one hundred hearts to the World Government to get his position as Shichibukai. Smoker tells Law that even to people concerned with the government that Punk Hazard is off limits, to which Law counters that the same applies to Smoker too.

Meanwhile, in Nami's group, the kids reveal that their parents asked the Punk Hazard staff to cure them, and that the staff came one day, and took them, without letting them say goodbye, due to the danger of the disease. Nami asks Chopper to check them later to see if they have really been cured, and he agrees. The group reaches a dead end, but Chopper attacks the door button, and the door opens. Nami immediately says that it is freezing in the room, and asks Chopper to lend her his fur. The kids then exclaim that they do not wish to go in there, because it looks scary, and because of the fact that there is something around them. The group looks around, and discovers that there are frozen bodies lined up throughout the room. Chopper and Nami then run out, with the kids following behind.

Back in the Biscuits Room, Sanji and Franky discover the lower half of the Punk Hazard staff's bodies are those of sheep. The samurai head then exclaims to Sanji to let him go, and that he will search for his son on his own, because he did not see him in the group of kids. Sanji says he cannot do that, because he would feel guilty, and asks the samurai where his body is located. The Samurai then says that he does not want to be indebted to pirates, and that he would not ask them even if he died. He then says that if on the off chance they may wish to find his body themselves, then he does not mind them looking for it. Sanji then gets angry, and smashes the head onto the ground, and then beats him up for previous comments.

Back in front of the facility, Tashigi plays the recording of the distress call, while Smoker and Law listen. The recording ends, and Smoker says that the distress call came from this island, without a doubt, due to the description of the island, and island name. Smoker then recalls that Law knows Luffy from the Saint Roswald incident, and fought with him and Eustass Kid against the marines. Then he recalls Law's rescue of Luffy from Marineford. Law then tells Smoker that he knows of the forgery of emergency signals, but Smoker tells him that the distress call is real, to which Law replies that he knows nothing, so there is nothing to talk about. Smoker then asks Law to let him see the inside of the research facility, but Law tells him no, because it is currently his vacation home. Law tells Smoker if he sees Luffy on the island, he will hunt him down, and that there is nothing to worry about, so they should leave.

Nami's group then bursts out of the facility, which surprising everybody. Franky then busts out of the facility in his Armored Me tank form, with Sanji and the samurai head, and two children with him. The G-5 marines then exclaim that they cannot even begin to name what is weird there. Chopper then recognizes Law from Saboady, and accuses him of kidnapping the children, and says that Law will never get them back. Sanji then notices Smoker and Tashigi, who wonder to themselves why there are kids there. Chopper then realizes there are marines there, and leads the children back into the facility, and tell them to go towards the back door.

File:Law warship.png

Smoker then asks Law why he lied to him, to which Law replies that he is still surprised that they were actually there. The marines then start to run after the Straw Hats, but are stopped in shock when Law uses his Devil Fruit ability to capsize their warship. Law states that he cannot let them leave the island anymore, and Smoker begins to fight Law.

At the lake in the center of the island, Luffy, Zoro, Robin, and Usopp have their plant boat shot out from under them by centaurs on the side of the lake, forcing Zoro and Usopp to support Luffy and Robin. Zoro moves to attack, but a shark drags him beneath the surface, revealing that the lake is actually an extension of the ocean due to a massive rift made by Akainu and Aokiji's fight. The centaurs prepare to finish the job, but Brook freezes their barrels shut, causing their weapons to backfire. This gives Zoro, Luffy, Robin, and Usopp time to defeat the sharks and emerge from the water dripping wet and frozen. They then decide to attack the centaurs and steal their warm clothes.

Back at Vegapunk's former research facility, Law has sliced the warship in half and placed half of it on a rock, rendering it unusable. Law then swaps the personalities of the escaping Straw Hats and steals all the Den Den Mushi from the Marines, preventing them from contacting the World Government. Smoker attacks Law, who dodges and slices up many Marines using his Devil Fruit powers. Tashigi tries to attack, despite Smoker's order, but is cut in half and has her Shigure cleaved in two by Law. Tashigi says that being cut but not dying is a shame to a swordsman, but Law tells her that weaklings cannot decide how they want to die, making her try to attack him again. The Marines shoot at Law, but he simply switches the bullets with snow at their feet, avoiding injury. Law moves to cut her again, but Smoker blocks him and smashes him to the ground with his Devil Fruit power. Law escapes, and the two of them clash, sending the warship pieces flying and forcing the Marines to retreat.

File:Law defeats Smoker.jpg

Meanwhile, Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Robin, and Brook have defeated the centaurs, stolen their warm clothes, and forced their leader, Brownbeard, to carry them to the other side of the island. Back at Vegapunk's former research facility, the gaseous entity that is the master of the satyrs meets with Monet, who tells him about the arrival of the Straw Hat Pirates on the island. Outside, Smoker attacks Law with his jutte, but Law dodges and uses his Mes attack to literally knock Smoker's heart from his body, defeating him. At this moment, Luffy arrives and is surprised to see Law.

Scrambled Hearts: The Truth of the Island

Luffy expresses his gratitude to Law for saving his life two years prior, and then also asks where the talking bear is, which leads to Law having a flashback to his departure from Amazon Lily. Law tells Luffy there there is no need to express gratitude, and that he just acted on a whim at the time. Law states that the two are still pirates, to which Luffy replies that he is right, and that they will be enemies if he is also going after the One Piece. Luffy then notices the nearby marines, and notices Smoker and the hole in his chest. Tashigi, who is now attached to her body, charges after Law, but is easily stopped when Law switches Tashigi and Smoker's minds. As the Straw Hats run from the marines, Luffy says he wants to ask Law something, to which Law replies that he should go to the back of the research facility to find what he's looking for, and that they will meet again soon. With these final words, Law reenters his castle.


Meanwhile, behind the research facility, Sanji goes hysterical over being in Nami's body, and the kids ask the crew if their bodies have been switched. The kids then exclaim that they are cold, and cannot move any further. The samurai tells everybody to put leaves or rocks on their heads, and when they do this, they suddenly are covered with coats. The samurai explains that he ate an "unusual fruit", that gave him the power to disguise himself and others, but with the side effect that the clothes will disappear as soon as they are taken off. Suddenly, Luffy's group arrives, and Luffy witnesses Nami in Franky's body hitting Sanji in her body.

The crew notices that the area looked destroyed due to explosives. The samurai reattaches himself to his legs, and it is explained to the crew that he is the reason the distress call was made due to him slicing up the centaurs, and that the distress call was actually meant for Brownbeard. The samurai says that he only did it to save his son, and that he had to slice anybody that was in his way, and he also comes to the conclusion that his son must still be inside. It is then explained to Luffy that Law is now a Shichibukai, much to Luffy's surprise. The Samurai explains how it was Law who cut his body into the three pieces, and how his legs almost became food to the dragon. It is also explained why it seemed like the legs could talk, which was due to the samurai's excessive farting. Brook then tells the group that he encountered the torso of the samurai, but that he ran away from it and did not know where it was.

Meanwhile, in the newly founded G-5 marine shelter, Smoker, in Tashigi's body realizes what the CC he saw on the ships actually stood for. He reveals to his men that it is none other than the infamous Caesar Clown, who was a former colleague of Dr. Vegapunk, a wanted man, and also an expert on mass-murder weapons.

Tashigi, in Smoker's body, reveals that there have been reports of kids dying or going missing near the island but whenever a ship was send to investigate, it was just chalked up to a being shipwrecks. Smoker comes to the conclusion that the incidents were being covered up and there's a mole within G-5 doing it. When the squad protest, Smoker yells that as long as humans run the world there will be no "perfect society". He orders his men to steal one of the enemy's ships and call to Headquarters, claiming he cannot leave the island until he gets his body and mind back.

Inside the facility, Caesar has got off with someone named Joker who has given him permission to kill the Straw Hats, the G5 soldiers and someone called Kinemon the Will o Wisp and sends his men to capture them, even allowing them to use poison if they have to. Monet is curious why the Straw Hats would return after two years before the centaurs from before are carried into room near freezing from having their clothes stolen. They inform Caesar that the Straw Hats took Brownbeard. Caesar shows concern for the centaur's well being and offers them a serum which will heal them.

Meanwhile with the Straw Hats, Usopp has made mini-masks for the switched members so they can tell apart who's who. Luffy talks with the tied up Brownbeard who states he hates the current generation of pirates due to the incident in Sabaody two years ago to which people have been calling the Eleven Supernovas "the Worst Generation". He reveals he lost his crew and his legs thanks to Basil Hawkins and wound up on Punk Hazard, claiming it was once a island full of greenery as well as a research facility for Vegapunk who developed weapons and drugs for the military. Some criminals were even brought to the island instead of prison for experimentation.

But four years ago, a chemical experiment failed and destroyed two of the three labs which make up the ruins of the island. The radiation from the explosion killed the plant life and The lab's personal fled, leaving behind the prisoners. Those that were in the untouched lab survived and holed up there but those unlucky few on the outside were paralyzed from the legs down by the nerve gas. Then one year later, their master, Caesar, appeared, cured them of the poison with his powers and made devices that allowed them to float off the ground. Brownbeard ended up on the island a year after his crew were wiped out and had given up hope when he was found by Caesar and his group. Not too long after that, Law arrived and used his skills to replace the handicapped limbs with parts of animals. When asked about the dragon Luffy's group encountered, it was revealed it was a creature made by Vegapunk to guard the island which could adapt to any environment. The Celestial Dragons kept it as one of their own later on, though Brownbeard is unaware that Luffy's group killed it. Brownbeard then finishes that Caesar is doing research for the sake of humanity and that the Straw Hats will be turned caught and turned into specimens.

File:Caesar clown.png

Back in Vegapunk's lab, one of the centaurs is taking the special treatment but all the effects only sicken him further before Caesar kills him outright. Monet claims it as a failure but Caesar disagrees, claiming the explosion he did four years ago was part of his plans. As we finally get a full view of him, Caesar vows to show the World Government that he will prove he's the greatest scientist in the world.

Back with Smoker, he tells his men that Caesar was actually the one that set off the chemical incident four years ago and Vegapunk was blamed for it. He states that his work in mass murder weapons was illegal and because of how dangerous he was they arrested him, but Caesar managed to escape. Smoker states that if Caesar is continuing his work now, then their will be another incident like before if they do not stop him soon.

Peek-a-Boo!: Giant Children and The Snowy Mountains' Assassins

Back with the Straw Hats, Franky is messing around with Chopper's Point transformations while Brook tells Sanji that the samurai with them had gone off to find his torso. Sanji, feeling responsible for the samurai, heads out to look for him with Brook accompanying (though really both want to look at Nami's panties). Nami overhears this however and forces Zoro to go with them to keep the two from abusing her body (thinking with Zoro around. Sanji will be too busy fighting with him for him to concentrate on ogling her body). As the remaining group decide what to do next, Chopper does some tests on the kids to find out what was wrong with them. One of the kids, Sind, falls over in pain. Two other giant kids do likewise. Chopper goes to Sind and asks what they would normally do at that time of day which Sind responds they would get a check up then a pieces of candy to which he would feel better afterwards.

File:NHC10 Side effect.jpg

Chopper confronts Brownbeard on what he knows, but the former pirate, being an outdoor patrol, has no clue and honestly believes that the Caesar is trying to help the kids. Chopper disagrees, showing that what he found in the kids' bodies was NHC10, a stimulant drug, that only used by selected doctors around the world (of which was Dr. Kureha, which is why Chopper knows about it) but it highly addictive in larger dose. He surmises that the kids have been given the drug in the form of candy to keep them from running. When Luffy suggests getting the candy, Chopper refuses telling him that they cannot have the candy ever again. Sind begs Luffy to go get some of the candy, but Luffy keeps to Chopper's orders. Sind suddenly start turning violent as if going into withdrawal, punching Luffy into a wall. When Usopp surmises that his strength is due to being a giant, the kids comment that Sind and the other kid were normal sized when they first came to the island, meaning the they've been there the longest. From this Chopper deduces that the kids are being experimented on.

As Sind and the other giant kids starts to rampage, Usopp keeps Luffy from attacking them and fires a sleeping star to stop them. With the crisis averted, Chopper begs Luffy to help save them to which Luffy agrees though Franky rebukes them saying that it will not be easy. Robin also adding they they should get all the facts first before anything. Luffy decides to go look for Caesar while Chopper and Nami stay behind to look after the kids. To keep the giant ones from rampaging again, they tie them up with chains. Franky worries about getting their bodies back as well and that they need to find law. Luffy jokes that its fine the way it is prompting Nami to yell at him.

Meanwhile on the road towards the mountain leading to the research facility, we find that Zoro, Sanji, and Brook have been knocked out and giant footprints are leading away from them. Inside the research facility, Law has given Caesar Smoker's heart, much to his joy. Caesar mentions he sent soldiers the Marines' way. When asked about the Straw Hats, Caesar mentions the kids that are with them will want to come back, but, taking Monet's advice, decides not to underestimate them and sent in two warriors who are dubbed the Killers of the Mountain: The Yeti Cool Brothers, who are, at the moment, right outside the Straw Hat's hiding spot.

The brothers contact the guards to comes pick up Brook, Nami (Sanji), and Zoro claiming they've killed them before setting off after the others. Back in the main lab, Caesar has gotten word of this, Monet comments that defeating three of them felt too easy and asks Law if he knows them from two years ago. Caesar instantly accuses Law of calling them to the island, but Law states he only just found out when he ran into them at the front of the facility and would've warned Caesar otherwise. It goes into a flashback in which Law first arrived on the island and bargained to be Caesar's bodyguard in exchange for being allowed to roam free in the lab and not to tell anyone he was there, including Caesar's employer, Joker, Caesar accepted after Monet asked if he could heal the prisoners of the island. Back in the present Caesar apologizes for his outburst before Law asks about the kids. Caesar proves Chopper's theory by stating he gave them candy filled with gasses to get them to come back (to Law's disgust). Law then heads out telling Caesar and Monet to call if they need him

Back at the Straw Hats hiding spot. the area is being bombarded by explosions. Chopper and Nami have been left behind with the kids as they stated before while Luffy, Robin, Usopp and Franky have headed to the main lab. Chopper tries to spot the enemy but cannot tell where they are. Luffy's group hear the explosions and, seeing the giant footprints in the snow, head back to aid their friends. Prompted by Nami, Brownbeard reveals that their assailants are the Yeti Cool Brothers, two mercenaries who can appear and disappear in a flash and kill whatever target for the right price, even Brownbeard has not seen their faces only knowing they are covered in hair.

File:YCB Scotch.jpg

It's at that moment one of the brothers, Scotch, appears right in front of the group who did not even realize he was there till he spoke up. Scotch reveals that Brownbeard is on their kill list as well and proves it by playing a den den mushi recording of Caesar giving the order citing him expandable. Brownbeard breaks down crying in disbelief before Scotch shoots him point blank, presumably killing him. Luffy's group make it back, getting the brothers' attention. They fire on him but Luffy dodges and makes to attack but before he can, he realizes they are gone, causing him to smack into the structure from his inertia. Chopper runs up telling him that they took Nami. We find she indeed has been captured by the pair due to orders from Caesar (mostly for the Vegapunk designs on Franky's body) and that they can now kill everyone as they wish. Meanwhile in the backdoor of the facility, a guard encounters Law as he makes his way though. When asked why he's there, Law states he will do as he pleases, leaving the sliced up body of Caesar's defeated guard behind him.

Back in the Straw Hat's hiding spot, Luffy arrives and sees Brownbeard's corpse. Chopper informs him that two mysterious figures came and attacked them, and also took Nami in Franky's Body. Luffy decides to set out, but before he does, Franky in Chopper's body decides to go as well and asks Chopper for one of the "beans" he uses to transform. Chopper gives him one of the rumble balls and tells him only to use it in emergency, but before he finishes his sentence, Franky transforms into Monster Point and goes into a rampage. Luffy heads out, and is oblivious to the fact that Franky has gone berserk, as he tells him to follow him.

Meanwhile in Caesar's Lab, Caesar remarks on his surprise to find out that Franky had Vegapunk's weapons, and says he cant wait to cut him open. Caesar then tells the hazmat suit men not to mess with the marines, and to just let them take refuge, because he has a plan.

Meanwhile, behind the lab, Nami is screaming for the Yeti Cool Brothers to let her go. She exclaims that they will be sorry when Luffy gets there. The Brothers then explain how they have poison gas in their rifles, and how Nami's friends are going to have to follow the footprints to find them. Luffy then stumbles upon the footprints, and dodges Franky's incoming attacks. Luffy jumps off the cliff, and before being stabbed by the icicles, Luffy uses Armament Haki to protect himself from it. Luffy says that Rayleigh taught him that just reflecting bullets would do no good, and that instead he should bounce back the bullets with twice the power with the technique Gomu Gomu No Thank you Fire. Franky continues to attack Luffy, and the Yeti Cool Brothers notice the conflict between the two and decide to take advantage of it. The Brothers explain their special KYP gas bullets that cause others to become drunk in a instant, and that this is what they did to Zoro, Brook, and Sanji. The Brothers drop a glacier from the sky, but it is grabbed by Franky at the last second and hurled at one of the brothers. Franky then resumes attacking Luffy, but Luffy knocks him out with Gomu Gomu No Elephant Gun.

File:Cool cut.jpg

Suddenly Law shows up, and at first is greeted by Scotch, but then Law unleashes his Counter Shock ability and quickly takes down Scotch. Law begins to tell Luffy about an "Important Key" that is held on Punk Hazard that could throw the New World into chaos. He then asks Luffy to form an alliance with him, and that he has a plan to take down one of the Yonko.

A Sudden Ally and a Sudden Threat: The Shichibukai and the Slime

Nami (still in Franky's body) insists that Luffy has nothing to do with Law. After Law explains who is the Yonko that he is planning to take down, Luffy accepts his offer. When they go back to the rest of the crew and explain, Usopp and Chopper are fervently against it, while Robin simply agrees but warns Luffy that there's a chance that Law will betray them. When Luffy asks Law if he would, Law replies no. Luffy then proudly states that even if Law is not a "good guy", Luffy trusts his crew and their strength, shamelessly flattering them into agreeing. Law then returns Chopper and Franky's "hearts" to their bodies, while Nami's is shifted to Sanji's (much to her dismay) since her body wasn't present. Robin is glad that Franky is out of Chopper, while Chopper is angry at Luffy and Franky (who were blaming each other) for causing such damage to his body.

Law explains how the children were test subjects to make giants, most likely for armies, and that the project initially started with the World Government. Law's duties suddenly increase when Luffy asks the Shichibukai for help with both the children and Kinemon since some of his crew want to help them. At this point, Usopp chimes in and explains to Law that Luffy's view of an alliance is different from other people's. Exasperated Law agrees to help with the children but they have to take care of the samurai themselves. When he asked for the Straw Hats doctor to come with him, Law was mortified when Usopp tied Chopper to his hat, while the rest laughed. Chopper is then tied to his nodachi instead. Law then begins to explain about Caesar's potential threat and why he wants to get rid of everyone who has come to this island. He then goes on to say that only Haki users should go up against Caesar, to which Luffy replies that it left Law, Zoro, Sanji and himself. Law then continued to explain that the plan involved kidnapping Caesar and warns Luffy that once it is set in motion, they will not be able to stop, and when Luffy said that its fine, Law asks him to convince the rest of his crew.


Meanwhile at the G-5's location, the Marines were engaged in battle against the transformed and supposedly dead ex-prisoners. With Smoker and Tashigi unsure of what's going on, the Marines continue to fight. Elsewhere, in Vegapunk's intact lab, a Den Den Mushi is continually ringing, which Caesar continues to ignore, knowing that it's his minions requesting help. Caesar then laughs as he decides to release his "pet" on his "visitors". In the Fire Lands, two centaurs run for their lives after opening a "door" on Caesars orders. They desperately try to make contact as they are being chased by a giant monstrosity. The Slime then releases a cloud of what appears to be poisonous gas that seems to suffocate the centaurs.

Meanwhile. Zoro, Sanji and Brook have awakened and continue with their search for the samurai, though Zoro and Brook have gotten bumps on their heads and the three argue on what attacked them. The story flashes back to an hour earlier when they had begun their search when they spotted giant footprints in the ground thinking it belong to a snowman. They followed the trail leading them to a cliff. However it was an ambush by the Yeti Cool Brothers who had shot them with gas that caused them to become drunk. The brothers then shot the cliff causing the three to plunge to a lower cliff filled with icicle spikes. Zoro managed to remain awake long enough to cut the cliff in half for them to fall safely before passing out in midair. When Caesar's guards came to collect the bodies, Sanji managed to wake up first and take out their captives despite being in Nami's body. He then kicked Zoro and Brooke awake to continue their search.

As Brooke told the samurai that his torso was near the lake, they head there to look. They find him after unknowingly stepping on his body freezing in the snow. After waking him up, the samurai comments that he felt as if his torso had fallen into the water which caused him to freeze up. The three Straw Hats agree to go into the lake to retrieve it. When asked why pirates are going to all the trouble to help him, Sanji comments he just felt it as their responsibility and that when he gets his body back, they'll have a fight. Grateful The samurai thanks them before they spot figures coming toward them revealed to be the centaur patrol they fought earlier running from something, even ignoring the group in their retreat. Zoro realizes they are running from the direction from the lake but also points out a giant shadow in the distance.

In Caesar's lab, Caesar is telling Monet how the slime came to be; a byproduct of the accident that happened four years ago. Rather then purify the gas like he told his subordinates, Caesar had compressed the poisonous gas and turned it into a monster to be used for his whims. Meanwhile at the lab's front door, the G5 unit is still battling Caesar's guards though have managed to gain a ship. However Tashigi is trying to get a handle on Smoker's power which is causing smoke over the area and the group cannot get the lab door open to Smoker's annoyance. At the back the Caesar's lab, Law and Chopper have arrived via Law's abilities. Law states he will lure out Caesar and Monet allowing Chopper to examine the drugs. Chopper asks why he cannot deal with the two himself though Law does not fully answer his question. Just as he's about to head inside, the two hear a yell.

File:Straw Hats Arrival.jpg

Smoker's unit does too as a figure rushes toward their area revealed to be Luffy with Franky clinging to him. They crash into and through the boat before reemerging while Robin, who had jumped off at the last second, flies down via her hand wings ability. Luffy yells for Caesar to come out much to Law's annoyance as he did not want Luffy to take on Smoker's and Caesar's groups.

Some of Caesar's men attack Luffy, Robin and Franky but Franky easily takes them out while Luffy wonders where Caesar could be. Tashigi confronts Luffy, demanding to know what he's plotting but Luffy easily dodges her smoke attack and pens him down using Haki wondering why "Smoker" got so weak. Smoker, seeing this, attacks Luffy from behind to Luffy's surprise that "Tashigi" got much stronger. Robin then points out that their bodies were switched causing Luffy to laugh when he realizes who "Tashigi" is. He tells Smoker he will hold off their fight until he gets his body back to Smoker's chagrin. Franky meanwhile manages to blast the lab door open.

Just as Luffy's bunch is about to head in, some of the slime suddenly lands on the ship the G5 Marines have acquired. Both sides are bewildered on what the slime is. The G5 men try attacking it but it starts emitting toxic gas and the slime pieces suddenly merge together, making it bigger. One of the marines suggest pushing it into the water and stupidly tries to do so but get sucked into the slime. His fellow comrades pull him out with the marine yelling he cannot feel his face. As some of the marines try to tend to him, another marine comes up with a flame thrower and tries to burn the slime. It seems to work at first but the slime suddenly explodes, destroying the ship and all the men on it to the shock of everyone on shore.

File:Luffy captures Caesar.png

Caesar's men are relieved at first in that the slime destroyed itself but more pieces of it suddenly appear on the mainland. Both Caesar's and Smoker's men panic and try to get out of the way of the raining slime. Clown suddenly appears, gloating that the Slime will take care of all of them. Because it does not like water, it is throwing itself piece by piece to their area to avoid the lake. Indeed where Zoro's group is, the slime is spitting itself over the lake much to the confusion of the group. Caesar continue to gloat but as he starts to explain himself, Luffy suddenly tackles him.

Back with Zoro's group, Brook claims that he read a book about slime being creatures that can melt the clothes off women, to Sanji and Kinemon's interest. Zoro chides them otherwise, noticing that the slime that falls into the lake is killing the fish. Realizing that the lake will be contaminated if this continues, Sanji volunteers to go into lake despite the freezing temperature to go retrieve the samurai's torso. Leaving Zoro and Brook to deal with the slime that are heading for them.

Back at the main lab, Law has gotten inside to find only Monet by herself. He tells her he's thinking of departing and needs her help with something, which she accepts. As they exit the room, Chopper, who was hidden in a bag, watches them go. Outside, Luffy begins his fight against Caesar by trying to use his Bell move enhanced with Armament Haki. Caesar dodges and tries to use poisonous smoke on Luffy, but Luffy is unaffected, due to his poison immunity he gained from his fight with Magellan. He hits Caesar knocking him to the ground. But as he tries to follow it up, Caesar uses a castanet to send out explosive gas. Luffy is caught in the blast and starts to fall to which Caesar calls for his slimes to grab him. They converge on Luffy which, along with Caesar's castanet, causes an even bigger explosion.

File:Caesar Triumphs.jpg

For a second it seems like Luffy was caught in that blast as well, but he re-appears behind Caesar having managed to escape in time. He then hits Caesar with a stamp attack which seems to finish off the scientist. He calls for Franky and Robin on if they got anything to put him in but just as Franky starts to look, Luffy starts coughing then doubles over before falling unconscious. Caesar recovers, claiming Luffy underestimated him. Meanwhile back inside, Law likewise doubles over in pain and collapses to the floor. He sees footsteps coming toward him and recognizes the figure, asking what he's doing on the island. The person greets Law stating he's grown up since he last saw him.

More Secrets Revealed: Joker's Identity and the Weapon

The man, Vergo, tells Law that "they" do not trust Caesar and have sent Monet in as a deep cover agent to monitor him. Also revealing that he has taken a S.A.D. tanker to the island. Law tries to attack him but Vergo uses his power on a bamboo stick he's carrying and easily beats Law down.

Back outside, Caesar has beaten both Franky and Robin as well as Smoker and Tashigi much to the distress of the remaining G-5 crew as they note that Caesar did not touch them. Caesar orders his men to tie up the five and that he will take care of the slime falling from the sky. Back up at the lake, Zoro and Brook have had no luck trying to combat the slime when the samurai suddenly doubles over in pain. In the water Sanji finds the samurai's body in the mouth of a shark which was causing the samurai pain. He pulls it free when the shark tries to attack again only to get caught in the poison from the slime in the water. Despite knowing it'll strain Nami's body, Sanji uses a move called Blue Walk to get himself out of the water before the poison closes in on him.


Returning to shore, Sanji finally completes the samurai's body. The samurai introduces himself as Firefox Kinemon and he thanks the three for getting him back to normal, claiming him in their debt (to Sanji's annoyance). However the four find themselves surrounded by the slime and trapped. Kinemon steps up, claiming he's called "Firefox" for the fact his sword slashes and burns. He swings on the slime causing it to catch fire and explode. However the four are unharmed as Kinemon explains he used a secret technique to cut the explosion. Impressed, Zoro requests to come along to save his son.

Elsewhere, on an unnamed island, the childrens parents plea desperately to the Marine Commodore Yarisugi, who denies their claims and tells them their children are dead. The parents hope that Vergo, who is revealed to be a Vice Admiral, can help them.

Back on Punk Hazard, Usopp and Nami are having trouble keeping the kids controlled. The side effects of withdrawal make them seem zombie-like, and Usopp cannot put them back to sleep. Suddenly, Caesar Clown appears, and promises the kids the candy they crave.

Meanwhile, Zoro, Sanji, Brook and Kinemon continue to run from the Slime. The Slime reveals itself to be a Devil Fruit Zoan user, and has eaten the Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl. It is also revealed the Slime's name is Smiley.


At Caesar's lab, Monet is talking to Vergo, and says he must have missed a spot when wiping his face, since there's an almost whole hamburger meat on his cheek. Luffy, Franky, Robin, Law, Smoker, and Tashigi are all captured in a cage, and Robin asks if it feels nostalgic, because Luffy and Smoker were locked up together at Alabasta as well. Vergo reveals himself to be not only a Vice Admiral, but also an underling of Joker. Luffy then asks Law who Joker is, and Law reveals him to be Donquixote Doflamingo, and also says he used to be an underling of him.

Back at Nami and Usopp's hideout, Caesar has found their hiding spot and goads the kids, who're under the withdraw symptoms, to come with him. Nami and Usopp try to fight him off with Usopp even trying to blow him up with a Firebird Star. However Caesar reveals that his gas powers allow him to suck up the oxygen in the air which is how he defeated Luffy and the others in the earlier fight. What's more the pair have to contend against the giant children who are now hallucinating them as cockroaches. Eventually Usopp and Nami are defeated and about to be killed by the kids when Brownbeard suddenly awakens and saves the pair, having survived the Yeti Cool Brothers attack. This allows Usopp and Nami to awaken and go after the children while Brownbeard fights Caesar off.

File:Kid 2YL.jpg

Brownbeard declares he will save his men from Caesar's lies though Caesar mocks him as a failure of a New World Captain before defeating him with his Castanets attack, blowing him up. He then catches up with Usopp and Nami and swiftly defeats them too before rounding up the children and heading back to the lab. As he does, he broadcasts to all the illegal brokers and cites his intention to do an "experiment" on all his captured subjects as a demonstration of his weapon. Among the people watching are Big MOm's crew and Captain Kid's who proclaims he's not interested in the weapon but curious as to what's going on.

The Experiment Begins!: The Horrifying Power of Shinokuni

Back in front of Caesar's Lab, the G-5 marines notice Caesar's gas balloon. The kids get out of the balloon, and they ask for candy. Caesar tells them to go into the Biscuits room to recieve the candy. Caesar then tells his men to lock the door as soon as the kids get inside. Mocha realizes that she has betrayed the Straw Hats, and starts to beat down the door, while calling for Nami. Back in the cave, Nami and Usopp wake up.

Meanwhile, in Caesar's Lab, Caesar enters and starts to conversate with Vergo. He tells Vergo that the experiment will begin shortly, and to turn on the video. Caesar then starts to insult Law, calling him a weakling. It is then shown that Law gave his heart to Caesar in order to gain his trust, and that Monet had to give her heart to Law. Vergo is then revealed to have Law's heart, which is why he was able to defeat him so easily. Vergo squeezes Law's heart, and Law cries out in pain. Caesar then reveals that he has Smoker's heart as well. Monet then alerts Caesar that the video is ready.

In the Ice Lands, a giant piece of candy has been placed on the ground. The underworld brokers continue to watch the broadcast. Caesar starts to narrrate what Smiley will be doing, and explains how he killed the island 4 years ago. Caesar reveals that Smiley is the H2S bomb in the flesh. Caesar reveals the name of the weapon to be Shinokuni.


Meanwhile, Zoro's group continue to run from Smiley, and also notice the giant piece of candy. Caesar's men confirm with Caesar that Smiley has finally reached the ice lands. Caesar tells his men to evacuate and take off their protective suits as soon as they are done. Suddenly, Vegapunk's dragon runs away, and the escape sled melts. Caesar acts worried, but Monet points out that he is a bad actor. Caesar tells Smiley he cannot eat the candy just yet, but Smiley eats it anyways. Caesar calls Smiley a good boy, but Monet tells him that Smiley wasn't listening to him.

Shinokuni Victim

The results of the poison gas of Shinokuni as ash surrounds the victims

After Smiley eats the candy, a reaction build up inside of it and it begins acting weird. Outside Zoro's Group and the Centaurs and trying to get away as fast for they can from the creature, with the former noting how desperate the latter is running away from it. Smiley suddenly lets out a roar and begins to dissolve, on one of the apples on the abandoned sled, one of the fruit suddenly bears the markings of a Devil Fruit. Caesar comments that Smiley died and he hopes to meet again. Soon the blob dissolves into gas and begins to spread. One of the centaurs is caught in it and is suddenly frozen.

Caesar begins to celebrate and comments that before his gas weapon could only paralyze the victim but left them alive. However he created a new type of gas that turned the victims body to ash and paralyzed them completely. As the brokers continue to watch Caesar's men be paralyzed, Smoker's men likewise see the effects on the video and notice the gas heading straight for them. Zoro's group is barely able to outrun the gas but notice the dragon that was with the centaurs. The four make for it in hopes of grabbing on and getting clear of the gas.

File:Trapped Group.jpg

Luffy see Zoro's group on screen which gets Caesar's attention, claiming that the gas will get them sooner or later. He then has the room the prisoners are in taken outside by a crane citing that he wishes to prove that his weapon is tougher then any high bounty pirate, Marine Vice-Admiral or Shichibukai. Chopper, seeing this from his hiding spot, starts panicking and wonders what to do. However a piece of paper suddenly falls on him which turns out to be a note telling him "Don't Do Anything" to his confusion on who threw it. The captured's prison box is hung outside which the Marines notice as well as their Captains within it, pleading for the two to help them.

Despite the incoming death, Luffy, Robin and Franky are rather nonchalant about the situation. Law then tells Luffy that it's time to make their move for a counterattack.

Commence the Counterattack!: Pirates and Marines Vs. Caesar Clown and Vergo

File:Meeting of pirates.jpg

The brokers in the New World continue to observe the experiment, surprised that Caesar managed to capture so many renowned individuals. Amongst them are Kid and Killer, who themselves have planned an alliance with Apoo and Hawkins. However Apoo and Kid quickly start arguing and Hawkins makes to leave. Killer tells the three that they need to be willing to talk to one another if they even hope to have an alliance.

On Punk Hazard, Law begins setting their counterattack into motion. He asks Franky to burn a nearby ship to creating a smokescreen, then reveals that he had swapped the some of the kairoseki chains in the laboratory with normal ones, allowing him to break free. He switches Smoker and Tashigi back into their original bodies, asking for their cooperation in return for their lives. Tashigi, embarrassed as her top is unbuttoned quickly agrees which Smoker scolds her for. Tashigi counters that some things are more important than pride while also commenting on the consequences if they were to die there. Seeing no choice, Smoker reluctantly agrees to the condition. Law warps his group into the lab and opens the shutter door to let the G-5 Marines enter the facility much to the shock of Caesar's subordinates who find the captured prisoners now freed.

File:Punk Hazard Counter Attack.png

Outside, the rest of the Straw Hats and Kinemon continue to flee from Shinokuni. Sanji, Zoro, Brook and Kinemon catch up to the dragon, while Usopp and Nami ride on Brownbeard. The groups manage to join with one another and make it to the lab but the shutter door begins to close with them still outside. Kinemon and Zoro cut through the iron shutters allowing Brownbeard to burst through. All of them reach the laboratory at the same time. Luffy notes that everyone is present, and is ready to begin the counterattack.

The G-5 Marines yell at Zoro and Kinemon for creating a hole in the shutters that the gas can get into it. Meanwhile, Brook uses his astral form to observe the outside of the base, and informs them that its impossible to go outside without dying. a Den Den Mushi is also seen outside. The G-5 Marines seal the hole up with boards and metal, then attempt to arrest Zoro, Brook, Usopp, Kinemon, Nami, (In Sanji's body) Sanji (in Nami's body) and Brownbeard. They are interrupted by Luffy, who asks if they are ready to start. Nami then asks Law if he can switch her back into her own body, along with Sanji (Sanji is obviously not happy about this.) and Law agrees. Nami punches Sanji for peeping on her body by changing coats (in truth he had taken it off to dive into the lake to retrieve Kinemon). Sanji notices he feels slightly weaker which Usopp notes was from getting blown up by Caesar's explosive gas.

File:PH Three Teams.png

Law then asks for everybody's attention, and tells them that to escape the laboratory they need to find a door with "R Building 66" on it. He gives them two hours and says after that he will do something to the base to make it unsafe. They then all split up. Kinemon says he needs to rescue his son, and Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Brook, and Usopp go along with him. Smoker tells the G-5 Marines to look for the "R Building 66" door and that they will seize the tanker at the harbor. Luffy goes alone to defeat Caesar, and Robin stays with Law, most likely to look for the door. Smoker goes to confront Vergo, and tells Tashigi to go look after the G-5 who are chasing the Straw Hats, and to help everyone escape. Meanwhile, Usopp and Zoro exchange their stories of defeat by Caesar Clown and the Yeti Cool Brothers respectively. Zoro cites they need to be more careful, warning that he is not joking and yells to Luffy "The New World starts here."

Luffy says he will not be careless, and unveils a new technique, Gomu Gomu no UFO, to defeat a group of Caesar's subordinates as everybody makes their way further into the lab.

Meanwhile Caesar, Vergo and Monet are watching the effects of the gas on the monitor. While Caesar is pleased with the results he notices his prisoners nor the G5 Marines were caught in the gas. Vergo takes it to mean that they escaped and sure enough one of Caesar's men report this to the the group. Chopper, who was listening, heads down the hall relieved that Luffy and the others are alright. He notes the paper that was thrown to him has an escape route. He mentions he also found out how the candy was made and found a sedative for it as well. However his departure does not go unnoticed by Monet.

Caesar realizes the group is heading for Gate #66 in Building R. He orders the passageway between buildings A and B be sealed off, then to blow hole in the sealed part to let the gas in though wishes for the Den Den Mushi to continue running to show the brokers his scientific work. Vergo, knowing he will be in trouble if Law and Smoker escape, heads out to stop them himself.

Luffy is already headlong into Building A, knocking away the guards who come against him. He reaches the connecting passageway just as an alarm starts to go off. Law and Smoker arrive shortly after with Law realizing what Caesar is up to. At the lab entrance, the G-5 Marines ignore Law's warning and try to arrest the Straw Hats. Brook, Zoro and Kinemon attack them to get them out of the way. Usopp, Sanji and Nami (later joined by Robin who stayed with them on Luffy's orders) are still on Brownbeard who rushes past the marines. Brownbeard notes the dragon that was with them and ponders why they brought it along with Sanji explaining they had used it to escape the gas but it does not seem to fly now as it is sedated. Nami, oddly enough, finds it rather cute.

File:G-5 Spirit.jpg

The Marines continue their assault, but just as Zoro is about to strike them. Tashigi jumps in and block his attack. Begrudgingly allowing Zoro to pass her as she tells her men they have other concerns at the moment with the building's gate closing. The Marines agree and everyone rushes for the gate. Just as they do, a cannon from outside the building fires and hits the wall, letting the gas in. Everyone makes a mad dash and jumps through the gate. Brownbeard, the Straw Hat Pirates and some of the G-5 soldiers make it through as well as Tashigi. However it is revealed she was thrown by a few of her subordinates who were lingering behind. Tashigi tries to go back to save them but is told it is too late. One of the fellow Marines compliment those that could not make it on saving their Captain. As the gate closes, they see that the men caught in the gas giving thumbs up poses as they were frozen much to Tashigi's dismay and sadness over their sacrifice while the Straw Hats stare disgusted over what occurred.


Caesar monitors this, angry he did not dispose of his intended targets. He vows that he will not let anyone escape. The Straw Hat Pirates and Kinemon are now all riding on Brownbeard's back now (to his annoyance) plow on ahead while the Marines tailing behind. As they continue to press forward, the marines are attacked by the dragon from before, only now it's much more feral and dangerous. However it suddenly flies off in the midst of its assault and Vergo suddenly appears. The Marines are happy to see him at first thinking he's reinforcements. But Tashigi, having seen firsthand that he's a traitor, warns them to get away from him. Vergo lays waste to the Marines, much to their confusion. Tashigi tries to attack him, but he easily dispatches her, forcing Sanji to double back and come to her aid. The dragon soon targets Brownbeard and the Straw Hats. Meanwhile, Caesar plans to destroy Building B and allow the gas in, which would also kill Vergo. Luffy and Smoker, having reached Caesar at last, break in the door and Luffy assaults Caesar with a Gear Second-enhanced punch, saying that he will not let Caesar escape again.

As Caesar reels from the punch, Smoker remembers that before Law freed him, he ordered Smoker not to touch Caesar since he still has his heart. Smoker leaves to go find Vergo. As Luffy begins the second round of their battle, Caesar demands to know why Luffy is trying to capture him which he explains is part of Law's plan. Caesar admonishes him, warning Law cannot be trusted but Luffy retorts that it is for him to decide. The two fight with Luffy landing a few solid hits. Caesar tries to suck the oxygen out of him but Luffy manages to get out of range of the powers and attack from a distance. Caesar reveals he has other methods of attack such as a flaming sword. Luffy manages to avoid the blade and prepares to finish him with a Jet Gatling. However Monet uses some kind of power to make a wall and protect Caesar. On her suggestion, Caesar abandons the battle and leaves to try to locate Law, though promises he has a way to make guinea pigs out of Luffy and his friends.


Luffy tries to pursue him but Monet gets in his way, claiming "Joker" will kill her if something happens to Caesar prompting Luffy to question Doflamingo's motivations. At the passage connecting A and B buildings, Sanji and Vergo begin fighting where Vergo cracked Sanji's bones during a connected attack. As the two continue, Sanji yells for the Marines to run as the room begins to go into lockdown and the gas is let in from the previous locked room. An emergency broadcast is heard from the D Building that Law is in the manufacture room of the SAD room much to the panic of Caesar and Vergo, with the latter stating it was what Law was after ever since he became a Shichibukai and that whatever he is planning will make a mess of the New World.

File:Doflamingo After Timeskip.png

As Law approaches the SAD tanker menacingly, the gate in the A and B passage closes to the horror of Tashigi and her subordinates who worry for Sanji. However he appears from above alive and well, and even managed to save some Marines who could not make it through the gate. When asked about his leg, Sanji brushes off the question though in his mind he realizes he would have been in real trouble if he had continued fighting Vergo. Sanji questions the troops about him which Tashigi states he is no longer their superior before ordering the troops to search for the children. In the B Block, Vergo is revealed to have also escaped the gas and is now conversing with Doflamingo who is on an island resort called Dressrosa. After being informed of Law's betrayal, Doflamingo orders Vergo to destroy the SAD room and extinguish Law with extreme prejudice. All the while, a woman in a maid outfit known as Baby 5 tries to assassinate him with a variety of weapons that come out of her arms. Another subordinate knocks her away before Doflamingo uses his power to halt her attack. He closes the transmission telling Vergo, Monet and Caesar to be wary of Luffy as he has the Conqueror's Haki, that he will be sending Baby 5 and Buffalo as support and for everyone to return to Dressrosa when they have completed their missions.

In another section of Block B, Brownbeard is trying his best to avoid the dragon that chasing them as it spreads flames through the building. Nami, Usopp and Robin managed to weaken it with their attacks. When it attacks again, Kinemon cuts through the flame blast before Brook and he defeat it together with sword strikes. However Brook notices that Kinemon seems to have a personal vendetta against the dragon as if he wanted revenge, which Kinemon claims is not too far off. As Brownbeard plows forward, the Straw Hats notice Chopper on a balcony above them but now in Monster Point and does not seem to be in control of himself. What's more he is fighting against some of the giant children to the bewilderment of his crewmates. In the second floor of Block B, a girl is finishing her examination and is told to go back into the Biscuits Room. However she asks about a child that went into the "Forbidden Room" and suddenly came back out a dragon, the girl naming the child as Momonosuke. One of the men tells her that Momonsuke is somewhere else, in a treatment room and asks her to keep it quiet.

File:Monet huggles.jpg

Meanwhile, Monet locks Luffy in a ten-layered snow hut. Luffy says that Monet can not defeat him in a fight, to which she agrees but states that there are other ways to win without having to rely on her fighting powers. She then suddenly hugs him and begins to weaken him with her powers, attempting to coax him into unconsciousness. Luffy, however, simply blasts through the floor with a Jet Spear and falls into the basement. Taken by surprise, Monet tells him that unless he can fly, there is no way out of the basement.

In Building B, Chopper in his Monster Point is trying to prevent the berserk children from the Biscuits Room, telling them that they must not eat the candy. However, Chopper is unable to fight without hurting the children and is beaten down before the Rumble Ball wears off. At this point, Brook, Kinemon, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Robin come to the rescue, and Chopper informs them that he is trying to prevent the children from getting their candy with the assistance of Mocha, who is trying to protect the candy. Robin then uses her Hana Hana no Mi abilities to stop the children from entering the room. However, the children simply beat the giant hands down and rush to obtain the candy. Mocha tries to tell them that the candy is bad for them, and that they need to listen to Chopper. When she tries to flee to the exit, Monet suddenly appears, blocking the exit with a snow barrier. Monet then tells Mocha not to keep the candy all to herself and that she should share the candy with the other children.

In the SAD Room, Vergo shows up which Law attempts to use his Devil Fruit abilities to retrieve his heart, but Vergo steals it back from him and brutally beats him to the ground by using his heart to immobilize the Shichibukai. Law manages to hit Vergo with a Counter Shock, but the attack is ineffective on Vergo. Vergo informs Law of the message from Doflamingo, "what a shame." Law then tells Vergo that he is the one miscalculation in his plan. Vergo then prepares to execute Law, but Smoker suddenly appears. Vergo says that he will kill Smoker, no matter what methods it takes, to which Smoker answers that they should finish the battle quickly, as he does not like looking at trash.

File:Smoker vs Vergo.jpg

Smoker and Vergo begin their battle with Smoker getting angry when he hears that Vergo harmed his crew. In the B-Block G-5 Side, Sanji, Tashigi and her squad try to catch up with the others. But due to the fire from the dragon encountered earlier, the tanks in the building explode, damaging the walls and letting the gas in. A few of Tashigi's men are caught in it prompting Sanji to usher the remaining soldiers ahead. In the R Block on the secret floor, Caesar is monitoring this while assembling his men in the room. Caesar states that he does not like this room, as the room was originally Vegapunk's old control room.

Caesar forms a plan to usher the intruders into the R room's first floor then open the shudders to the C and D room trapping them on all sides with the gas. He rallies his men with false account of how Vegapunk was malicious in his experiments and he is trying to show that his gas has power to be used for good. However, he is lying to them, and he reminisces in his mind during his days working under Vegapunk trying to convince him of the gas and giant solider experiments, believing Vegapunk as well as Sengoku are soft for not attempting them. Eventually Vegapunk decided to release him from the science council for such reckless experiments and ordered him to leave the facility. Caesar retaliates by detonating his bomb which led to the decimation of the island, ending the flashback.

With Sanji and Tashgi's group fleeing from the gas, Zoro's group fighting against Monet and Smoker battling against Vergo all on the B Building. Only Luffy is unaccounted for as he is in the C Building Scarp Heap which he fell into. As he explores around, he comes across yet another dragon and inquires who the dragon is. Surprisingly, the dragon can actually speak, does likewise to him.

Story Impact

  • The location of Akainu and Aokiji's duel for the Fleet Admiral position is revealed to be Punk Hazard, and resulted in turning the island into ice and fire, changing its whole climate.
  • More information on Dr. Vegapunk is revealed. He used to use Punk Hazard as a research facility until an experiment went wrong. More of his creations are revealed also, as he created artificial beings such as Dragons that exist on Punk Hazard. Caesar Clown was also his former colleague and the pair had a bitter rivalry and Caesar attempts to prove he's better than him in his creations of mass-murder weapons.
  • More of the World Governments secret experimentations are shown that Caesar Clown has experimented on children and grown them larger to make them giants. As stated by Law, the World Government has been doing human growth projects for hundreds of years as a method of creating an army of super soldiers.
  • More of the Eleven Supernova's status's after the time skip is revealed that, according to Brownbeard, they've been causing chaos in the New World and have been labeled as the "Worst Generation" of pirates.
  • Trafalgar Law is seen for the first time after the time skip, and is revealed to have become a Shichibukai, and gained a former bounty of Beli440,000,000. His devil fruit is also revealed to be the Ope Ope no Mi. He is also revealed to be a former subordinate of Donquixote Doflamingo.
  • Brownbeard is also seen for the first time after the time skip, and his bounty of Beli80,060,000 is revealed. He has become an alligator centaur, with the power of Trafalgar Law's Devil Fruit abilities.
  • More information of G-5 branch of the Marines is revealed. Their head members include Vice Admiral Smoker, Commodore Yarisugi, and Vice Admiral Vergo, who is revealed to know at least two forms of Rokushiki.
  • Trafalgar Law proposes an alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates to dethrone one of the Yonko.
  • Donquixote Doflamingo is revealed to be a very powerful criminal underworld broker, utilizing the alias of Joker and a major part of a illegal trading web of powerful figures in the New World. Vice Admiral Vergo is also revealed to be a mole for Doflamingo. Also, more of Doflamingo's subbordinates are revealed and his base of opperation Dressrosa.
  • Eustass Kid is shown after the time skip, and has received a bounty of Beli470,000,000. Killer is also shown, and has a bounty of Beli200,000,000. Kid and Killer are shown attempting to form an alliance with the On Air Pirates and Hawkins Pirates. The captains of both crews' bounties have risen to Beli350,000,000 (Scratchmen Apoo) and Beli320,000,000 (Basil Hawkins).
  • More about the mechanics behind Devil Fruits is revealed showing, in the case of Smiley, that when a Devil Fruit user dies their fruit is reincarnated in the nearest fruit by them as Smiley's Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl was reborn in a nearby apple as he died.
  • Roronoa Zoro, Sanji, Trafalgar Law, Smoker, and Tashigi are all revealed to have some control over Haki.
  • The Big Mom Pirates and Doflamingo are revealed to be underworld brokers.

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