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Purin is a shoeshiner boy who appeared in One Piece Film: Z and works on Secon Island.[1]


Purin is a young boy, with medium length hair and sports a large sombrero. He also wears a long sleeve shirt with an apron over it that has a picture of a shoe. He also carries a suitcase.[1]


Purin is a very polite boy, since he asked one of his customers if he was going on a date during a shoe shining and promised to make his shoes shiny.[1]

Abilities and Powers

It can be assumed that Purin is experienced and knowledgeable with shoe shining.[1]


One Piece Film: Z

When Chopper was trying to find information about Z, he decided to pretend to be a shoe shiner and work with Purin. Purin and Chopper were shining shoes, and the former asked a customer if he was going on a date. During their work, Chopper heard rumors from the Marines about Z. Purin later escaped the island with the rest of the citizens before it blew up.[1]


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