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A queen is a female monarchic ruler of a kingdom.


Under normal circumstances, monarchic kingdoms are ruled under both the king and queen, alongside each other as husband and wife.[2][3][1][4] However, at least in Amazon Lily, only women are allowed to live there, and as such, the queen (or empress) is the absolute monarchy of the kingdom, with no king or prince of any kind.[5][6]

As with kings, the quality of a queen's rule is dependent on her personality, whether benevolent or corrupt. Nefeltari Titi,[3] Gloriosa[6] and Otohime all seemed to have great care of their respective kingdoms, with the latter even taking trivial matter into her own hands that is unfitting of a queen.[4] On the other hand, a cruel woman may be rather tyrannical to her people, as seen with Boa Hancock, who was jaded by her past and acted cynical to everyone, and using her physical charms to justify her actions, which, nevertheless, prevented her people from getting angry with her (so long as they do not know of her said past).[5] Miss Universe married her king husband after he created his new found wealth and power.[2]

There are three types of queens in the world: Regnants, who are the de facto rulers of their countries, Consorts, whose rule is second to their kingly husbands, and Dowagers, who inherited their authority from their late husbands.


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Queen Regnants
Emporio Ivankov Charlotte Linlin Ban Dedessinée Mororon
Lemoncheese Neggy Caroline  
Queen Consorts
Nefertari Titi  Otohime  Kinderella Riku Matriarch *
Sarie Nantokanette Vinsmoke Sora 
Queen Dowagers
Boa Hancock Gloriosa 

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