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RPG Time is the 13th and latest story in the Straw Hat Theater series. It was originally published in The 20th Log: Marineford on December 4, 2012.


The Demon King, Brook, along with his subordinates, Franky Golem, Demon Priestess Nami, Chopadevi, and Eroslime, are an evil threat to the world. A hero must rise up to defeat the evil.

A hero and his three companions arrive in a town across the sea from the Demon King's castle on Demon Island: Hero Usopp, Warrior Zoro, Mage Robin, and Hero Luffy. Usopp gets mad that Luffy is also a hero, suggesting that he change to a monk or martial artist for a balanced party. Luffy says he'd rather be a hero, which leads Zoro to want to be a hero as well. Robin decides to be a school teacher instead. They talk to the Village Elder Neptsun about a legendary holy sword, which only a true hero can pull from the rock. Robin pulls it out immediately, angering the rest of the party. She becomes the true hero and lives happily ever after.

At the Demon Castle, Nami says that she doesn't think the heroes are coming to fight them, and the rest of the subordinates are bored. Demon King Brook yells for the heroes to hurry up and face them.



  • Great Demon King Brook (大魔王ブルック Daimao Burukku?)
  • Chopadevi (チョパデビ Chopadebi?)
  • Demon Priestess Nami (ナミ魔神官 Nami Mashinkan?)
  • Franky Golem (フランキーゴーレム Furankii Gooremu?)
  • Eroslime (エロスライム Erosuraimu?)
  • Hero Usopp (ウソップ Usoppu?)
  • Warrior/Hero Zoro (ゾロ Zoro?)
  • Hero Luffy (ルフィ Rufi?)
  • Mage/Teacher Robin (ロビン Robin?)
  • Village Elder Neptsun (ネプツン Neputsun?)



  • This omake was polled and mailed in by the One Piece fan site, Arlong Park Forums. Forum user CCC mailed in the submission under the pen name Hisabisa Tarō, on behalf of the community.[1]


  1. Arlong Park Forums — Thread about the omake project.

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