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Races, sometimes referred to as Tribes, are groups of sentient beings that share distinctive physical traits. Many races coexist in the world, with some originating from the moon and beyond.

Natural Races

Most races in the world originated through natural reproduction.


Further information: Humans

A wide assortment of humans

Humans are the most common race in the world. They rule over more of the world than any other race, with the World Government being founded and operated by humans. Humans are extremely diverse in their size and appearance. Most adults are one to two meters tall, but there are many who are taller, with a few reaching as high as seven to eight meters. In addition to some humans having abnormal body proportions, there are also humans with unique traits, such as having horns, growing plants or fruits on their heads, or even possessing animal features like minks, just to name a few. Humans do not typically possess a special physical trait like other races do; indeed, many races' attributes are noted by how they surpass those of humans. However, humans are the most active of any race in politics, scientific research, and development, creating weapons and other tools that increase their strength.

Some humans gather into different tribes.

Kumate Tribe

Further information: Kumate Tribe

The Kumate Tribe

The Kumate Tribe are a violent and isolated race of humans that have cannibalistic tendencies, having no issue with eating humans from outside their own tribe. What sets them apart from other humans physically is their silver hair and identical noses. They all dress identically and wear triangular face paint. They live on their own island in East Blue.

Kuja Tribe

Further information: Kuja

The Kuja

The Kuja are a race of humans that are physically identical to regular humans in every way, however they are unique in that they have a natural aptitude for using Haki, along with a mysterious bond with snakes and that they only give birth to females. They are a race of warrior people who live on Amazon Lily and are ruled by Boa Hancock. Much like regular humans, they have very varied appearances and sizes, even among family members, and a few may even have animal-like features.

Torino Tribe

Further information: Torino Kingdom

The people of the Torino Kingdom

The Torino people[1] are a race of short and rotund humans, only being around 1.2 meters in height, that hail from the Torino Kingdom in South Blue. While they dress primitively and live a simple hunter/gatherer lifestyle, they are actually very advanced in the field of medicine, even having a library dedicated to cataloging their medical findings, and they can also create missile launcher-like spears. They were once at war with the giant Goayu Birds that ruled their island before Tony Tony Chopper brought peace between them.

World Nobles

Further information: World Noble

The World Nobles

The World Nobles are the descendants of the founders of the World Government. They are ordinary humans in every way, but because of their powerful political status, almost all of them believe themselves to be gods with no relation to their fellow man (or any other race for that matter), who they see as lesser beings to be used for their own amusement or as slaves, with Donquixote Homing and Mjosgard being the only one not displaying the mindset. Because they think they are above other humans, they live isolated from the rest of the world in the land of Mary Geoise so as not to breathe the "tainted" air of their lessers. When interacting with the outside world, they wear protective suits which supply them with purified air despite the regular air doing them no harm.


Further information: Fish-Men

Arlong's fish-man pirate crew.

Fish-Men are hominids that possess features of aquatic water-breathing creatures. Each fish-man has traits corresponding to a single type of fish or cephalopod, granting varied powers as squirting ink, possessing more than two arms or legs, growing unlimited sets of teeth, camouflage, and much more, depending on the individual fish-man's corresponding sea creature. All fish-men possess both lungs and gills, allowing them to live both on land and in the sea. Fish-men are said to be ten times stronger than humans from birth; furthermore, their strength is amplified underwater. Fish-men have the latent ability to manipulate water, which can be developed through training in Fish-Man Karate.


Further information: Giants

The Marines' Giant Squad compared to regular humans.

Giants heavily resemble humans, with the clear difference being their massive size; they are the largest known race in the world, with even large humans barely going up to the level of most giants' knees. The smallest giant is 12 meters tall.[2] As a result of their monstrous size, giants possess a tremendous amount of strength, with few people of any other race being able to withstand it. This strength makes them highly coveted as soldiers, and attempts have been made to turn humans into giants, all of which have been unsuccessful so far. Giants originate from lands all across the world, although the most famous giant homeland is the country of Elbaf in the New World.

There are two known tribes of giants that are distinct from typical giants. One is the Ancient Giants, who stand several times higher than normal giants and possess demon-like features including horns on their heads, sharp teeth, and unusual skin tones. Oars and his descendant Little Oars Jr. are Ancient Giants.[3] There is also a mysterious giant tribe to which the Yeti Cool Brothers belong; they stand twice as tall as a typical giant, and their bodies are covered in white fur.[4]


Further information: Merfolk

Mermaids at play

Merfolk are people with the upper bodies of humans and the tails of fish. Males are called mermen while females are mermaids. Along with fish-men, they are capable of living both on land and in the sea. While their land movement can be limited due to possessing tails instead of legs, they are the fastest swimmers of any aquatic race or species. They also have the ability to communicate with fish. While mermen keep their tails intact for their whole lives, mermaid's tails split into legs when they turn 30, giving them the ability to move around better on land. The top half of a mermaid tends looks completely human, while the upper half of a merman tends possess fish-like attributes.

Sky Island Residents

Further information: Moon#Ancient Civilization

A drawing of the Skypieans, Shandia, and Birkans when they lived on the moon

The Sky Island Residents (空島の住人 Sorajima no Jūnin?)[5] are the three races of winged extraterrestrial humanoids who originated on the Moon, but later came to the world below after the Moon's resources dried up. They heavily resemble humans, with their sole unique feature being a pair of small wings on their back which serve no purpose. Although some individuals possess no wings, with one individual instead having a set of drums pierced into his back and another having none at all, but what this implies remains uncertain. Unlike humans though, these races are not as varied as them, as most are all around the same size and posses similar proportions with only a few minor exceptions. The size and shape of their wings distinguish them from each other as well as their cultures and manner of clothing.


Further information: Skypiea

Skypiean police force

Skypieans are the race that settled on Angel Island as well as other islands in the sky. They are also referred to as Sky People (空の者 Sora no Mono?) in contrast to the Shandia, who initially settled on the Blue Sea.[6][7] Skypieans are a mostly friendly folk who try to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. They have a knack for inventing devices that improve their daily comforts, such as Wavers, Dial Boat and harnessing Dials for everyday use, such as cooking, cleaning and entertainment. They greet each other by saying 'Heso' (which is Japanese for bellybutton) often while putting their hand against their head and sticking two fingers up. They seem to have a fondness for angelic themes likely due to their appearance, and even name the head of their government "God" although it's not a position that is taken literally. Their actual religious customs revolve around the reverence of "Vearth" as a sacred substance, although a few individuals have been shown to have a grasp of a more literal idea of God and have been shown praying and commenting on miracles. What sets them apart from the other sky races is that their small wings are pointed upward and the majority of Skypieans style their hair in the form of antennas. This hairstyle is called natural ad balloon hair (天然アドバルーンヘア ten'nen adobarūnhea?) or nat ad (天アド ten ado?) for short.[8]


Further information: Shandia

Shandia warriors now serving as God's guards

The Shandia[9] are the race that settled down in the Blue Sea on the island of Jaya before it was shot up into the sky by the Knock Up Stream. They are a warrior people with primitive customs who took pride in their might and heritage. Four hundred years ago, the Shandia were devout snake worshipers who engaged in violent sacrifices until their "divine" snakes were slain by Mont Blanc Noland and Kalgara, which eventually led to them converting to ancestral worship, mainly Kalgara, as well as treating pumpkins as highly sacred due to being given to their ancestors by Noland. They were previously at war with the Skypieans over ownership of Jaya, but after coming to peaceful terms, the two races now live together and the Shandia seem to have adopted many of the more modern and comfortable ways of the Skypieans, and their warriors now serve as God's Guards. What sets them apart from the other sky races is that they possess slightly larger wings than those of Skypieans, but still pointing upwards. They also used to wear more primitive clothing, but since integrating into Skypiean society, some have started wearing more modern clothing.


Further information: Birka


The Birkans[10] are the race that settled on the sky island of Birka. However, eight years ago, Birka was destroyed by the Birkan Enel, so how much of the race currently still lives is unknown. After the island's destruction, Enel served as the ruler of his surviving people who would go on to worship him. Little is known of Birka or their society before Enel, but currently the majority of Birkans have a mindset that revolves around complete devotion to Enel and behaving like monks or priests dedicated to carrying out his whims and the pursuit of power. Enel himself has shown an even more extreme level of reverence towards "Vearth" than the Skypieans and a desire for reaching the sacred land of "Fairy Vearth", but whether these are related to old Birkan beliefs is uncertain. The surviving Birkans dress in simple uniformal robes and togas with the exception of their highest ranking individuals who are allowed to wear more casual clothing and accessories. What sets them apart from the other sky races is that they possess larger wings than the other two that point downward. Another notable feature is that the majority of Enel's warriors resemble goats, in that they have large growths on the sides of their heads resembling goat ears which cover their real ears and small goat-like horns. However, Enel and his inner circle lack these goat-like features. Enel is also unique in that he is the only Birkan without wings, instead possessing a set of drums attached to his back for unknown reasons.

Mink Tribe

Further information: Mink Tribe

Mink Tribe

Minks are humanoids that possess features of furry mammalian animals. Like fish-men, each mink is connected to a specific animal and often features traits of the animal, such as rabbit minks jumping high and canine minks liking to chew on bones. Male minks almost fully resemble humanized furry mammals that talk and walk on two legs, while females more resemble furry humans with some animal traits. Minks are natural-born warriors and have the ability to discharge electric shocks known as Electro. Minks naturally resemble the hybrid state of human Zoan fruit users. However, there are several differences such as an inability to use Electro and that most minks wear shoes while Zoans in their hybrid state do not. Most of them live on Zou and have no contact with the rest of the world, causing them to be shrouded in mystery, but some of them have left Zou and reside in other places.

Longarm Tribe

Further information: Longarm Tribe

Members of the Longarm Tribe

Longarms heavily resemble humans, but posses an extra length of arm and an extra elbow in each arm, making their arms significantly longer. The Longarm Tribe once assaulted the country Harahettania on Namakura Island, and has been in conflict with the Longleg Tribe for over a millennium.

Longleg Tribe

Further information: Longleg Tribe

A Longleg's bodily proportions

Longlegs, like Longarms, heavily resemble humans but possess extremely tall legs that make up most of their height. They possess great strength in their legs, although it was noted that their legs may be their greatest weakness as well. Most but not all longlegs adorn their legs with tattoos and tend to put their legs on full display by covering as little skin as possible. They have been in conflict with the Longarms for over a millennium.

Three-Eye Tribe

Further information: Three-Eye Tribe

A person with three-eye heritage

The Three-Eye Tribe is a tribe of people that are almost identical to humans, but possess a third eye on their forehead. They can use their third eye to gain the ability to hear the Voice of All Things and read Poneglyphs, but they are extremely rare. Charlotte Pudding is the only known member of this race so far.


Further information: Dwarves

The Tontatta Tribe scaling Nico Robin's body

Dwarves are extremely small humanoids, being small enough to fit in the palm of an average-sized human's hand. Their most notable features are their large and fluffy tails. Dwarves possess tremendous strength for their size, being capable of damaging buildings with their attacks, and they are also blindingly fast. Dwarves are well versed in the cultivation of plant life. They are all extremely gullible. A notable colony of dwarves known as the Tontatta Tribe lives on Green Bit near Dressrosa.

Snakeneck Tribe

Further information: Snakeneck Tribe

Two people with Snakeneck heritage

The Snakeneck Tribe is a tribe of people that possess extremely long necks. Snakenecks are generally slim and tend to adorn their necks with collars or tattoos.


Further information: Kinokobito

A kinokobito pinned for display

A kinokobito is a humanoid with a mushroom-shaped body and four legs. Nothing is known of the race other than its appearance.


Further information: Lunarians

King, the only known member of his race

The Lunarians[11] are a nearly extinct race that used to live on the Red Line, and possess the ability of "ignition" (発火 hakka?), generating and manipulating flames.[12] Further traits include a pair of black-feathered wings on their back, silver-white hair and brown skin.[13] They are one of the few known races not to inhabit Totto Land, due to their dwindling numbers, and a reason as to why Big Mom attempted to recruit King, who is currently the only known member.[14]

Hybrid Races

So far, there seems to be no limits in terms of people from different races procreating. Most people of mixed race seen so far have at least one human parent, and these people typically have the racial attributes of their non-human parent. This is evidenced by Charlotte Linlin's children, some of whom are half mermaid, half Snakeneck, half Longarm, half Longleg, and half Three-eye and possess these races' unique features, although half Three-eye Charlotte Pudding remarked that her mixed heritage might prevent her from awakening the ability to hear the Voice of All Things. However, human traits still do appear in some people of mixed blood, such as Dellinger, a half-fish-man who has human skin.

Procreation between fish-men and merfolk will result in the child either being a fish-man or one of the merfolk.

Procreation between a fish-man and one of the merfolk is different than other interracial procreation. Rather than gaining traits of both species, children will either be born as fish-men or merfolk. Additionally, Fish-Man and Merfolk genetics are unique in that they don't just inherit the traits of their parents, their characteristics can come from anywhere in their ancestry, which plays a major role in determining what type of fish they would be born as. Those genetic traits might also occur within the mink tribe, as Pekoms, a lion mink, is the child of a bear and a monkey mink, while the brothers, Zepo and Bepo are both polar bear minks.

Offsprings born from two non-human tribes usually inherit the characteristic features of both parents, and the known have been given unique names.


Further information: Wotans

Big Pan, the only known Wotan

Wotans are a hybrid race born between the union of a fish-man and a giant. Wotans are smaller than giants but are still massive by the standards of most fish-men, and also possess some of the special attributes of their fish-men fish species. Like giants and fish-men, they also possess tremendous strength. Their overall size is comparable to that of a large-sized human.

Longlimb Human

Further information: Longlimb Humans

A Longlimb human captured by Big Mom

Longlimb Humans are a hybrid race born between the union of a Longleg and a Longarm, resulting in the person possessing the attributes of both. As they are relatively unique, the only known example has been captured and imprisoned in Charlotte Mont-d'Or's books by the Big Mom Pirates.

Artificial Races

These races are composed of sentient beings that were created by people through science or Devil Fruit powers rather than by natural procreation.


Further information: Automata

An Automata being built

Automata are robots that were built by the original Moon races and left behind when the Moon people left for the world. Despite being robots, they appear like they are made of flesh and blood. There were also some Automata created on Karakuri Island, who later went to the moon.


Further information: Zombie

A wide variety of zombies

Zombies are corpses that are animated with shadows taken by Gecko Moria's Devil Fruit, the Kage Kage no Mi. The zombies' bodies can be anything that was once living, including plants and animals, but they have the sentience of humanoid races due to possessing human shadows, and will have the same personality as the person whose shadow was given to them. Zombies will die again if the person whose shadow they possess dies, if they are purified by ingesting salt, or if Moria removes their shadow. Many zombies lived on Thriller Bark while Moria was headquartered there, but Moria took all their shadows into himself while he was battling the Straw Hat Pirates, killing all of them. Moria would later leave Thriller Bark and deploy a number of zombies based on Marines while fighting at Marineford; two years later, he would be escorted by a band of zombies while he attacked Pirate Island.

Centaurs, Satyrs, and Harpy

Further information: Centaurs, Satyr and Harpy

The Centaur Patrol Unit.

Centaurs, Satyrs, and Harpies are humans who had parts of their bodies replaced with those of animals by Trafalgar Law's Ope Ope no Mi.

The centaurs and satyrs were originally prisoners on Punk Hazard who were left to die after a gas weapon explosion and fallout four years ago. They survived but were unable to use their legs. They were given animal legs by Law when he came to the island over three years later. The former pirate captain Brownbeard was also given new legs after he came to the island after his encounter with Basil Hawkins. Some of these centaurs became the Centaur Patrol Unit and Brownbeard became their boss.

Whilst the centaurs come with several different varieties of four-legged lower half (with the exception of Run, who had an eight-legged spider for legs), the satyrs were bipedal with all of them possessing goat rear legs and short goat horns. The sole known harpy, Monet, possessed no known disability, but was still modified, having her arms and legs replaced with the limbs of a bird.


Further information: Toys

Toys walking alongside humans

Toys were originally people and animals that were transformed by Sugar's Devil Fruit, the Hobi Hobi no Mi. Their bodies were made out of materials such as wood and stuffing, making them unable to feel the warmth of human touch. Anyone who was turned into a toy became forgotten by everyone who knew them, and Donquixote Doflamingo used Sugar's ability to turn all of his enemies into toys and enslave them. However, the toys will return to their original form if Sugar is knocked out, which is what happened after Operation SOP successfully took her out. Sugar regained consciousness and turned a few more people into toys, but was knocked out again and was arrested before she regained consciousness, leaving no one under her curse.


Further information: Homies

Homies being created

Homies are beings created by Big Mom's Devil Fruit the Soru Soru no Mi. They are given life by Big Mom inserting her soul into them, making them similar to zombies, but there are differences between them. Homies can be made out of any inanimate object in addition to trees and animals, but cannot be made from corpses, and no humans alive or dead can be made into them. The soul fragments given to most of the homies are tributes from the citizens of Totto Land, who give up one month of their lifespan, and Big Mom's incarnations scatter these throughout the land.


Further information: Cloning

The various models of clones employed by Germa 66

Clones are humans who are not born, but made artificially. They were successfully created due to the research of Doctor Vegapunk and Vinsmoke Judge. Publicly, cloning is illegal, but the army of Germa 66 of the Germa Kingdom is predominantly made up of clones.

Modified Humans

Further information: Modified Humans

The Vinsmoke Family's children are the only known examples of Modified Humans

Modified Humans are humans who have had their Lineage Factor modified in order to grant them genetic enhancements. As such, they can be bioengineered to possess superhuman traits, including, for example, a secondary skeleton than enhances their durability.


Further information: Numbers

The Numbers from Kaidou's crew are said to be failed Ancient Giants.

The Numbers refer to individuals who were subject to scientific experimentation at Punk Hazard, with the intent of recreating the Ancient Giant race, but were considered failures for unknown reasons and thus eventually bought by Kaidou to serve him. The Numbers greatly resemble Oars, a natural Ancient Giant, in terms of size and appearance, with some even possessing animalistic features such as long snouts and necks, but their level of intelligence is unclear, with most of their dialogue consisting of laughter.


Centuries of conflict and misunderstanding has led to the development of various racial prejudices in the world.

Fish-Men face persecution almost everywhere they go, even in isolated locations like Wano.

The most common ethnic conflict seen has been racism between humans and the water-dwelling fish-men and merfolk. Some humans view fish-men and merfolk to be inferior and closer to animals than people, and this prejudice exists even in the World Government. An alliance between the World Government and Fish-Man Island was not established until two hundred years ago, and relations remain uneasy, with humans and fish-men forbidden by law from donating blood to each other and the races generally not coexisting either on land or underwater. Fish-Men and merfolk are commonly captured and sold into slavery. On the other side, the fish-men's resentment of their treatment by humans has resulted in a breeding ground of hatred. Some fish-men view themselves as superior to humans due to their physical superiorities, and groups such as the Arlong Pirates have attacked and subjugated humans. Merfolk do not seem to share this resentment against humans.

Humans have not always gotten along well with giants, particularly those from Elbaf. It was stated that the execution of the Giant Warrior Pirates may have resulted in a war between the World Government and the giants had it been carried out, and giants were not integrated into the Marines until this past century. Due to the Mink Tribe's mysterious nature, myths and rumors abound about their unfriendliness and savage ferocity, creating prejudices about the minks that are inaccurate. Humans such as the Donquixote Family have used dwarves for manual labor, taking advantage of their gullibility to effectively enslave them.

Although they once coexisted on the moon, the Skypieans and Shandia began warring when their tribes reunited over 400 years after they journeyed to the world; the soil island the Shandia had lived on had been shot up into the sky, and the Skypieans took over the land because they considered soil holy, causing warfare to break out over control of the Shandia's land, which gained the name Upper Yard. However, the Birkan Enel came four years ago and took over Upper Yard, and the Skypieans and Shandia ended up working together to dethrone him, putting an end to their long feud. The Longarm and Longleg Tribes have been warring with each other for over a millennium, though not all longarms and longlegs engage in this; the cause of this fight is unknown.

Efforts have been made across the world for greater amounts of race integration. Fish-Man Island's queen Otohime established a petition for fish-men coexistence with humans on land. She managed to gain the backing of the World Nobles, but was assassinated by fish-man extremist Hody Jones, who pinned the murder on a human to set back the coexistence efforts. However, after Hody's crew the New Fish-Man Pirates failed to take over Fish-Man Island, the desire for coexistence was renewed and Otohime's petition gained enough signatures to be presented at the Levely. Underworld dealer Carmel pioneered an effort to improve human and giant relations with the backing of the government; although this effort was only intended to recruit giants into the Marines, they were none the wiser as Carmel set up the Sheep's House on Elbaf, which took in orphaned and abandoned children of all races in order to recruit them into the Marines or Cipher Pol. One of Carmel's wards, Charlotte Linlin, adopted this dream from her without knowing it was an act, and after Carmel's death, Linlin sought to rule over a country where every race could live in harmony. She eventually achieved this dream, establishing Totto Land. However, not every race lives on Totto Land, as Linlin is reviled among the giant race due to her actions while living in the Sheep's House, such as being responsible for the death of Jorul, one of the greatest heroes of the giants. Despite Linlin's dream, she hypocritically insulted her 35th daughter for her third eye as unsightly, ordering her to grow out her hair to cover it, as well as collecting unusual species in her library for personal amusement.

World Nobles are humans who have unprecedented privileges granted by the World Government. Lawful freedom and virtually inexhaustible wealth made them look down on all species, even fellow human, who are not in the same social caste as them. They believe themselves to be gods, and that humans are beneath them and should be looked down with contempt. When one of their own, Donquixote Homing, expressed his differing views on humanity and requesting his family's World Noble statuses to be annulled, the others immediately severed ties with Homing's entire family, regarded them as "mere humans" and traitors, and refused to take them back or assist them. They have even more contemptuous views of superiority and inferiority for fish-men and merfolk, derogatorily considering them to be mere fishes, as Charlos only wanted to buy Camie for the sake of his personal entertainment at the expense of her safety, and Mjosgard looked down on his escaped fish-men slaves despite being outnumbered and isolated.

Lunarians face persecution directly from the World Government for currently unknown reasons. The World Government actively hunts them down to this day, going so far as to offer a reward of Beli.png100,000,000 to anyone who can provide them with information to their whereabouts.[15] Seemingly, if captured the World Government subjects them to scientific experimentation and will do what they can to prevent them from escaping this fate.[16]



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