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Raid Suits are special, technologically-enhanced outfits designed for combat. They were developed in the Germa Kingdom, and are exclusively utilized by its royal family and military commanders, the Vinsmoke Family.



When not in use, raid suits are contained inside colored cylindrical canisters, marked with personal symbols:

  • Judge's canister is light grey, and is marked with a white "J".
  • Reiju's canister is pink, and is marked with a white "0".
  • Ichiji's canister is red, and is marked with a white "1".
  • Niji's canister is blue, and is marked with a white "2".
  • Sanji's canister was black, and was marked with a yellow "3".
  • Yonji's canister is green, and is marked with a white "4".


Raid Suit Canisters.png
Germa's raid suit canisters.
Sanji's Raid Suit Canister.png
Sanji's raid suit canister.


Raid suits are individualized and stylized, varying in both design and color:

  • Judge wears a grey, double breasted coat with a white "6" on each side. He also wears an orange cloak, white gauntlets, and black and orange jet-propelled boots.
  • Reiju, being the only female, wears an extremely low-cut, short pink dress, and a purple cloak shaped like butterfly wings that seems to react to her "Poison Pink" abilities. Her suit is decorated with yellow ovals on pink background on her breasts and the end of each "wing," reminiscent of the number 0. More ovals appear when she is using her abilities. She also wears pink gauntlets, purple and white round elbow pads, white and pink jet-propelled boots, and a blue ascot.
  • Ichiji wears a red and white long shirt, with a yellow "66" on it and long red pants with a white pattern. He also wears a white cloak with a red "1" on it, white gauntlets, white and red jet-propelled boots, and a red ascot.
  • Niji wears a long blue and yellow double breasted shirt and pants with lightning décor. He also wears a black cloak with a blue "2" on it, yellow gauntlets, yellow and blue jet-propelled boots, and an aqua ascot.
  • Sanji, the only member of the Vinsmoke Family who is not a part of Germa 66, received his own raid suit. He wears a black double-breasted shirt similar to Niji, with a black cloak with white "3" on it, white gauntlets, black and white round elbow pads, white and black jet-propelled boots. He also has a mask that covers his face and a red ascot. Sanji planned to have Usopp and Franky modify the design later, though he destroyed the raid suit before they could get the chance.
  • Yonji wears a green jumpsuit with a yellow "66" on it, and a belt buckle bearing Germa 66's symbol. He also wears a black cloak with a lime "4" on it, lime gauntlets, black and white round elbow pads, lime and green jet-propelled boots, and an orange ascot.


Vinsmoke Judge Anime Infobox.png
Judge's raid suit.
Vinsmoke Reiju Anime Infobox.png
Reiju's raid suit.
Ichiji's Raid Suit.png
Ichiji's raid suit.
Niji's Raid Suit.png
Niji's raid suit.
Sanji's Raid Suit.png
Sanji's raid suit
Vinsmoke Yonji Anime Infobox.png
Yonji's raid suit.

Abilities and Powers


The Vinsmokes put on their raid suits.

In order to put the suit on, the users simply put the canister in front of the waist level, causing it to rotate and release the material of the suit; this material remembers the shape of its user, allowing it to quickly wrap around the user's body and form the complete suit.[2] The raid suit canisters seem to be biometrically locked, meaning that a Raid Suit can only be unlocked and used by its designated user.[3]


Sanji deactivates his raid suit

In order to deactivate the Raid Suit, the user may put both of the hands in front of the waist, causing the Raid Suit returns the canister.[4]

General Abilities

Raid suit vs. Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit

The suits are said to be powerful to a degree that it would be surprising for someone to be able to keep up with a person wearing a raid suit, unless they were wearing one as well.[5] They are also designed to greatly enhance the natural fighting abilities of the individual wearer. During the Tea Party, the Vinsmoke sons (minus Sanji) commented that without their raid suits, it would be difficult for them to fight the Big Mom Pirates. Upon donning them, they easily fought back against several of the crew's top fighters.[6][7] Notably, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji, who were immobilized by Perospero's candy, were able to break his "Candy Wall" while wearing their gear.[8]

In addition, they are waterproof, as showcased when they and its technological capabilities were unaffected despite being submerged in water.[9]

They are also resistant to fire, thereby allowing wearers to withstand fire-based attacks to a certain extent.[10] This includes extremely strong attacks like Big Mom's Heavenly Feuer, which Reiju's Raid Suit protected her from, although she was still somewhat harmed by it.[11]

Sanji noted that ever since the second time he wore his raid suit, his body had felt weird, though not in a bad way.[12] It appears that using the Raid suit repeatedly caused Sanji to unlock the same genetic enhancements that his siblings have which had been suppressed by his mother taking drugs during her pregnancy. During his fight with Queen, after almost being crushed to death, Sanji stood back up and was still able to move, even with half his bones broken. His body also reformed back into place almost immediately. Additionally, Sanji was able to withstand a strike from Queen's sword, only for the sword to shatter against Sanji's head, with Sanji only feeling minor pain and annoyance as a result.[13]


Yonji demonstrating the raid suit's hovering ability.

The boots have accelerators on the heels and flotation devices on the soles[14] that allow their wearer to hover in midair, jump large distances, and greatly boost their kicking power.[15]


The capes of the suits are also bullet-proof, as they can block a hail of gunfire from the Walker pistols, which were specially designed by the Big Mom Pirates to penetrate metal.[16] However, when the Big Mom Pirates used special bullets fired from a gatling gun, they succeeded in penetrating the Raid Suits and heavily wounded the four Vinsmoke siblings, though it was not enough to completely incapacitate them.

Sanji's cape can generate a shield capable of blocking a direct attack from Page One in his Ancient Zoan Spinosaurus form. In the anime, according to Law, this is a feature of all of the Germa 66 capes.[14]

Individual Abilities

In addition to the general enhancements offered by all Raid Suit's, each Raid Suit can grant the wearer unique abilities.

Poison Pink.png
Reiju's Raid Suit: Poison Pink
Ichiji Attacks Oven.png
Ichiji's Raid Suit: Sparking Red
Sanji Raid Suit Invisibility.png
Sanji's Raid Suit: Stealth Black
Winch Green.png
Yonji's Raid Suit: Winch Green
  • Judge's Raid Suit is equipped with his personal spear. His boots allow him to launch himself into the air, a fighting style that earned him the epithet "Garuda". His cape is also durable enough to block Sanji's Diable Jambe powered Collier Shoot. [17]
  • Reiju's raid suit in particular was shown to be somewhat related to her poison abilities, as it reacted when she used her ability to heal Luffy from his food poisoning.[18]
  • Ichiji's gauntlets were shown to be able to create small explosions,[8][19] as well as sending small blasts of energy.[20]
  • Niji is able to channel electricity through his boots[8] and sword.[21]
  • Sanji's raid suit enables him to become invisible.[14]
  • Yonji uses a built-in winch in his gauntlets, enabling him to deliver a strong punch after the release of compressed air.[8][22] He is also able to extend his reach and increase his grip size by separating its joints.[23]


Sanji destroys his raid suit by crushing the canister.

In contrast to the activated suits, the canisters seem to be quite vulnerable to attacks. Enough damage to the canister will result in an explosion and the destruction of its contents, as shown when Sanji destroyed his raid suit by crushing the canister with a stomp.[24]


Germa 66 Soldier Uniform.png
Germa 66 soldiers in their uniforms.
Chapter 872.png
The Straw Hats wearing their own Raid Suits.
Luffy and Chopper Raid Suit.png
Luffy and Chopper imagining themselves in raid suits in the anime.
  • The clone soldiers of the Germa 66 wear a uniform with a slight similarity by the raid suit: It is an unicolor dark grey shirt with an orange "66" on it and pants, worn with a belt, a pair of regular grey boots and white gloves, short white cowl, a set of headphones, thin goggles, and a yellow ascot.
  • On the color spread cover of Chapter 872, the Straw Hats are depicted wearing "Mugiwara 56" suits resembling raid suits. Each crew member's suit is colored in their respective color, and bearing the number that corresponds with the order in which they joined the crew.
    • In One Piece: World Seeker, there is a Raid Suit that Luffy can wear as a Free DLC outfit. The suit is based on the one Luffy wore on the color spread cover for Chapter 872. Its in-game description reads "Outfit worn by Germa 66 that remembers the shape of its wearer. This imitation is flammable." indicating it is an imitation of the Germa 66 Raid Suits which explains it being purely cosmetic in-game as it is just an imitation and not the genuine article.
  • In Episode 878, Luffy and Chopper imagined themselves wearing Sanji's raid suit. Because they had yet to see Sanji use it, they imagined the suit as yellow instead of black.
  • Germa 66's raid suits were most likely inspired by the outfits worn by the protagonists in the television franchise, Super Sentai.
    • Sanji's ability in particular may be a reference to Sentai counterpart, Power Rangers, specifically Dino Thunder, which also had a Black Ranger who could turn invisible.
  • In Chapter 865, the containers appeared to have a two digits marking ("01" for Ichiji's and "02" for Niji's). However on their second appearance in Chapter 869, they have a single digit marking.
  • The material that the Raid Suits are made of (fire-resistant shape-memory alloy) is quite similar to Wapometal, which the General Franky is made of.
  • The comic strip Sora, Warrior of the Sea seemingly gave away the power of the Raid Suits, as Law was able to identify Sanji's Raid Suit and its powers even before Sanji used them.
  • Though Sanji was originally against the idea of wearing his Raid Suit, he later swallowed his pride to confront Page One and protect the citizens of the Flower Capital. Ironically, his Raid Suit grants Sanji the power of invisibility, the same power as the Suke Suke no Mi which Sanji once sought to consume before encountering its wielder Absalom and lost interest in it after their fight only to later acquire the power he dreamed of as a child through the Germa technology he hated. Sanji himself noted the irony as the Germa technology of the Raid Suit he initially rejected to wear fulfilled his old childhood dream of turning invisible.
    • Additionally, Sanji claimed to Absalom that he wanted the power of invisibility to become a superhero (this was a lie as his real reason was to peek on women bathing) and ironically, he first dons it to hide his identity and protect the Flower Capital citizens, even dubbing himself "O-Soba Mask", effectively acting like a superhero.


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