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For a full synopsis of what happened before and during the Raid on Onigashima, see Wano Country Arc.

The Raid on Onigashima was a large-scale invasion and battle that took place on Onigashima in Wano Country during the Fire Festival. The invading forces were the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance, with the objective of defeating the Beasts Pirates, led by Kaidou of the Four Emperors, and his allies, including the Big Mom Pirates and the Kurozumi Family.[1]

They succeeded in their goal after much bloodshed, and their victory ended twenty years of tyranny, as well as the end of the New Onigashima Project.[2][3] Kaidou and Big Mom were replaced by Luffy and Buggy as Emperors,[4] and the Kozuki Family regained control of the shogunate under the leadership of Kozuki Momonosuke.[5]

Pre-Battle Events[]


Legendary Hour Infobox

Oden sacrifices himself to save his retainers.

The goal of the Raid on Onigashima was to liberate Wano Country from Kaidou of the Four Emperors and Orochi of the Kurozumi Family and to avenge the death of Kozuki Oden,[6] the daimyo of Kuri and son of the former shogun. Twenty years prior, Orochi collaborated with established pirate Kaidou in overthrowing the Kozuki Family, killing Oden and taking the throne in his place. Orochi's tenure as shogun marked a twenty-year period of tyranny, including mass poverty and starvation among the citizens.[7] Kaidou also rapidly industrialized the country to strengthen his pirate crew, opening factories and mines running on slavery to produce weapons.[8] The factories polluted the land and water, making the citizens suffer even more.[9] Political opponents, including the yakuza bosses who served under the Kozuki Family, were imprisoned in the Prisoner Mine, where they were subjected to forced labor.[10]

Among those whom the Beasts Pirates failed to kill during the coup were Momonosuke, Oden's son and the rightful heir of the shogunate, and his retainers, the Nine Red Scabbards. Four of the members, Kin'emon, Kanjuro, Raizo and Kikunojo, followed Momonosuke and vowed to protect him; while they were presumed deceased by Wano Country's populace, they were really sent twenty years into the future by Oden's wife, Toki.[11] The remaining members also managed to survive until their master's return; Denjiro, under the alias "Kyoshiro", went undercover as Orochi's money changer and bodyguard while secretly gathering recruits for the rebellion,[12][13][14] Inuarashi and Nekomamushi became co-rulers of the Mink Tribe,[15] Kawamatsu was taken prisoner after helping Oden's daughter Hiyori elude capture,[16][17] and Ashura Doji became the leader of the Mt. Atama Thieves.[18][19]

The Alliance Formation

A powerful alliance is formed with an ultimate goal in mind: defeat Kaidou.

When the samurai arrived in the present, Momonosuke and his retainers were separated.[20] During that time Momonosuke ate an artificial copy of Kaidou's dragon fruit created by Dr. Vegapunk.[21] The samurai were eventually reunited with the help of the Straw Hat Pirates, who met Kin'emon and Momonosuke on Punk Hazard, Kanjuro in Dressrosa, and Raizo on Zou. As the Straw Hat Pirates had also become an enemy of Kaidou's by defeating the Emperor's ally Doflamingo,[22][23] they formed the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance, comprised of the Kozuki Family, Straw Hat Pirates, Heart Pirates, and Mokomo Dukedom.[24]

Upon reaching Wano, the alliance began quietly preparing for the raid, with new allies marking their ankles with a crescent moon symbol to show their allegiance.

Pre-Raid Conflict[]

Though Luffy was captured by Kaidou shortly after entering Wano Country and imprisoned in the Prisoner Mine,[25] he led a rebellion, liberating the prisoners from their forced labor. Many of these prisoners, which included Eustass Kid, Caribou, Kawamatsu and the yakuza bosses, decided to join the alliance and fight against the Beasts Pirates on Onigashima.[26] Shortly after, the Kurozumi regime discovered the meaning of the crescent moon symbol, and Shimotsuki Yasuie sacrificed himself to allow the alliance to remain undercover and continue preparing.[27]

Kaidou and Big Mom Make an Alliance

Remembering their bond from their time in the Rocks Pirates, Kaidou and Big Mom join forces.

When the Emperor Big Mom made her way to Wano to get revenge on Luffy for ruining her plans and the havoc he caused in Totto Land,[28] she encountered her fellow Emperor and former crewmate Kaidou, and the two decided to put aside their differences and form their own pirate alliance to find the One Piece and resume the Rocks Pirates' old goal of world domination.[29] However, Marco, the former 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, prevented most of her crew from entering Wano, stopping them from joining the battle that would soon take place.[30] The only one of her crew that successfully made it into the country was Perospero, her eldest son, who climbed the waterfall with his Devil Fruit, the Pero Pero no Mi.[31]

On the night of the annual Fire Festival, most of the alliance set sail from Habu Port while the Nine Red Scabbards from Tokage Port. The allied forces sailed towards Onigashima, where the Beasts Pirates and Wano's nobility had gathered for a private celebration. Some agents from CP0 were also present at the party as Orochi's guests.[32] However, one of the retainers, Kanjuro, who was secretly working with the Kurozumi Family, separated Momonosuke and Shinobu from their allies; the former was taken prisoner while the latter was left behind on the Tokage Port shore.[33] Despite this, the alliance did not falter, and remained determined to free Wano from the Beast Pirates' oppression. As they continued sailing towards Onigashima, an enemy ship prepared to attack, only to be destroyed by the former Warlord of the Sea and newest member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Jinbe.[34] Having defeated the Beasts Pirates' ships, the alliance successfully infiltrated Onigashima and snuck into the stronghold, the Skull Dome, using disguises.[35]

The alliance entered the stronghold just as Kaidou unveiled his master plan, the New Onigashima Project, in which Onigashima would be physically lifted from the sea and placed onto the Flower Capital, allowing for greater military control of the country.[2] After Orochi protested the proposed project, Kaidou turned on him, beheading him and leaving him for dead, unaware that Orochi had survived thanks to his extra heads.[36] Orochi's agents, the Orochi Oniwabanshu (ninja) and Mimawarigumi (samurai), willingly swore loyalty to Kaidou and were absorbed into the Beasts Pirates. When ready, the loyal retainers of Kozuki Oden unleashed a surprise assault against Kaidou with all their strength, marking the start of the battle for Wano's future.[37]

Course of the Battle[]

Straw Hats Stand United Against Beasts Pirates

The Straw Hat Pirates stand united against the Beasts Pirates.

As the battle raged throughout the Skull Dome, the Straw Hat Pirates defeated a substantial portion of the Beasts Pirates' forces with relative ease. Then, as the Straw Hats stood united against their foes, Monkey D. Luffy, their captain, confidently proclaimed that he would be the one to defeat Kaidou.[38] At the same time, the Tobiroppo revealed X Drake's treachery, causing him to lend the alliance his aid.[39] Kaidou's ally, Big Mom, was reunited with Perospero, who reluctantly accepted her decision to join forces with Kaidou.[40] Meanwhile, on Onigashima's rooftop, the Nine Red Scabbards fought against Kaidou, but were no match for the Emperor.[41]

Onigashima Floats

Onigashima is set aloft and starts heading towards the Flower Capital.

As part of his New Onigashima Project, and no longer in battle, Kaidou began to use his Azure dragon powers to lift Onigashima and move the land towards the Flower Capital.[42] With the raid properly underway, Kaidou's son, Yamato, betrayed his father and began aiding the alliance.[31] Meanwhile, as their allies continued their battle on the Live Floor, Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid and Killer ascended to the rooftop, where Luffy found the defeated Scabbards before unleashing a powerful attack on Kaidou.[43] Now together, the five Worst Generation members battled the two Emperors, resulting in Luffy and Kaidou remaining in a duel on the roof while the other participants were spread back across the Skull Dome.

Back inside the Dome, Queen, one of the Beast Pirates' All-Stars, unleashed the Ice Oni, a deadly, man-made virus he created, onto the Live Floor, infecting many of the allied forces.[44] He created a game of tag with the cure, forcing both alliance members and Beasts Pirates to fight over a single dose of the cure, until Tony Tony Chopper created his own airborne cure and negated the virus' effects for all the infected combatants.[45] Due to Queen's disregard for their life, many Pleasures and Waiters decided to defect from the crew, giving the alliance much needed manpower.[46] At a similar time, Tama activated her special dangos, which tamed the SMILE-using Beasts Pirates and led them to join the alliance.[47]

Tama Commanding Gifters

Tama leading her new army of Gifters.

Disappointed with his recent performance, particularly during the preceding fight, Big Mom abandoned Zeus, one of her special homies, and created Hera to take his place, then extracted her soul fragment out of Zeus and placed it into Hera.[48][49] However, Zeus managed to survive by merging his essence with Nami's personal weapon, swearing his loyalty to her.[50]

Yamato Fights the Armored Division

Yamato rebelling against the Beasts Pirates.

However, things took a bad turn for the alliance; Carrot and Wanda were overpowered by Perospero,[51] Ashura Doji was killed protecting his allies,[52] and Luffy was thrown off Onigashima during his battle against Kaidou. While Luffy was rescued from drowning by the Heart Pirates, he had no way to return to the floating island.[53] With Luffy gone, Kaidou began to hunt Momonosuke, whom he found with Shinobu and Yamato. While Yamato fought Kaidou in Luffy's stead, Shinobu took Momonosuke off the floating island, landing on Wano's shore and finding Luffy.

As the battles continued, the Scabbards confronted Kurozumi Orochi, who was in hiding and attempting to kill everyone on Onigashima out of spite. The Scabbards ultimately cut off six more of his heads, accidentally leaving him with one head remaining.[54] Across the Skull Dome, the Straw Hat Pirates fought the Beasts Pirates' Tobiroppo, successfully defeating each after a collection of difficult battles;[55] Page One was knocked out by Big Mom in a single blow,[48] his older sister Ulti lost to Nami and Zeus,[50] Sasaki was bested by Franky,[56], CP9 agent-turned-pirate Who's-Who was taken down by Jinbe,[57] and the sadistic courtesan Black Maria was subdued by Nico Robin.[58]

Momonosuke and Kaidou as Dragons Face-to-Face

Luffy rides Momonosuke as an adult dragon to face Kaidou.

Back on the mainland, Momonosuke asked Shinobu to use her power to turn him into an adult, knowing he could not do anything to help as a child.[59] This allowed him to transform into a much more powerful pink dragon, and he flew Luffy back to Onigashima to rejoin the battle.[60] After leaving Luffy on the rooftop, Momonosuke left with Yamato, and began using his new power to create his own Flame Clouds and pulling the island away from the Flower Capital. However, having little experience with his abilities, he initially had a difficult time effectively moving the island.[61] Meanwhile, the alliance managed to make the most of their victories, continuing on the more major enemy forces. The All-Star Jack, the Big Mom officer Perospero, and the Shinuchi Basil Hawkins faced their defeats at the hands of Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, and Killer respectively.[62][63] Simultaneously, Law and Kid collaborated in a battle against Big Mom, slowly making their way towards the Live Floor.[49][64]

It was at this moment that CP0 decided to act, and the agents on the island were ordered to capture Robin. However, they were interrupted by her allies, while Robin's crewmate Brook carried her away from CP0.[65] During their combat, Izou sacrificed his life to take down Maha, but X Drake failed to defeat Guernica.[66][67] Elsewhere, the traitor Kanjuro was defeated by Kin'emon,[68] but shortly before succumbing to his injuries,[69] he fulfilled his last order from Orochi and used his paint powers to create Kazenbo, a fiery monster that set much of the building on fire and threatened to detonate explosives in the Skull Dome's basement.[70] As Kazenbo slowly made its way down the Skull Dome, Yamato left Momonosuke and used his icy wolf breath on the bombs, temporarily stopping the fiery creature from detonating them.[71]

Meanwhile, Sanji confronted the All-Star, Queen.[59][72] During the fight, Sanji awakened the genetic modifications given to him by his father, which had remained dormant for years.[73] Using his newly augmented body with his Busoshoku Haki in addition to his Diable Jambe techniques, he was able to create new destructive techniques to overwhelm and defeat Queen, throwing him off the island.[74] Similarly, Zoro engaged in a duel with the strongest All-Star, King, a member of the fire manipulating Lunarian race.[75][59] After deducing King's particular fighting style influenced by his unique heritage,[28][59] Zoro was able to identify when the Lunarian was most vulnerable. Using that,[76] the properties of the Haki-powered sword Enma,[77] and his recently discovered Haoshoku Haki,[78] Zoro was able to eventually defeat King, sending his opponent falling to the earth below just as Sanji had.[76]

Law Defeats Misery

Big Mom is defeated by Law and Kid.

During her battle against Law and Kid, Big Mom was crushed between two collapsing towers, prompting her to consume a year of her own lifespan to enhance her abilities,[65] combine her three special homies into a more powerful homie, and turn her broken bones into homies as a form of self-healing.[79] The two Worst Generation members, acknowledging that Big Mom was an even more formidable foe than they initially thought, decided to both use their awakened powers.[70] In the end, they triumphed over Big Mom, sending her crashing through the floors of the Skull Dome, through the bottom of the island, and into the earth below, falling into a large magma chamber. During her fall, she also heavily damaged Kazenbo, reducing it to a wisp.[80]

Elsewhere, the ninja Raizo won his duel against his rival Fukurokuju, leader of the Orochi Oniwabanshu, by lasting longer in a room set on fire by Kazenbo.[66] Raizo and Jinbe then collaborated to extinguish the fire raging across the island; they were successful as they flooded the Skull Dome with Raizo's scroll power and Jinbe's Fish-Man Jujutsu.[81] Meanwhile, Orochi, who was in hiding, was finally confronted by "Komurasaki" and became trapped under rubble, then restrained with a Seastone nail. After discovering that the geisha he was enamored with for so long was in reality his enemy, Oden's, daughter, Kozuki Hiyori,[66] Orochi was set on fire by what was left of Kazenbo. His struggling then allowed him to break free, and he attacked Hiyori in a final attempt to exact his revenge. However, he was stopped by the timely arrival of Denjiro, who sliced off Orochi's last remaining head,[82] finally killing him.[36][83]

Wano Country Underwater Volcano Eruption

The volcanic eruption that ushered in a new age.

Back on the rooftop, the duel between Luffy and Kaidou intensified. However, as Kaidou celebrated having finally found a worthy opponent to fight, Guernica received orders from the Five Elders to ensure Luffy's defeat. Guernica intervened in their battle, restraining Luffy and allowing Kaidou to deal a finishing blow;[67] enraged at having won the fight unfairly, Kaidou beat Guernica down.[84] This act actually caused what the Elders had most feared: Luffy finally awakening his Devil Fruit. He unleashed Gear 5, allowing him to use his new powers in creative and unpredictable ways against Kaidou's unrelenting attacks.[85] In the final stage of their battle, Luffy unleashed a mighty final attack, emerging victorious and causing Kaidou to finally accept that Luffy was indeed Joy Boy, whom he foresaw would one day come to defeat him.[86] With Luffy's final attack, the Emperor was knocked unconscious and thrown into the ground below, joining Big Mom in the magma chamber. The two impacts caused a volcanic eruption where Onigashima once stood, symbolizing both Wano's liberation and the official end of Kaidou and Big Mom's reign as rulers of the sea.[3]


The following is a list of status updates provided by CP0 with the help of the Mary network.

# Raid Forces Enemy Forces Total Forces Notes
#1 5,400 30,000 35,400 The initial numbers at the start of the battle. On the side of the raid forces were the Nine Red Scabbards, 3,500 former prisoners of the Udon Prisoner Mine, 200 members of the yakuza, 200 members from the Kyoshiro Family, 200 Minks, 280 members of the Mt. Atama Thieves, 1,000 samurai from across Wano, and the Straw Hat, Heart, and Kid Pirate crews. On the side of the enemy forces were 5,000 ninja from the Orochi Oniwabanshu, 5,000 samurai from the Mimawarigumi, and 20,000 members of the Beasts Pirates, which included 500 SMILE users, a number of ancient Zoan users, and two of the Four Emperors, Kaidou and Big Mom.
#2 5,000 27,000 32,000 First status update after the battle commenced. 3,000 of the enemy forces and 400 of the raid forces were defeated, with the raid forces benefiting from the element of surprise.[32]
#3 3,000 24,000 27,000 Another 5,000 soldiers were out of the battle by this point, 2,000 from the raid forces and 3,000 from the enemy forces.
#4 7,000 20,000 27,000 4,000 Pleasures and Waiters on the Live Floor rebelled against Queen after he made the decision to sacrifice them, changing sides after Chopper cured them of the Ice Oni.[46]
#5 9,000 16,000 25,000 300 Gifters were tamed by Tama with her Devil Fruit and changed sides, bringing some of their subordinates with them, for a total of 2,000 traitors. Another 2,000 members of the Beasts Pirates are defeated as a result of the surprise betrayal.[57]
#6 8,000 12,000 20,000 Another 5,000 soldiers were out of the battle by this point, 1,000 from the raid forces and 4,000 from the enemy forces.[73]


Joseph Escapes from Onigashima

Joseph escaping from Onigashima.

After several lengthy and difficult battles, two of the Four Emperors, Kaidou and Big Mom, were defeated by three infamous captains of the Worst Generation. The raid was a total victory for the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance, with Kurozumi Orochi dead and the Beasts Pirates losing their power in Wano Country.[3] In all the commotion, CP0 agent Joseph retreated via Geppo, reporting the events of the battle to the World Government.[86] With the deaths of both Kanjuro and Orochi, the only known remaining member of the Kurozumi Family was Tama, who did not share her ancestors' hatred.[87] Following Kaidou's defeat, many of the Beasts Pirates initially refused to believe that the fighting was over, and had to be stopped by his son Yamato.

Momonosuke Becomes Shogun

The Kozuki Family returns to ruling Wano after 20 long years.

Finally harnessing his artificial Devil Fruit powers, Kozuki Momonosuke, the rightful heir of Wano successfully moved Onigashima away from its intended flight path; thus Kaidou's New Onigashima Project was foiled and the island was safely landed near the Flower Capital.[86] With all enemy forces vanquished, the Nine Red Scabbards accompanied Momonosuke to the capital where he claimed his birthright and became the new shogun. Hearing this, the people of Wano rejoiced at their regained freedom.[5] As shogun, and having read his father's logbook during the fighting, Momonosuke decided to postpone opening Wano's borders.[3]

Having lost during the raid, King and Queen were kept in the now empty Prisoner Mine.[4] The fates of X Drake and Basil Hawkins, who sustained potentially fatal injuries from the battle, are unknown. The remaining Beasts Pirates were either imprisoned with King and Queen, in the case of those who remained loyal, or were spared, in the case of defectors.

Marco and Samurai Paying Respects to the Fallen

The Alliance pay their respects to their fallen comrades.

As Momonosuke promised to his subjects, larger supplies of food and clean water was now available to everyone, and all the weapon factories were shut down. Days later, the children of Wano received new schoolteachers who told them the true heroic tales of Kozuki Oden and shrines were planned to be built so that Oden could finally be laid to rest, along with the members of the alliance that gave their lives for the rebellion, including Shimotsuki Yasuie, Ashura Doji, and Izou. Everyone in Wano also soon learned of Komurasaki and Kyoshiro's true identities as Kozuki Hiyori and Denjiro. As Luffy asked Momonosuke to not give his name to the people of Wano due to his humility, everyone in the country came to know him as the warrior Joy Boy and heard about the tale of how he defeated Kaidou, with the citizens comparing his heroism to Shimotsuki Ryuma. In addition, Big Mom came to be known to the people of Wano as "O-Lin the Great Yōkai" due to her actions during the fighting.

Four Emperors Post Wano

The new Emperors are revealed.

Naturally, news of Kaidou and Big Mom's defeat soon spread across the seas; it was then, before the banquet to celebrate the alliance's victory, that Scratchmen Apoo arrived and showed those present the newspaper, which named the new Emperors of the Sea and included new bounties.[88] It had been announced to the world that "Straw Hat" Luffy and Buggy "the Star Clown" had replaced Big Mom and Kaidou as Emperors. Additionally, Luffy, Law, and Kid had been assigned bounties of Beli3,000,000,000 each. To the dismay of the Five Elders, Luffy also got a new picture in his wanted poster, showing the whole world his awakened form.[4] Additionally, Luffy's new status as an Emperor unintentionally helped increase the influence of his sworn brother Sabo of the Revolutionary Army.[89] Every current member of the Straw Hat Pirates had their bounties greatly increased as well, as officers of an Emperor's crew.[90]

The Big Mom Pirates were also significantly weakened as a result of their captain's defeat. During the raid itself, their territory, Totto Land, was attacked by Kuzan and Van Augur, two officers of the Blackbeard Pirates, resulting in the kidnapping of the Charlotte Family's 35th daughter, Pudding.[91]

Mori Mori no Mi Liquid Absorption

Ryokugyu’s mastery over plant life easily subdues the remnants of the Beast Pirates.

With Kaidou gone from Wano, Marine Admiral Ryokugyu traveled to island, where he arrested King and Queen.[4] He also attempted to attack the celebratory festival and annex the country but was driven away by Shanks;[92] his attack, however, caused Yamato to delay his plans of traveling the world, and he decided to emulate Oden's local travels first. Similarly, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi decided to stay in Wano as well, handing over leadership of the Mokomo Dukedom to Carrot.[93]

With the objective of defeating Kaidou accomplished, the alliance officially disbanded, and the Straw Hat, Heart, and Kid Pirates each acquired rubbings of the Road Poneglyph present on the island. In addition, Luffy gave Momonosuke a copy of his Jolly Roger, formally recognizing Wano Country as territory under his protection.[83]


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