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Rainbase is a city located in Arabasta. It served as Baroque Works' main headquarters, operated by the organization's president Crocodile (a.k.a Mr. 0) and his partner Miss All Sunday.

Rainbase is one of the few cities within the country that continued thriving even during the drought orchestrated by Crocodile, mostly due to its gambling industry. Because of this, it has been referred to as the "City of Dreams".

Layout and Locations

Rainbase is located to the northwest of Arabasta, with Yuba to the south and Alubarna and the Sandora River to the east. It takes one day to reach Rainbase from Yuba on feet.

Rainbase is a luxurious, booming city with many casinos and restaurants. Some of those include the Golden Slots, the Loose Slots, the Royale, the Fantasia and the Coin Banditts, among several others.[2] There are also stables where steeds like horses and camels can rest.[3]

Rainbase Lake

The Rainbase Lake[4] is a very large oasis, outright resembling a lake, located in the middle of Rainbase. It is where the Rain Dinners building, the city's biggest casino, is situated.

There is a pack of Bananawani living in the lake's depths. Crocodile kept those as pets, overseeing the creatures from his secret room at Rain Dinners and occasionally feeding them with people he wanted to dispose of.

Rain Dinners

Main article: Rain Dinners

Rain Dinners was the casino that Crocodile used as his secret base in Arabasta. It is most recognizable by the golden Bananawani statue built on top of its pyramid-like structure surrounded by a moat. Below the casino, there was a secret underwater room where Crocodile supervised his operations and conducted meetings.

After Crocodile's defeat, the casino was closed.[5]


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While a great, continuous drought ravaged most of the Arabasta Kingdom, Rainbase grew into prosperity, being of the few spots in the country to not be affected by the lack of water. This was in fact all planned by Crocodile, who not only owned the city's biggest casino, but also happened to be behind Arabasta's prolonged dryness, thanks to strategic use of both the forbidden Dance Powder on the kingdom's capital and his Suna Suna no Mi powers to barrage nearby communities with endless, devastating sandstorms.

Arabasta Saga

Arabasta Arc

After gathering at Spiders Cafe at the appointed time, the officer agents of Baroque Works headed towards Rainbase in order to receive their next and final assignment regarding the takeover of the country. There, in a secret room below Rain Dinners, the agents learned about the identity of their mysterious employer Mr. 0, who shockingly turned out to be Crocodile of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, as well as the instructions they had to follow in order to kickstart Operation Utopia.

Mr. 3 then interrupted the meeting, having hitched a ride alongside the other agents without their knowledge. He informed Crocodile about the Straw Hat Pirates, who had defeated him back at Little Garden. Realizing that his plans were now in danger, Crocodile ordered Miss All Sunday to mobilize the Billions stationed at Nanohana while disposing of Mr. 3 for his failure by turning him into food for his Bananawani. Once the agents finished memorizing the faces of their enemies (thanks to Mr. 2's abilities), they set out towards eastern Arabasta in order to carry their mission out.

The Straw Hats came to Rainbase after failing to meet the Rebel Army at Yuba and deciding to just confront Crocodile directly. Monkey D. Luffy and Usopp stumbled into marine captain Smoker and ensign Tashigi while purchasing water in a certain establishment, which resulted in a chase across town as the Marines hunted after the two Straw Hats. Due to Luffy leading the Marines right to them, the remaining Straw Hats had to run away as well, splitting up in the process as they planned to reunite at Rain Dinners, Crocodile's center of operations.

Luffy, Usopp, Nami, Zoro were able to fight off Marine troops as well as the Millions that were stationed at Rainbase, reaching Rain Dinners first as Sanji, Nefertari Vivi and Tony Tony Chopper stayed behind. Luffy was not able to shake off Smoker though, who pursued all of them into the building. After dispatching the Koala Mercenaries, Luffy was lured by the casino staff into the V.I.P Room alongside his crewmates and Smoker, causing them to fall through a trapdoor and end locked up in a Seastone cage in Crocodile's secret, private room.

Meanwhile, Vivi was overwhelmed by a group of Millions in the city, but then was rescued by Pell, who had flew all the way from Alubarna to challenge Crocodile. However, Pell was no match against Miss All Sunday, who then captured and escorted Vivi to her boss at Rain Dinners.

Vivi attempted to attack Crocodile, but her efforts were futile thanks to the Warlord's Logia abilities. As the effects of Operation Utopia started rallying the country further into a civil war, Crocodile left Vivi with a choice to either leave immediately or fight his Bananawani pets, one which had swallowed the key to her friends' cage. He also activated a mechanism to flood the room with water from Rainbase Lake.

Suddenly, a commotion started outside Rain Dinners and Crocodile was contacted by a mysterious figure known as Mr. Prince, who claimed to be responsible for the tumult going on. With Crocodile and Miss All Sunday leaving the casino to investigate as Chopper baited the Warlord further away, Sanji destroyed the bridge leading to Rain Dinners and then infiltrated the building, meeting up with Vivi, who had escaped the secret room to find help, in the process.

Sanji went into the secret room and defeated the right Bananawani, being guided by Smoker's reasoning. Surprisingly enough, the Bananawani that had eaten the key was the same one who had devoured Mr. 3 earlier, who managed to survive digestion through his wax powers. Mr. 3 quickly figured out the situation the Straw Hats were in and got rid of the key (which was fake to begin with). Usopp then pointed out that Mr. 3 could just make a replica of the right key using his wax, doing so after being physically coerced by Sanji. Now freed, the Straw Hats and Smoker escaped the flooded room by swimming up through Rainbase Lake before Crocodile returned.

The Straw Hats (having been let off by Smoker) advanced to Alubarna while taking a ride on Matsuge's friend Hasami, but Crocodile attempted to intercept them by holding onto Vivi with his sand powers. Luffy took Vivi's place and challenged Crocodile at the outskirts of Rainbase, but lost and got impaled by Crocodile's hook after he summoned a sandstorm to hit Yuba. Crocodile then tossed Luffy into a sand pit he generated with his abilities and departed towards Alubarna. Luffy, however, was rescued by Miss All Sunday, who left the pirate in Pell's care. Once Luffy recovered, Pell transported him to Alubarna as well.

Rain Dinners was then closed and remained so by the time Crocodile was defeated. After Vivi's coming-of-age speech, some Rainbase citizens decided to leave for Yuba and Alubarna to help rebuild them while others went to repair the canals of the Sandora River. It is unknown if the city is still as active as before without Crocodile's influence.


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