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Raiu[1] is a nodachi owned by Shiryu.[2] It is qualified as one of the Meito.[1]


Raiu is a very long nodachi with a quadrangular guard, while the handle is red with a diamond pattern. The first half of its sheath is white, while the second half is red. A red flowery pattern is featured at the base of the blade. It has a slightly curved white and black blade, measuring somewhere around (2.5 to 3 meters in size).


Not much is known about Raiu's capabilities, however, since it is a meito, it is certainly a great sword.[1] Raiu is an extremely powerful sword to handle, as shown when Shiryu attacked the jailers who released him.[2]

This blade has bathed in the blood of many. Shiryu is very delicate with how he uses Raiu, but is incredibly quick with it, cutting down multiple opponents in swift and efficient motions.[2][3]

Raiu is a blade of simple shape but high quality. However, Shiryu has made great use of it.



Shiryu heavily abused that privilege by killing many prisoners for his own pleasure. When confronted by Magellan, Shiryu's abuse of his privilege was revealed and he was deemed to be a menace, it was later confiscated from him after Shiryu was imprisoned as a condemned criminal in Level 6.[4]

Impel Down Arc

Shiryu slices through the guards.

After Magellan released Shiryu to deal with Blackbeard, Raiu was returned to him. However, Shiryu shortly attacked the jailers who were sent to release him.[2]


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