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The Raki Raki no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to steal another person's luck by touching them, making the user extremely lucky and the victim extremely unlucky. It was eaten by Baccarat.[2][1]


  • "Raki" comes from rakkī (ラッキー?), the Japanese way to pronounce the word "lucky".
  • The FUNimation sub names this fruit as the Luck-Luck Fruit.

Strengths and Weaknesses

By simply touching another person, the user will steal that person's luck to the point where they will become extremely unlucky, as multiple bad occurrences will immediately happen to them. The touch appears completely normal, allowing the user to make their actions inconspicuous. Once the user has absorbed enough luck from other people, they become so lucky that they are almost invincible, as any attempt to hurt them will no doubt end up in failure and they can even use simple objects such as coins that will play out in their favor, like causing accidents that will hurt their foes.

One downside to this power is that its effect seems to be only temporary, as Luffy and Sanji stopped being affected by it after some time. Due to this, the luck that the user has stolen from other people can become depleted, either because enough time has passed for the absorbed luck to "return" to the user's victims, or because the user got lucky enough for all of their luck to get "spent". The user has no control on what the luck is spent on and it can accidentally be spent on something they did not mean to happen. If that happens, the user is unaware of it.[1] Otherwise, the user is affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Baccarat uses her fruit's abilities to bring down the luck of casino players, as their losses put them in debt and force them to work for Gild Tesoro.

In combat, Baccarat stockpiles luck by touching other people before engaging in battle. Once she has enough luck accumulated, she becomes basically invincible, with most attacks missing her and something as simple as throwing a coin causing a chain reaction of disasters to befall her opponents. However, she is so reliant on her stolen luck and arrogant about her powers that she does not bother to avoid any attacks directed at her. This caused her downfall once she inadvertently depleted all her luck without her noticing, resulting in her defeat.[1]


  • In the original version, Baccarat is only said to have been taking the good luck, but in the FUNimation dub, they claim she first bestowed her target with good luck before taking it.


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