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Randolph Theater is a theater troupe that debuted in Episode Special 3. The troupe was owned by Randolph before his retirement.[1]


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Randolph Theater
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Randolph's final performance poster.

Randolph's troupe were about to have their final performance as Randolph was going to reitre. However, three of the troupe's actors, including Lola decided to leave right before the final performance. With the loss of three actors, Luffy and his crew become actors to help the play go on.[1]

However, during the intermission, the Marines led by Governor fire a cannonball at the ship and soon arrest Randolph. Lola, who resented the Randolph Theater for its marginal profits, planted weapons in the troupe's ship, and gave a false testimony that she and her fellow actors were forced by Randolph to smuggle illegal weapons or risk losing their jobs. The Straw Hat Pirates assist in letting the play go on by fighting off the Marines. In the end the play is completed with Randolph acknowledging the pirates, with him even changing the ending as a newfound respect for the Straw Hat Pirates.[1]


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