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Raoul is an anime-only character. He owns a bar at Loguetown called Gold Roger. In his youth, he used to know Gol D. Roger, who visited his bar and told him he would conquer the Grand Line.[1]


Raoul as a younger man, at the time he met Roger.

At the time Raoul met Roger, he was a tall, muscular man wearing a gold necklace and earrings, a purple hat, a white shirt, and small black glasses. At the time he meets Luffy, he is an old man wearing a white, red-hemmed shirt, and the same earrings, necklace, hat, and glasses from when he was young.[1]


Raoul is a generous and caring person. This is shown when he warns Roger about the dangers of the Grand Line. He is also talkative, telling Luffy about Roger's exploits.[1]

He appears to dislike Smoker, who was driving away all of his customers.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Raoul had knowledge of the Grand Line, having warned Roger about it when he visited his bar.[1]



Gol D. Roger and his crew once visited Raoul's bar before venturing to the Grand Line. Raoul tried to warn Roger about the dangers of the Grand Line, but Roger was more excited than deterred.[1]

Raoul was present during the Pirate King's execution.[1]

East Blue Saga

Loguetown Arc

Raoul talking to Luffy inside his bar.

When Smoker was in charge of the Marines stationed in Loguetown, no pirates visited Raoul's bar and Smoker became his only customer. When Luffy came to the bar by coincidence, Raoul told him about Roger's exploits. He was deeply shocked at hearing Luffy saying he will be the next Pirate King and noted that the young boy was similar to Roger in his presence.[1]

After Luffy left, Smoker visited the bar for a drink. Raoul was not pleased with Smoker's presence.[1]


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