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Serious Raymon is a man who lives in Sogyoku Town on Jail Island with his sons Theo and Yuri. He was formerly part of the Anti-Marine faction. He appears in the video game One Piece: World Seeker.[1]


Raymon is a thickset man with short black hair, a bushy mustache spanning his upper lip, and a small beard on his chin. He wears a green checker-patterned shirt, a small blue sleeved vest over it, an orange scarf around his neck and sash around his waist, and beige cargo pants. He also wears a dark brown top hat made of straw which has an orange band around it.[1]


Raymon was initially very vocally opposed to the Marine presence on Jail Island and once spent the majority of his time campaigning against and standing up to them. However, after his wife died due to overwork, Raymon came to realize that nothing is more important than family and so became significantly more pacifistic; the first time he went to fight following his wife's death was to protect his sons from attacking robots.[1]



During his days campaigning against the Marines, Raymon was neglectful of his family to the point that his wife was forced to work tirelessly to support them financially, which ultimately led to her death. This shocking event caused Raymon to stop warring against the Marines and prioritize his family first. However, his two sons Theo and Yuri were also very vocally Anti-Marine and did not understand why their father stopped fighting, causing them to lose their respect for him. However, Raymon later proved that he was willing to fight for the purpose of protecting his family, and proceeded to teach his sons about his new motivation.[1]


Jeanne is close with Raymon to the point that he treats her like family; she refers to him as "Uncle" even though they are not related by blood.[1]


One Piece: World Seeker

In the past, Raymon was a prominent member of the Anti-Marine faction who frequently pushed back against the Marine occupation of Jail Island. However, this forced his wife to work constantly in order to support their family, and the tireless work eventually led to her death. Following this, Raymon stopped fighting the Marines and prioritized his family as the most important thing in his life, but his sons Theo and Yuri did not understand this change and became more distant from him.

One day, Monkey D. Luffy and Jeanne came to visit Raymon. Raymon was amused to see that Jeanne had befriended a pirate, and Yuri berated his father for his attitude before going off to see Theo. Luffy and Jeanne went off to find Raymon's two sons, and later Raymon went with them to the beach where they had heard the duo were. Finding Theo and Yuri confronted by weaponized robots, Raymon stepped up to protect his two sons and fight for the first time since his wife died. However, Luffy then stepped in and said he would handle the robots while the family retreated to safety. Raymon, his sons, and Jeanne returned to Sogyoku Town, and Theo apologized to his father for his actions as Raymon prepared to teach his sons how it is important to fight for one's family.[1]


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