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The Red Port is one of the two ways to cross the Red Line when traveling on the Grand Line.[1] It was first alluded to by Pappag.[2]


The Red Port is the official, legal way to cross the Red Line. However, it is conditioned by the approval of the World Government. There seems to be a fee for traveling through the port. Those who are granted approval are required to leave their vessel and acquire a new one on the other side.[2]

There are two ports, one on each side of the Red Line. The ports are stationed behind Marine strongholds. The Paradise station is located behind the G-1 Marine Base (formally Marineford) and the New World port is behind New Marineford.[1]


So far, only the Paradise port was clearly seen. It is seemingly built on two Yarukiman Mangrove, which allow the land to have the same properties as Sabaody Archipelago, consisting of occasional bubbles floating in the area. It has several low buildings with cylinder roofs, at least one of which is a restaurant with Chinese decor.[3] On its shore, there is a large ship's bow structure with the World Government symbol under its bowsprit, surrounded with smaller ports for arrived ships.

A Bondola.

The port features two very large vessels called Bondolas (ボンドラ Bondora?), made of bubbles, and are connected by wires to act as lifts back and forth from Mary Geoise at the top of the Red Line. They are large and strong enough to fit the very large Shirahoshi and Neptune, as well as several other royals and their parties.[4] The Paradise port has bondolas numbered "2" and "4".[5]


The Red Port's first appearance may have actually been in Chapter 233, which shows Bartholomew Kuma and Donquixote Doflamingo arrive at a dock connected somehow to Mary Geoise.


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