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Resorto[2] is a non-canon New World island that appeared on the One Piece attractions at J-WORLD Tokyo.[1]


The geography of Resorto is unknown, but the Straw Hat Pirates built theme park attractions there, like a carousel and a tracked ride.[1]


Soldier Dock Adventure

The Straw Hat Pirates visited Resorto, but they wasted all of their food and money. Nami devised a way to earn it back, and she tasked Usopp and Franky with building theme park attractions to charge the island's visitors.[1]

Chopper Quest - Luffy Rescue Mission

Luffy ate some Balloon Bird meat but realized after that the meat expanded once it was inside a person's stomach. Worried that Luffy's stomach would explode, Chopper sent the rest of the crew and Law out to find ingredients for medicine to cure their captain.[2]


The Balloon Bird can be found on Resorto. They float down from a Sky Island above and are harvested for their meat.[2]


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