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For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 101.

Reverse Mountain is an extremely tall mountain at one of the points where the four Blues meet and is one of the two known entrances to the Grand Line. It is located in the Red Line and is at the opposite side of the world from Mary Geoise.

The Reverse Mountain Arc takes place here, specifically in the Twin Cape, the bottom of Reverse Mountain on the Grand Line's side.


This place is unique in that rivers from the Blues flow up the mountain, meet at the top, and then flow down into the Grand Line. This is because the mountain, being a "Winter Island" using Grand Line terminology, is much colder than the surrounding sea in the Blues but not in the Grand Line. The mountain has five rivers, four of which are ascending from each of the world's four Blue Seas and one descending into the Grand Line. On the entrance of the river are ten square arcs that are decorated with tribal patterns and depictions of sea creatures.

Many pirates entering the Grand Line die before they can even get up to the top of the mountain, because the hostile water currents and storms force them to crash into the mountain walls if the don’t sail in at just the right angle.[1]


Nami Explaining Reverse Mountain.png
Nami explaining the functions of Reverse Mountain.
About Reverse Mountain.png
Nami showing to the group the location of Reverse Mountain.


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  • Similar tribal patterns with those found in the Reverse Mountain gates are a common sight in the ruins of Shandora.
  • In the 15th One Piece intro "We Go!" a crossbone symbol common in Jolly Rogers is displayed, which then transforms into the map of the reverse mountain. However, the connection between these two remains unknown.


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