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The Revolutionary Army is an extremely powerful military organization led by Monkey D. Dragon.

Originally known as the Freedom Fighters before assuming their current name, they are the most prominent force in the world that directly opposes the World Government and seeks to dismantle it.[4][5] They are particularly against the World Nobles of Mary Geoise who control and benefit from the corruption of the World Government.[6]

Their former base of operations was the island of Baltigo,[7] but after an intensive battle with the Blackbeard Pirates,[3] they relocated to Momoiro Island, home of the Kamabakka Kingdom.[2]


The Revolutionary Army's primary objective is to fight against the World Government's rule over the world by defying political oppression and corruption.[8][9] Most of the Revolutionary Army's efforts are focused on liberating individual islands from local governments that are under the World Government who are willing to oppress their own people to pay the Heavenly Tribute. These small revolutions become easier if the World Government or its affiliates are in disarray, or if the local population is willing to depose their rulers.[10] According to Koala, their true purpose is to overthrow the tyrannical and hedonistic World Nobles as well as the monarchies that support them.[6]

Due to being an independent militia, another goal of the Revolutionary Army is stockpiling arms in order to build up their military strength. Normally, the Revolutionary Army funds themselves by pillaging from the Marines or receiving supports from kingdoms under their influence much like the Four Emperors. Furthermore, they monitored the Donquixote Family's underworld activity for the purposes of obtaining the weapons that he traded and rescued their comrades who had been transformed and enslaved as toys.[11] The arrest of Donquixote Doflamingo allowed the revolutionaries to seize all the weapons manufactured on Dressrosa.[12][10]

The Revolutionaries muster their forces by recruiting rescued slaves; destitute people who are oppressed by the Celestial Dragons and their monarchs; rebels from Kingdoms that they help liberated as well as training young children into adulthood[13] and providing contact information to normal civilians that desire not to be oppressed for being considered weak.[14] Those who wish to fight for the group are required to learn how to use weapons and employ military tactics. This policy was designed by Monkey D. Dragon, himself a former Marine with enough experience in training drills.

The war efforts of the Revolutionary Army culminated with distinguished heads of state and the general public recognizing their opposition to the Government and being shocked by the endeavors.[15][4] The rapid development and progress of this resistance movement agitated the Government so much they were required to initiate clandestine operations that were not known to the general public to disrupt their plans.[16]

Despite eventually initiating conspicuous and perpetual military hostilities against the Celestial Dragons, several prominent revolutionaries maintain the belief to only assist people so that they can be able to help themselves. Ivankov explains to a pleading Bentham that he is not a miracle worker, thinking that miracles only come to those who are determined and not for those who only depend on others. According to Ivankov, he always questions the "will to live" of the nations he saved as a revolutionary.[17] This was substantiated when the four Revolutionary Commanders went to the Lulusia Kingdom to protect the citizens from the Peachbeard Pirates. Rather than saving the citizens by engaging the pirates directly, the commanders instead empowered and supported the civilians so that they could fight against the pirates themselves by boosting the citizens' strength and morale through Belo Betty's Devil Fruit abilities as well as incapacitating and stealing the pirates' weapons.[18]

The personnel of the Revolutionary Army have shown to be extremely dedicated to the cause to the point of putting aside their personal feelings and desires for the greater good. This is shown when Ginny was captured and enslaved, Bartholomew Kuma never attempted to raid Mary Geoise to save her, despite his deep love for her and instead fighting harder to help the rebels in countries that need a helping hand since Kuma does not want to compromise his duty and the Revolutionary Army as a whole for Ginny.[19] This selflessness even applied to Ginny as she sacrificed herself to carry Bonney to safety after being released from her enslavement while she could call for her comrades for help. Emporio Ivankov and Inazuma have shown to not carry any ill-will toward Dragon for not attempting to break them out of Impel Down.[20]

King Thalassa Lucas once stated during the Levely that their ideals and actions were dangerous.[15] People who join the Revolutionary Army are considered notorious threats to the government, especially the high-ranking members. The leader, Dragon, is known as "The World's Worst Criminal",[21] the second in command Sabo engaged Marine Admiral Fujitora in direct combat,[22][23] and members Emporio Ivankov and Inazuma were imprisoned in Level 5 of Impel Down.[24][25]

According to Nico Robin and Donquixote Doflamingo, despite mutually opposing the World Government and Marines, revolutionaries and pirates rarely cooperate.[4][26] The two factions can become hostile to each other due to conflicting objectives not to mention two sides often try to loot each other. This was seen when the Blackbeard Pirates attacked and destroyed the Revolutionary Army base at Baltigo to acquire weaponry stolen from the Donquixote Pirates and again when the Revolutionary Army commanders defeated the Peachbeard Pirates to prevent them from raiding the port town of the Lulusia Kingdom.[18] However, they can occasionally collaborate to fulfill a mutual objective or defeat a common enemy. After the events of the Dressrosa Arc, Rob Lucci realized the revolutionaries had used the chaos of the uprising incited by the Straw Hat-Heart alliance to seize munitions and evidence related to Doflamingo's black market activities.[12]

Upon learning that Luffy is the son of the leader Dragon, the Marines made it a top priority for Luffy to be eliminated due to this heritage.[27] They have also been informed about the Chief of Staff Sabo's connection to the Straw Hat Pirates captain.[28]


The Revolutionary Army seems to use a dark-red flag with the image of a dragon head with wings, referencing their leader. The letters "R" and "A" are displayed on each side of the dragon head.[14]

They also seem to use a plain dark-red triangular flag.[29][30]

Revolutionary Army Flag
The Revolutionary Army's secondary flag.
Revolutionary Army Flag on Table
The Revolutionary Army flag used as a tablecloth.


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Revolutionary Army

The three founding members of the Revolutionary Army: Kuma, Dragon and Ivankov.

Originally known as the smaller scale Freedom Fighters, the group was established by Monkey D. Dragon of the Goa Kingdom sometime after he defected from the Marines. Later on, Emporio Ivankov of the Kamabakka Kingdom and Bartholomew Kuma of the Sorbet Kingdom joined forces with Dragon and founded the modern Revolutionary Army proper, which is currently led by its supreme commander (総司令官, sōshireikan?) Dragon and chief of staff (参謀総長, sanbō sōcho?) Sabo, who oversees the army's personnel and is recognized as the "No. 2" of the organization.[31]

Army and Deputy Commanders[]

The forces of the Revolutionary Army are divided into five armies, each of which operate in a specific region of the world. The G Army operates in the Grand Line, the North Army operates in the North Blue, the East Army operates in the East Blue, the South Army operates in the South Blue, and the West Army operates in the West Blue. Each army is led by an army commander (軍隊長, guntaichō?, English versions: captain), and each commander has a deputy commander (副軍隊長, fuku guntaichō?, English versions: vice captain) who assists them.[32][33] The commanders and deputies of each army are as follows:

Unit Army Commander Deputy Commander
G Army (G軍, G-gun?) Emporio Ivankov Inazuma
North Army (北軍, Hokugun?) Karasu Jiron
East Army (東軍, Tōgun?) Belo Betty Ahiru
West Army (西軍, Seigun?) Morley Ushiano
South Army (南軍, Nangun?) Lindbergh Gambo

Ginny, a former resident of the Sorbet Kingdom and friend of Bartholomew Kuma and Emporio Ivankov, was formerly an Army Commander, having led the East Army before she died.[34] After her death, the position was locked in her memory, until Bartholomew Kuma gave his blessing to Belo Betty to assume the position.[35]

Kuma, a founding member[36] strong enough to have once acted under the Seven Warlords of the Sea, also held the rank of officer,[37] being an Army Commander of an as of yet unknown Army.[38]


The Revolutionary Army also features a number of other officers and strong fighters, such as Koala[39] and Terry Gilteo, who's an officer and intelligence controller for the Revolutionary Army.[40][41]



Revolutionary Army Stampede Fleet

Fleet in One Piece: Stampede

After the Tequila Wolf slaves were rescued, the rescuers and Robin sailed back to Baltigo.[42]

In One Piece: Stampede, they have a fleet of ships.[43]

Wind Granma[]

Further information: Wind Granma
Wind Granma Infobox

Wind Granma.

Wind Granma is a large ship that has a figurehead and theme of an actual dragon, complete with a small dragon tail.

This ship was kept around for at least ten years, as seen when Dragon used it to rescue the citizens from the Gray Terminal,[44] and when they landed to get supplies.[45] After the Summit War of Marineford, it was seen moored outside of the headquarters.[30]

Rhino Carriage[]

When rescuing the slaves of Tequila Wolf, and escorting Nico Robin to meet with Dragon, the Revolutionary Army used a rhino-drawn carriage bearing the army's flag.[29]



It is known that Dragon was already the leader of a militant force known as the Freedom Fighters before the founding of the Revolutionary Army proper. He attempted to recruit Dr. Vegapunk into his ranks, but the scientist refused the invitation due to Dragon's lack of monetary funds to take advantage of his scientific research.

Revolutionary Army Founding Members

The founding members of the Revolutionary Army, during the time the organization was established.

22 years ago, months after the Ohara Incident, Dragon met with Dr. Vegapunk again at Ohara and lamented the tragedy that had befallen Ohara by the Buster Call. Dragon then declared to the scientist that he would eventually form an army big and powerful enough to tackle the World Government head on despite his personal hatred of war.[46] During that same year, Dragon joined forces with Emporio Ivankov and the rest of the Freedom Fighters to attack the Sorbet Kingdom, due to the tyranny of their King, Bekori, and his outrageous policies splitting the kingdom in two. They drove Bekori out of the kingdom and achieved a successful revolution, with Ivankov reuniting with his old friends, Bartholomew Kuma and Ginny, introducing them to Dragon and even having them both join the ranks of the Freedom Fighters.[47]

Within this period of time, the strength and numbers of the militant force finally grew to the size Dragon wanted, and because of this, Dragon formally dissolved the Freedom Fighters and restructured it into a new group, now called the Revolutionary Army, with Emporio Ivankov and Bartholomew Kuma assisting Dragon as the army's co-founders. The majority of the former Freedom fighters remained part of this new army, with Ginny eventually becoming one of the army's commanders. Fourteen years ago, an incident occurred with Ginny getting captured by the World Government, and Dragon being alerted to the issue.[46][47]

Twelve years ago, the Revolutionaries came to the Goa Kingdom[8] and rescued the people of Gray Terminal from the conflagration the nobles created to destroy the trash for the upcoming visit of World Noble Jalmack.[48] After the covert rescue mission was completed, the Revolutionary Army docked in Shimotsuki Village for a period of recuperation. The Isshin Dojo assisted them with provisions and supplies for the injured residents of Gray Terminal. Meanwhile, Dragon brought in Sabo, who had been victim of a World Noble assault earlier that day and needed urgent medical care.[45] Shortly after the incident at Goa, the Revolutionary Army received a request for aid from Tumi, and though they initially planned to turn it down, Kuma volunteered to go by himself, despite his comrades' protests. His presence single handedly turned the situation around and gained Tumi its freedom. During this same year, the army learned of Ginny's whereabouts as she contacted them via Den Den Mushi but could not do anything to save her as she was already in the final stages of her illness. Ginny, however, was able to leave a child behind that Kuma promised to raise in her honor. Less than 5 years later, Kuma quit the army, after it was revealed that Bonney contracted the same disease as her mother.[49]

Six years later, Thalassa Lucas brought up Dragon during the Levely at Mary Geoise, fearing the leader of the Revolutionaries was getting stronger and that in five or six years he would be a menace to the World Government.[15]

Sometime in the past, Emporio Ivankov and Inazuma were incarcerated within Level 5 of Impel Down[24][25] for their membership in the Revolutionary Army. Ever since, they were waiting for the call to arms to join the conflict.[50]

East Blue Saga[]

Loguetown Arc[]

After having thrown the whole country into a rebellion, the Revolutionary Army successfully initiated a coup d'état in Vira.[51][52]

Dragon went to Loguetown to see his son Monkey D. Luffy off on his journey to the Grand Line. When Smoker nearly captured Luffy, Dragon intervened, allowing Luffy to escape.[53]

Water 7 Saga[]

Enies Lobby Arc[]

At some point before the Enies Lobby incident, three CP9 assassins, Jabra, Fukurou, and Kumadori, were sent to an unnamed town to assassinate three important revolutionary leaders. However, they were also forced to eliminate twenty extra people thanks to Fukurou revealing his unit's presence and their intentions to the town.[16]

Post-Enies Lobby Arc[]

Sometime after Enies Lobby was annihilated by the Buster Call, the Revolutionary Army declared a victory in the South Blue, at a country called Centaurea. With this recent victory, members of the Revolutionary Army believed that they could start on the North Blue, but their leader, Dragon, believed that they were celebrating too soon in the war.[7]

Summit War Saga[]

Impel Down Arc[]

With the discovery that Monkey D. Luffy is Dragon's son and, under the assumption that Luffy's brother Portgas D. Ace was also Dragon's son, and with the latter's impending execution, the two imprisoned Revolutionaries decided that the time to escape had arrived.[54]

Marineford Arc[]

After escaping Impel Down, Ivankov and Inazuma assisted Luffy in his attempt to rescue Ace from execution. During the battle, the world learned of Luffy's connection to Dragon.[26] After Ace was killed by Admiral Akainu, the two revolutionaries defended Luffy from the admiral's onslaught.[55][56]

Post-War Arc[]

Robin and Revolutionaries

Robin sailing with the revolutionaries.

The Revolutionary Army liberated Tequila Wolf, freeing all the slaves being used as forced labor there, among whom was Nico Robin, who was sent there by Bartholomew Kuma.[9] They had been looking for Robin for ten years, knowing she came from Ohara and the threat she represents to the government, calling her the "Light of the Revolution" and asked her to join them. She gracefully declined however, and they allowed her to return to the Straw Hat Pirates, entrusting her with Luffy. The Revolutionaries also read about an incident involving Luffy, and they gave the newspaper to Robin.[57]

As the word of the Summit War of Marineford emerged to the Revolutionary camps, Sabo immediately gained a jolt to his lost memory discovering the death of his brother Ace and Luffy's involvement in the battle, making him remember everything for the first time in 10 years. With this knowledge and new determination, Sabo decides to assist in protecting Luffy from here on in honor of their brotherhood as well as the Revolutionary's mission. Likewise during this, Dragon confirms his connection to his son Luffy without controversy.[58]

In a conversation between Dragon and Ivankov, the Okama Queen stated that Dragon's whole identity has been revealed, even his familial relationship with Garp. Dragon reassured Ivankov, saying that the whole revolutionary faction was relieved to know that their leader is human. Dragon then informed Ivankov that since Whitebeard died, they will soon have to gather the Revolutionary leaders spread around the world as the world's balance of power was beginning to shift.[59]

After receiving Luffy's message[60] for the Straw Hats to meet up in two years,[61] Robin decided to meet Dragon instead of going back to Sabaody Archipelago. The revolutionaries then escorted Robin to Dragon's headquarters in Baltigo.[42]

Dressrosa Saga[]

Dressrosa Arc[]

Revolutionaries in Dressrosa

Sabo, Koala, and Hack reunite in Dressrosa.

Sabo, the revolutionaries' second-in-command, came to Dressrosa alongside Koala and Hack to investigate and put a stop to an arms trade that has been promoting wars throughout the world. According to Koala, the revolutionaries sent many agents to infiltrate Dressrosa to expose the Donquixote Pirates black market activities, but they were captured and transformed into toys.[31] Hack entered the tournament for the Mera Mera no Mi,[62] but was defeated in the first round.[63] He was later imprisoned,[64] and transformed into a toy made to work as a slave in the underground trade port.[65] Meanwhile, after reuniting with his sworn brother Luffy, Sabo decided to take Luffy's place in the Corrida Colosseum disguised as "Lucy" in order to win Ace's Devil Fruit and inherit Ace's will.[66] Sabo won the Mera Mera no Mi and consumed it, demonstrating its power by using Hiken to destroy the arena ring, exposing the underground.[67] He then reunited with Koala and Hack at the underground trade port. However, Sabo noted that the place where the weapons were produced was located somewhere else, declaring that it would be a nice souvenir for Dragon if they found it.[68]

The three, along with Rebecca and Bartolomeo, later encountered Robin and Usopp.[69] After Doflamingo activated his "Birdcage" he placed bounties on twelve certain people, Sabo among them, giving him three-star ranking(Beli300,000,000 bounty), the same number of stars as Luffy.[70] The group then fled from pirates seeking their bounties with the aid of Bartolomeo's barrier,[71] during which time Hack noticed Sabo is not with them,[72]. Meanwhile, Koala remained in the underground trade port to continue her investigation, discovering that the ships at the trade port were actually merchant ships disguised as pirate ships.[73]

Sabo Confronts the Marines

Sabo confronts the Marines.

Sabo confronted the Marines outside, easily defeating the lower-ranked members before clashing with their leader, Admiral Fujitora.[74][75][23] Fujitora eventually decided to end their battle, and Koala berated Sabo for putting them in danger.[76] When the Dressrosa citizens reached the top of the plateau with the intent to capture King Riku and Usopp, Hack held them back long enough for Usopp to snipe at Sugar.[77]

While Luffy and Trafalgar Law were battling Doflamingo at the palace, Sabo freed the prisoners at the colosseum.[78] During the final phase of Doflamingo's game, Sabo intercepted Burgess when he attempted to kill Luffy for his Gomu Gomu no Mi.[79] Sabo then clashed with Burgess and eventually defeated him. After the fall of Doflamingo and the Birdcage, Koala, Hack, and some other revolutionaries took care of some business at the underground trade port and found a certain list.[80] Later that night, Sabo visited the Straw Hats at Kyros' house to see Luffy one more time. He gave them a Vivre Card for Luffy before leaving.[81]

When CP0 was investigating the underground trade port, they suspected that the revolutionaries have left with all the evidence relating to the Donquixote Pirates' smuggling operations.[12]

Whole Cake Island Saga[]

Zou Arc[]

Sabo, Koala, and Hack returned to Baltigo, and Koala spoke with Dragon about the weapons they stole in Dressrosa; he revealed them to be made of Liquor Iron Ore. However, Burgess had stowed away on their ship and discovered their base, reporting it to his crew.[82] The Revolutionaries' base was attacked by the Blackbeard Pirates, who destroyed the base before the Marines and Cipher Pol arrived. The fate of Dragon and the other revolutionaries were not mentioned in the newspaper detailing the battle.[3]

Levely Arc[]

After the Revolutionary Army escaped the destruction of Baltigo, they moved their base of operations to Momoiro Island. Likewise, they shifted their planned officers meeting to the island and Dragon, Sabo, Ivankov, Inazuma, and Koala waited for their fellow officers to arrive. Meanwhile, the four revolutionary commanders assisted the citizens of Lulusia Kingdom in fighting an invading pirate crew while on their way to the meeting.[83]

The revolutionaries later began their plan to declare war on the World Nobles with Sabo, Karasu, Lindbergh, and Morley infiltrating Mary Geoise.[84] After seeing Kuma being a slave to the World Nobles, they planned to rescue him.[85]

Wano Country Saga[]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

One Piece: Stampede[]

They were present during the Pirates Festival since Sabo was looking for its organizer, Buena Festa. After Douglas Bullet's defeat, Sabo helped the pirates escape, and they helped out other attendees such as Camie, Pappag, Hatchan and Ann to escape from the devastated Delta Island.[43]

Concludes non-canon section.

Wano Country Arc[]

On the fourth day of the Levely, Sabo and his group battled Fujitora and Ryokugyu to rescue Kuma.[86] During the attack, the Commanders split up, taking their own fights. Karasu battled Fujitora one on one while Morley fought against Ryoguyku one on one. Lindbergh oversaw the freeing of the slaves at Marie Geoise, breaking their chains with saber beams. Sabo, meanwhile, withdrew from the assault into the castle to find the keys with which they could free Kuma.[87]

After the Levely, the Revolutionary Army were distressed[88] when a newspaper article alleged that Sabo had murdered Nefertari Cobra and kidnapped his daughter while roaming the castle.[89]

The mission was revealed to be a success, with Sabo and the others escaping Mary Geoise along with Kuma. They were also able to achieve their three main objectives which were: destroy the symbol of the Celestial Dragons and declare war on them, freeing Kuma and all slaves present and escape with them and lastly, destroy the Celestial Dragon's food storage to make them hungry and starve.[90]

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

While his group was meeting on Momoiro Island with the others, Dragon asks Kuma what happened on the mission and Kuma agrees. Later, Koala received a call from Sabo in a Den Den Mushi.[91] Sabo assured that he did not kill Cobra, but when he attempted to reveal his discovery of the Empty Throne having an actual occupant, the island he was hiding in was obliterated.[92] Dragon later received a call from Shaka, who informed Dragon that he would die soon.[93] When the Revolutionary Army was in the process of repairing Kuma, he suddenly started up and teleported away, much to the surprise and shock of the army, with Ivankov stating they were just about to start their real fight.[94]

Sometime after Kuma's departure, Jiron, Ahiru, Ushiano, and Gambo spotted a ship in the distance of Kamabakka Kingdom and theorized if it was friendly or hostile. It later turned out that Sabo happened to be on that ship, arriving at Kamabakka Kingdom unharmed, alongside several citizens he was able to save before Lulusia Kingdom was obliterated. He was greeted by the Army's members while the citizens were instructed into the Army by Belo Betty. Sabo, however, was concerned about the news he had brought from the Levely and feared it could put the other captains into danger, chose to hold a private meeting with only Dragon and Ivankov out of protection for the other members of the Revolutionary Army.[95] During their meeting Sabo revealed to them that Nefertari Cobra's murder was carried out by the Five Elders and the Empty Throne occupant Imu, and how they were also responsible for Lulusia's destruction. Both Dragon and Ivankov were shocked at this revelation, with Ivankov proposing a theory that Imu could possibly be Nerona Imu, one of the first twenty kings who created the World Government, surviving this long due to a potential Perennial Youth operation. Ivankov proposed another theory that the Weapon used in Lulusia's destruction must have been built by Vegapunk but Dragon interjected, stating that Vegapunk would not build a tool for murder like that. Ivankov then speculated that it could have been one of the Ancient Weapons but Dragon questioned why the World Government would use one of them now.[96] Sometime after during the Egghead Incident, the Revolutionaries gathered to watch Vegapunk's broadcasted message that would reveal a certain truth of the World in the next ten minutes.[97] During the message Vegapunk revealed that the aftermath of the Void Century caused the ancient world to sink into the ocean, and the islands people lived on were mere pieces of that continent. This revelation caused great shock to the revolutionaries listening.[98]


  • The Revolutionary Army may draw inspiration from the so-called Atlantic Revolutions due to the strong presence of pirates around times of these revolutions against authoritarian kings.


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