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Rick is a boy from the sixth One Piece movie and a member of the Tearoom Pirates. He is the son of Papa, the younger brother of Rosa, and the older brother of Daisy.[1]


Rick is an average sized boy with light brown hair, and black eyes. He wears a gray V-neck with a blue rim and blue selves. He also wears a pair of black glasses and a red bandana that has his crew's jolly roger on it and matches those of his father and sisters.[1]


Rick, like Daisy was thought to be, is very gullible and because of it, he believes that his father is very strong after watching a fake fight between him and Chopper. Despite this, he legitimately believes in his father and that he is brave.[1]



At some point, Rick's mother died and, later, his father started a pirate crew that consisted of just him and his family. He lived with his "Crew Family", traveling the sea along side his father. Eventually, Rick and his family arrived on Omatsuri Island.

Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island

When he was introduced, his father got into a fight with Chopper. After Papa begged Chopper to pretend to lose to him so his kids would think he is strong in exchange for secrets about the island, Rick and his sister, Daisy, believed that their father was strong. His older sister, Rosa, tried to discouraged their belief in him, causing Rick to doubt his father.

When his father agreed to help Chopper and the Straw Hat Pirates, he started to believe in his father. He later encouraged his father with the help of Luffy to stand up to the Baron. He then regained faith in his father and his bravery after he fired the the arrow towards the Baron.


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